How to choose a vacuum cleaner for apartments

Salmonella live in the house, for example, are found in the aquarium. Caused by germs intestinal disorders nice little bear children and adults. Once a week, a maximum of ten days, dwelling fish need clean, here difficulties arise from not knowing how to comply with the rules of hygiene. Household vacuum cleaner for aquarium applied properly, it becomes possible contamination. Fishes need light, oxygen and a heater. Clean - the guarantee of health of living organisms. Talk, how to choose a vacuum cleaner to the apartment.

How to clean the aquarium home vacuum cleaner

Salmonella are transmitted by contact, including the dirty water tank. Fish, too sick, the animals of tuberculosis cases, this person can not guess. Mycobacteria, provoking the development of the disease, can cause the formation of ulcers on the skin of the hands after using household vacuum cleaner for aquarium. It is not dangerous, but it is unpleasant. Requires clean the aquarium correctly.

First of all, a couple of sentences about domestic vacuum cleaner for aquarium. This tube with a bulb in the intake funnel, moving or electrical elements are not present. Need to put a hand to the siphon to gently touch the pebbles, begin the process of pumping silty mud. A similar scheme is used drivers, to drain fuel from the tank. It remains to substitute a bucket at the end of a home vacuum cleaner for aquarium. Water pressure is not enough to suck a large shingle, resulting in a net bottom. Of course, the level will drop slightly in the aquarium. After a home vacuum cleaner for aquarium need to add water.

Vacuum cleaner for home

The process of using the vacuum cleaner for home aquarium accompanied by application of personal protective equipment. You will need to put on a rubber glove hand. As further care for the abode of glass fish, except for household vacuum cleaner for aquarium. Periodically, the tenants are evicted, the water is drained, the soil is poured separately. Houses do not create aquariums with a sandy bottom, use a pebble, or a home vacuum cleaner to clean the aquarium does not help the dirt.

Wash the inside walls of a special tool like A123A API Safe & Easy. For this purpose the bottle contents is deposited thinly on glass, wiped with a cloth (e.g., Tetra). It allowed to use telescopic or magnetic (JBL Floaty II) scraper. The first resembles a tool cleaning windows, the second works on the principle of attraction - one half runs his hand over the outer wall, the second to be alone on the inside.

Water is poured into the tank, advocates or dressed with a special tool antichlor, eliminating excess halogen. To clean the better, of course, to use natural remedies: Ancistrus fish and snails amullyarii. Pisces lack a swim bladder, mouth suction ready to clean the soil and the walls is no worse than a home vacuum cleaner for aquarium returns the original luster ground. As for the snails, if a little feed, will regale deposits on the glass.

Clay siphon is not the acme of perfection. Household vacuum cleaner for aquarium JBL Aqua In Out, works by the Bernoulli effect is more effective. Special tee fits over the sink faucet, pull yl moving stream of pebbles. It is necessary to drive a slotted brush along the bottom. Even fish do not have to produce. Finally, the water purification is carried out with a special filter-cascade, acting on the basis of the cassettes and providing the opportunity to adjust the flow rate.

household vacuum cleaner

How to clean furniture, curtains and floor

Wash curtains today is no longer fashionable, a sofa and does not fit into the drum. For soft and hard furniture, curtains, use a tandem of two components:

  • compact cyclone household vacuum cleaner;
  • steamer.

In the first pass a vacuum cleaner Clatronic HS 2631 removes dust in the accelerated style does not have to do this over carefully. Then steamer destroys shiny space and grease while smoothing wrinkles and sweeping away the remnants of dust. At the same time kills germs, allergens are destroyed - disinfection. Compact vacuum cleaner for cleaning the apartment helps to hold efficiently. Steamer freshens upholstery, as a result of the room looks lovely. If you choose a wireless vacuum cleaner Ergorapido Electrolux Swedish company, will help clean the carpets.

Tile and linoleum have to do with other equipment. If the floor is not very dirty, washing vacuum cleaner Ariete easily eliminate the need proclivities with a rag. Of course, the filter in the water products, today it is difficult to find a double to replace the product. Steam Mop does not compare performance with true wet vacuum. Do not confuse the model with aggregates with aquafiltering. Vacuums Shivaki SVC1747 help remove fluid from the floor, but no brush feeders or water vapor to conduct a full wet cleaning.

powerful vacuum cleaner

Notice the obvious - the traditional vacuum cleaners with a bag disappeared from the shelves. Oldies ousted cyclone model does not lose suction power as the dirt would not accumulated inside the compartment. That is the way the vacuum cleaner Shark Navigator Lift Away. Device quite bulky, however, rather big dust compartment. The unit is good for large private houses.

Furniture take Ryobi vacuum cleaner for 950 rubles. Built to cyclone scheme is economical enough and strong enough to cope with the task. Device weight 0.96 kg. This is less than the selected modern irons. Present will be pleased frail housewife.

The robot vacuum cleaner establish order

The robot vacuum cleaner only drawback - it is not able to overcome the stairs and thresholds. We believe that the day is not far when the inside of the machine will be laid 3D map at home, and the device will read the coordinates of the sensors movement.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Scooba quickly put things in order: the machine randomly scurry in all directions, providing the buyer with clear advantages:

  1. The robot vacuum cleaner works in stand-alone mode.
  2. Endless periodic return charge provided on the docking station to gain strength.
  3. When docking the robot cleaner garbage dumps in a special container.
  4. Electronics endowed with endless patience, sensors help to understand the car, where more dirt.
  5. The robot vacuum cleaner is small, not much underfoot.
  6. Inside there is a noisy engine.
  7. Intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners allow to set the cleaning schedule, on days and hours, the iron guard will go to restore order on the regime.
  8. The principle of operation is based on the rotating brush, raising dust in the air.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

However, the robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Scooba easily cause damaged, if, for example, to leave the car on the table adjacent to the induction hob. Mechanism melted, since no sensor is provided for protection against high temperature and other destructive factors.

It should be expensive gizmo. A cheap robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba will cost 15,000 rubles. In view of such prices appears considerable temptation to counterfeit products, there are rumors that Smart Cleaner previously manufactured under the brand Dust Robot. It says it is an ordinary cheap Chinese brand, reaching a maximum at the price of 100 dollars. At the same time trying to sell at least twice as much, but still tout the incredible discount.


When purchasing a vacuum cleaner for the apartments, take the trouble to search the Internet for information about the product. Better to take the model from renowned dealers, for example, WikiMart.

There is no doubt: the Internet today strikes the opportunity to purchase inexpensive goods at any point of the globe. Most large companies have a sales point (offices of transport companies) in Siberia and the Far East, in the European part of Russia. Danger bind ephemeral firms, "lethal" get any cosmetics, toiletries, medicines, additives. In the case of household equipment just wasting money.

Choosing a robot, carefully look at the principle of action. Most of the not suitable for tiles with recessed seams because of the nature of the work of the brush. find a mate is not possible for a tile.

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