Laser Rangefinder from China

Building a new home in the country, redecorating or simply rearranging furniture - many summer residents prefer to do it on their own. For this reason, almost every owner of six acres always has a solid set of tools and even a small workshop.

For example, planning several rows of beds or installing a new greenhouse will require you to carry out basic measurements. The laser rangefinder, which has long replaced the ordinary roulette wheel, will help save time and effort.

In the design of the rangefinder, the main roles are played by the reflector and emitter. Using the function keys, the user can set points of reference, as well as, depending on the device's capabilities, find out the temperature, select a measurement system, track the battery charge, and even carry out calculations using formulas. The more functions of a laser roulette, the higher its cost.

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Aliexpress Range finders are widely used for domestic use, therefore, to find such a device in the domestic online stores is not difficult. Laser roulettes will cost the least to measure a distance of 15-20 meters - about 2000 rubles. The device is equipped with a backlit LCD display, has dust and moisture protection.

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To save battery when idle, the device turns off after two minutes. The roulette is controlled using three buttons. In addition to the range finder, the kit includes a strap, instructions and batteries.

As a rule, there is only one line on the screen of budget laser roulettes, which causes some inconvenience. For this reason, buyers are increasingly ordering rangefinders on AliExpress, which are characterized by attractive prices and advanced functionality.

Customers note that the laser tape measure bought on AliExpress is in no way inferior to the devices of the famous brands Bosch and Leica in quality and measurement accuracy. Together with a range finder you receive instructions in English, a strap and a stylish case.

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Finding negative feedback on laser tape measure is almost impossible. The package bundle, the expanded feature set and the price are 1500 rubles( measuring range up to 40 meters) - it is not surprising that buyers prefer to wait for a package for two months, because similar models in domestic online stores will cost at least twice as much.

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