How to make a bird feeder: simple models

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Help advice: urgently need to know how to make a bird feeder? The child at the school was given the task after the holidays to bring crafts, will hang them in the school garden. And our dad just went on a business trip, so you have to get out for yourself. Tell me some simple model of the feeder, so that an inexperienced mother and child could cope with it.

In winter, the main task of birds is the search for food, because the snow cover and frost deprive them of the slightest chance to find something edible. Helping birds survive is quite human. All you need to do is to hang the feeders in the garden and periodically pour there tasty grains. In this case, it is not necessary to spend money and buy, because you can make simple, but convenient constructions from improvised means, which are always in the closet or shed. What is necessary to pay attention to and how to make a bird feeder?

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General principles of work

You can use almost everything for making feeders: plastic and even glass bottles, tetrapacks, boards, plywood. .. It all depends on the skill level. However, there are some principles that must be adhered to in order for the design to be practical, namely:

  1. Birds should be comfortable getting the food.
  2. Care should be taken to avoid sharp and jagged corners and protrusions.
  3. It is advisable to provide protection of grains from rain and snow in the form of sides and roof, otherwise it will quickly deteriorate.
  4. If possible, it is also better to make the feeder out of a material that is resistant to moisture - so it hangs for more than one season.
  5. The size of the feeders is directly dependent on the size of the birds themselves. For small birds, the feeder should be small, otherwise the larger individuals will deprive them of food.

And one more nuance - the feeder should be fixed at a height, so that the cats would not reach, but it was also convenient to pour the food. It is advisable to decide on a place immediately and not to change it, annually outweighing the feeder. Birds quickly memorize where they can eat a hearty meal, and flock there from afar.

How to make a bird feeder fast and easy?

Planer masters and chisels make real masterpieces of wood: houses with a porch, openwork gazebos and multi-level palaces. However, it is possible to do without elaborate models and make the usual, but no less practical feeders. For example, feeders from a bottle or a piece of a grid and a pair of saucers from flower vases.

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Plastic Trough

The easiest version of the trough, which even a child can handle, and most importantly, it will turn out to be durable. In an ordinary plastic bottle with a capacity of 2 or 1.5 liters on one side cut an oval hole. It should be above the bottom so that the feed does not get enough sleep. At the top of the neck, make holes and stretch the wire through them, and fix the feeder on the tree with it. You can simply wrap it around the neck. And if you take a 5-liter bottle and cut two holes in it on opposite sides, a few birds will be able to peck at the seeds.

To cut off the edges of the paws, they can be carefully pasted with tape.

Feeder from the grid

For coarse-grained food such as sunflower seeds, you can quickly assemble the feeder from the grid and two identical saucers from flower pots. The net needs to be twisted with a roll and secured, while the roll diameter must be less than the inner diameter of the plates.

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Saucer will serve as the roof and bottom of the feeder. To fix them, make holes in the center. Pass the pin through them, at the same time inserting into the middle of the roll of the grid. He, in turn, is fixed on the outside of the saucers with nuts. Another option, more simple - is to take a thick wire, and bend its ends across the holes.

Bunker Feeder from the Bottle - Video

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