How to make a greenhouse for cucumbers with your own hands?

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There are several ways to make a greenhouse for cucumbers with your own hands. But you also need to follow some recommendations from which it is better to make a greenhouse for cucumbers, is it possible for a greenhouse for cucumbers without manure and how does the cucumber seedlings land in a greenhouse. This will help photos of greenhouses for cucumbers made by own hands and the rules for building a greenhouse for cucumbers. Most methods are recommendatory in nature and can be adjusted depending on the situation.

Variations of greenhouses for cucumber crops

Garden work takes a significant part of the time. The garden requires full commitment. But this is a small price for eco-friendly products collected by own hands. Reduce the time of growing the crop, including cucumbers, help adaptations that are sold in garden stores, agronomic centers and specialized Internet portals. Among such adaptations - greenhouses. But you can make a greenhouse for cucumbers with your own hands.

Create them from improvised materials, such as:

  • Glass.
  • Polyethylene.
  • PVC film.
  • SUF.

In addition to the base material for the greenhouse, a skeleton is required, which can also be absolutely anything, for example:

  • Plastic.
  • Metal.
  • Wood.

If planned just a greenhouse, rather than a full-fledged conservatory, its construction will take quite a bit of time.

It can be formed as a one-time use design, or develop an option that will last several years. At the same time, it can be dismantled to rotate the used land resources. This is done so that the soil is not depleted under the influence of the same plant species for several years to a row.

It is recommended to rotate 3-4 times in 5 years. Otherwise, additional fertilization will be required to eliminate possible problems with the soil in which new plants are planted.

In order to enjoy crispy vegetables in the summer, it is necessary to take care of the presence of the greenhouse in advance - in the autumn or early spring. If the greenhouse is planned to be used in the first spring days, it is necessary to take care of the presence of heating elements. Their use will warm the soil and space in the greenhouse in the cooler months. This will give a good start to the plants. In this case, large greenhouses can be supplied with pipes and connected to the central heating of the house.
With the help of portable heaters with liquid fuels, small greenhouses can be heated. They are light enough, and will not take much of the meta in the greenhouse. However, if there is little space in the garden for the greenhouse, the option with heating is excluded. In this case, you can install a mini hotbed, the upper covering part of which during the growth of a full-fledged adult plant is removed.


The main requirements for the greenhouse are the transparency of the coating materials and the tightness of the structure. This is necessary to ensure that the plant receives a maximum of heat and light during the growing season.

Rules of construction and recommendations

The rules for building a greenhouse for cucumbers are quite simple. There are no rigid frameworks, crossing which there will be insurmountable difficulties in obtaining the harvest. It can be built even from old window frames, pairs of boards and small pieces of reinforcement. The foundation is not required, and the presence of walls is not limited. They can be replaced by a hinged dome. If the hotbed is large enough, it is necessary to provide a front door with walls, a dome or a roof.

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The frame of walls and roofs or domes is formed of strong supports that will not fall and will not break under the influence of wind force. If desired, you can weld it from the armature. Now skeleton from plastic or metalloplastikovyh pipes became popular. They are light enough and durable for use in portable greenhouses. Therefore, these are just personal preferences of which it is better to make a greenhouse.

A plastic frame is attached to a primer base and / or to poles holding the structure in an upright position. The subgrown foundation is formed from wooden boards and is the most durable and stable place in the greenhouse. To it the skeleton from wooden slats, plastic pipes or armature is fastened. If the frame is formed in the form of a folding dome, then its weight should be optimal so that it can be lifted for easy access to the soil and plants.

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After the installation of the frame is completed, it is covered with a film or a SSF. Further, the covering sheet is reinforced on the frame and the base with the help of wooden rails and screws. Screws can be replaced with nails, but the screws are more convenient to install. Using a screwdriver at times will speed up the hiding process. The use of racks will prevent a possible rupture of the covering material.

Now greenhouses are becoming popular from polycarbonate slabs. Transparent plates are more durable and do not require replacement as opposed to films. In addition, they are more convenient to care for. Just wash without using chemical solutions. When they are installed, they do not require rails, they are attached directly to the frame. If a molded greenhouse of polycarbonate is small with a folding dome, it is recommended to install door closers. Their use will facilitate the rise of the dome.

At the end of the installation work, the ground is prepared. Due to the shallow root system of cucumbers, additional heat insulation can be made. On the soil along the entire length of the bed is installed a layer of foam plastic, which is covered with a film and filled from above with prepared soil.

Cultivation of cucumbers in the closed ground

Cucumbers are quite demanding plants. They grow well in warmth and constant humidity. Properly made greenhouse hermetic and warm will allow them to grow and give a stable harvest. They keep the heat in the dark, which helps to avoid stress to plants and continue to grow.

Due to the correct selection of seed material, it is possible to achieve continuous harvesting in a closed ground. Planting cucumbers in the greenhouse, namely the earliest varieties, is produced in early March and in May and the end of April the first harvest will be obtained (the minimum period of 45 days from seedling to technical ripeness). The seeds are sown in the prepared soil, but seedlings can also be used. This will shorten the waiting time for the harvest. After the end of the life cycle, the early plants are removed from the root system, and seedlings of late varieties are planted in the soil.

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Cucumbers require fertile soil and organic fertilizers. The greenhouse for cucumbers is difficult to imagine without manure. But you can recreate the necessary conditions without using it. The soil must be rich in potassium and nitrogen. At the same time, you can buy ready-made soil, or fertilize it. Organic and chemical fertilizers are widely used in powder or liquid form.

Seedlings are prepared in advance, the seeds are sown in plastic cups, which after germination are planted in a greenhouse. In this case, if manure (humus) is not used, peat can be used instead of plastic cups. When planting in the ground, plants are not injured, because a glass of peat is decomposed in the soil and after that will become an additional fertilizer.

Planting seedlings of cucumbers in the greenhouse is made after the appearance of the first leaves in plants. Especially carefully, transplant seedlings from plastic cups. The stem of a young plant at the base is fragile enough and it is easy to break it. Disembarkation is carried out together with the soil from the cup.

Since cucumbers love constant moisture, drip irrigation can be provided in the hotbed, which is installed along the entire length of the bed.

When plants grow, they will be tied up. To do this, support should be provided in the greenhouse. It can be attached to the roof or to the trellis, stretched between the walls under the ceiling. Instead of a rope or rope, you can use a plastic trellis net. They are quite economical and must be reused.

In more detail, consider the structure and appearance of this device, it is possible from the photo of the greenhouses for cucumbers made by farmers themselves or by simple truck farmers.

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