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Carrots, although the culture is not choosy, but when growing it, you need to know some nuances, in particular, the rules of crop rotation (a certain alternation of crops). Applying them in practice, gardeners have discovered that orange root crops are less sick, almost undamaged by pests and grow large enough. Some crops can not be planted, for example, after potatoes, others do not tolerate such precursors as cucumbers. Today we will talk about the best and worst predecessors for carrots.

Then you can plant carrots?

The list of the best predecessors for carrots is not that big. It includes 5 items:

  • tomatoes;
  • bow;
  • salad;
  • potatoes;
  • cucumbers (after 1-2 years).

According to numerous studies, this alternation of agricultural crops makes it possible to distribute nutrients in the soil most expediently. Therefore, a beginner trucker just need to know, after which to plant carrots.

The worst predecessors for carrots

The worst predecessor for carrots is parsley - after it in the soil, favorable conditions for the multiplication of pests are created. For an orange vegetable, they are disastrous, so with such planting it is worthwhile to wait and look for a more suitable place if you want to get a good harvest of carrots.

If the condition can not be met, then with the help of a chopper carefully loosen the soil and shed it with a steep solution of potassium permanganate. Do the above manipulations you need just before sowing carrots, and best of all in the fall. This action will help to reduce in the future the likelihood of development of root crop diseases and pest damage.

However, it is impossible to say that this method will completely protect carrots from external influences.

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What vegetables can be planted after carrots?

Now it is worth to tell about what vegetables can be planted after carrots. According to experienced gardeners, it is good to feel in this place will be different varieties of pepper and tomatoes. You can also consider the option of planting white cabbage of different maturity or salad. On small plots of land, it is difficult to observe crop rotation rules, so many summer residents plant only those vegetables that are more needed and grow well on their plot.

If the soil after the carrot is depleted (this phenomenon occurs very often), then the agronomists recommend to build a suitable bed in the desired area and plant cucumbers in it. After 1-2 years the earth will come to normal.

We add that in the place where cucumbers grew, an orange vegetable can not be planted for at least 2 years. This is explained by the fact that after a given agricultural crop the earth is saturated with organic matter, which is very poorly tolerated by carrots.

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Alternation of agricultural crops. What are the advantages?

Why is it so important to alternate the planting? The fact is that both vegetable and berry crops tend to take certain micronutrients from the earth. If, for example, to plant carrots in the same place, the land will eventually be depleted and will not be suitable for the cultivation of any crops. In addition, if the vegetable grows from year to year in a certain area, insects begin to settle in the ground, which will harm precisely this culture.

In general, knowing how to properly sow carrots will not be superfluous, on the contrary, it will help to save and, of course, get a good harvest in the future.

Know the enemy in person. How to deal with a carrot fly?

For many gardeners, the use of chemicals is strictly prohibited. Such truck farmers prefer to use various tricks that allow disorienting the enemy. About some of them we will tell in this article.

As you know, the main pest of carrots is a carrot fly. It is attracted by the specific smell of root vegetables. If an insect appears on the bed, it can destroy most of the crop.

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To protect the root crops of the agrarians used a variety of various ways. As a result, a list of the most effective measures was drawn up.

  1. It is believed that the carrot fly can scare away the smelling vegetables, so experienced truck farmers prefer to plant the orange root crop in rows diluted with garlic or onions. An insect that has arrived on the aroma of carrots, because of the abundance of smells, is disoriented in space and as a result flies away.
  2. Sometimes such measures do not help. Then, in combating harmful insects, you can start a mixture of tobacco dust with wood ash (:). Necessary ingredients can be purchased at any agricultural store.

The product has a specific smell and well repels a carrot fly. Apply it as follows: scatter a thin layer in the inter-row. Multiplicity of treatment - 1 time per week. Do this procedure will have at least 6 times per season, otherwise the effective effect can not wait.

I must say that growing a healthy orange root crop in your garden is not the most difficult task. Gather a good crop can even beginner gardener, if he knows, then plant carrots. We wish you good luck.

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