Choosing a vacuum cleaner for home

Modern cyclonic vacuum cleaners have noise 78 dB, it is little more than a washing machine in spin mode. Choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home - some fun, if finances pulled his pocket. No money - take a cheap cyclone.

variety of vacuum cleaners

Standard vacuum cleaner with a dust collector today is no longer fashionable. Even with a reusable and washable bag. Messing with the dust people strongly enough. It does not require labor to empty plastic container of the cyclone vacuum cleaner in the garbage disposal. The tank is transparent and time needs to empty the track is not difficult. In today operation of equipment principle, pushed out of the budget niche stuff.

Flow moves from dust in the cyclone vacuum cleaner according to a concentric spiral. It resembles a circulation of clouds on meteorological picture. As a result, a vacuum cleaner, and got its name. Due to the rapid movement of the dust in a cylindrical container is pressed against the outer wall. And in the middle is worth double filter through which light in comparison with the dirt entrained air molecules compressor and ejected through the second filter. Included is cheap, but the size will suit expensive HEPA.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for home

The main body of the plastic grille is removed from the latch, and under it a flat piece of cloth. HEPA filters of different shapes, depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner. Plane and solid. The HEPA - filter powerful. 99.99% catch dust and spores of microorganisms. This will allow to breathe in the room, where he works cyclone vacuum cleaner home.

Equipment with a HEPA filter does not throw a pillar of dust as the model with low-cost wastewater treatment filters. Note that filters can be installed expensive vacuum cleaner on any price category, making clean air just wonderful. Good vacuum cleaner for home cleans and protects the mats against dirt flying out from the outlet pressure of the compressor.

Internal filters cyclone vacuum cleaner plastic. Due to the pressing of dust to the walls, the load on the module is small, making it possible to reduce the requirements to the filters. Of course, part of the power is lost at the vacuum cleaner twisting vortex.

household vacuum cleaner

The mechanism of operation of the cyclone vacuum cleaner

This is reminiscent of the rotary juicer, but instead of cake container dust gets. Cyclone vacuum cleaner for the house comprises a container of two concentric cylinders:

  1. Appearance Transparent forms a compartment wall.
  2. The second house, in the center of the cylinder is surmounted by a dome. The first solid wall and domes - cut slits where entrained air motor.

As a result, it turns out that here:

  • Hose stream at an angle comes in, where the cylinder is.
  • The flow goes along the wall, rising in a spiral.
  • In this case, the dust on inertia continues to move up to the ceiling, where there is cut.
  • As a result, dirt is thrown into the outer cylinder, and the air penetrates into the cylinder gap dome.

Rotary juicer "Zhuravinka" internally similar to a cyclone vacuum cleaner. The motor is protected by a filter fabric at the entrance and at the exit.

plastic filter slots in the operating section of the large dust there is not, but a heavy trash sifted coarse filter dome.

This construction is used in cheap cyclone vacuum cleaner, and there is a special camera on the road is more like a giant drum revolver. Air enters through the outer wall of the cylinder at the height of the middle. In the center stands a cyclone chamber with a HEPA filter, addictive air through numerous slots. The flow then passes through the chambers "drum" and is discharged to the engine, wherein the filter is 2 - inlet and outlet. This powerful vacuum cleaner for the home simply can not miss out dirt particles!

How to choose a cyclone vacuum cleaner for home

Select a cyclone vacuum cleaner is not just for the home. On the basis of this scheme is today built most compact models. Small vacuum cleaner for home operates on this principle, even if the tank is not transparent. And before that it was a common technique with a dust collector. It turns out that cyclone scheme came to replace.

household vacuum cleaner

Previously, all had to punch out and wash bag. A one-time purchase - expensive out. plastic vacuum container is easy to clean and easy to clean, if necessary. He collected even liquid, but do not recommend it. Cyclone vacuum cleaner is not designed for such operation. Although water molecules certainly throw into the outer cylinder, as the cake, put the experiment is not worth it.

Most good vacuum cleaner for the home in terms of price and quality - a cyclone. How to choose it?

The coolest cyclone vacuum cleaner from the creator!

Prototyping first cyclonic vacuum cleaners Dyson worked. The idea comes from industrial facilities for air purification. There, too, the flow spirals to get rid of dust and debris. Several thousand gathered engineer prototypes before product interested people. In 1986, Apex inc launches the first commercial product for 1200 pounds, twenty of which are bread inventor.

Vacuum cleaner for home

But Dyson's approach did not suit, he mortgaged the house and sold the company the right to use the trademark. He founded his own company with the research center. By inventor and entrepreneur James Dyson, in 2013 the world saw a new generation of cyclone vacuum cleaner Dyson DC52:

  1. Improved cyclone chamber. Near the HEPA filter inner cylinder is now "porcupine" of the rubber tip (in fact, the detailed structure material protected by trade secret), knocking down the remaining dust seep inside plastic lattice. Due to the "needle" constant vibration filtered air so that the inside of the cyclone vacuum cleaner particles are smaller than 0.5 um (microns). Such outstanding results are not achieved, no device. This technology is so advanced that HEPA filters do not change during lifetime.
  2. Hull construction refined under balloon easy maneuvering wheel on bulk containing part of service mechanisms inside. Transmission of electrical signals going through special rotating joint. Such a concept has reduced the size of the device, at the same time making an ultra housing. The engine is located at the bottom, which significantly reduces the gravity center location level. This makes the cyclone vacuum cleaner at the same time stable. In contrast to the models with a water filter, is not afraid of falling and easily stands up.
  3. Expensive models cyclonic vacuum cleaners are equipped with a turbo brush, which rotates inside a cylindrical rubber roller, impact enhancing cleaning efficiency. System created by improved design. Vacuum cleaners household «Dyson» DC52 contains only modern technology. Became head rotated 180 degrees to the user effort. Such maneuvers are easier to clean.

Worth 27,000 rubles unit. It bears little resemblance namesakes 2-3 thousand. But the air is crystal clear, it is better than aquafiltering. You can forget about the repair at home vacuum cleaners - "Dyson" serve faithfully. Noise from him - 77 dB. Some dignity except for the price. But the old model Dyson are cheaper by half.

Interesting! Dyson vacuum cleaners are more expensive, because do not allow dust to the outside like a typical Samsung!

Periodically wash household vacuum cleaner filters and thoroughly dried.

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