Practical tool for the kitchen is a garlick from China


This year, winter decided not to leave in English. She preferred to stay a little longer, for almost a month. And because the cold dragged on, then there was a great opportunity to once again prepare a cold. For this delicious dish, of course, you will need a garbage, which can be profitable to buy on AliExpers. Moreover, this device will always be relevant for the hostess in the kitchen. Nobody can argue that garlic is a seasoning, without which many dishes would lose their refined taste.

As in the Soviet Union

Quality was given paramount importance in the USSR. Many designs and items made according to GOST standards are still in good condition. This also applies to Soviet garbage. It is their characteristics that the Chinese garlic reminds these old kitchen attributes. This impression is made because she:

  • made of stainless steel;
  • has a heavy weight;
  • perfectly grinds different densities of chives;
  • large enough;
  • freely opens;
  • easily pressed.
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Thanks to such features of the design with its help you can smell ginger, soft vegetables, fruits, as well as other root crops. The pressing element is made of a cast piece of metal, which is tightly fixed with a reliable bolt. Thus, when you press the lever, the hostess does not have to exert herself too much. As a result, the pulp is maximally homogeneous, but at the same time retains all its juiciness.

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Upgraded version

It is worth noting that a sieve with 35 holes is removed without problems from the base cup. This is very practical, because it can be quickly cleaned and washed. A rectangular bucket of garlic holds several cloves of garlic. With the help of such a press, you can squeeze a slice of strawberry, lemon or cherry. A few seconds and a spray of fragrant frash already on the prepared dish.

The shape of the handle has an ergonomic design, so the device is convenient to work with. Plastic rings are provided on the edge of each individual part of the handle. With their help you can hang an object somewhere in the kitchen. In addition, they prevent the object from sliding in the hand.

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Sellers on the website AliExpress have a lot of offers so garbage. They are distinguished by design and functionality. It is on this trading floor that you can buy a Chinese copy of expensive (German) presses for garlic.One unit of goods here costs only 232 rubles. But the original will cost the buyer , 08 rubles.Of course, online stores have cheaper counterparts, the price of which varies from 300 to 500 rubles.

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