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Tell me, when to plant late cabbage for seedlings? In winter we have the most popular dish - sauerkraut. Everyone loves it, both adults and children, so I always try to cook as much as possible. I usually buy cabbage on the market, but last year I was not lucky. Apparently, the variety was not the one that you need - the cabbage turned out soft, without a crunch, and somehow stiff. I decided to try to grow it myself. Lamps for seedling seedlings I have, free space is also enough. But I can not decide on the timing of sowing. Early-ripening varieties were usually planted in early March, would not it be too early for winter cabbage?

Cabbage is grown by all truck farmers. But if early varieties are usually planted in small numbers, then late-ripening species occupy most of the cabbage beds. It is not surprising, because it is such a cabbage intended for storage and fermentation. Like other varieties, it is grown by seedling method. The process and the conditions of care for them are the same, the only difference can be the timing of sowing. When planting late cabbage for seedlings, depends on the regional climate and the specific variety. Let's try to determine the approximate time of landing.

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"Cabbage" Vegetation Cycle

As you know, seedlings of early cabbage need at least a month to get stronger. In late varieties this period is longer and can reach up to 60 days. To determine the date of sowing, you also need to take into account the total time needed to achieve full maturity. One species lasts 120 days, and others will need all 200 days. Do not forget about the time during which the seeds germinate and the seedlings take root after the transplant.

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On average, cabbage has such a development cycle:

  1. Seeding and germination - 7 days.
  2. The period is from 45 to 60 days.
  3. Rooting and adaptation after transplanting to open ground - 7 days.
  4. Formation and maturation of heads is from 50 to 130 days.

Thus, to find out the exact date of sowing, it is necessary to subtract the above-mentioned number of days from the expected date of harvesting. In this case, it is necessary to take into account varietal features.

When to plant late cabbage for seedlings?

Climate is of no small importance. In the regions with early spring and long summer, seeds are sown in early April. In May, grown-up sprouts can already be dive on the beds. Short summer and early autumn can prevent the heads from ripening. In this case, the crops should be shifted to an earlier time - in the middle of March.

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