Sale of first-aid kits on the trading floor of Aliexpress


Without a first aid kit at the dacha can not do. In general, the dacha season should begin with the purchase of not only seedlings, but also first-aid kits, for this period can not pass without any bruises or bruises. Often, working with the ground, you can stumble on the glass and cut yourself, or just earn a splinter in your finger, after which the wound just need to be treated with hydrogen peroxide. Not to mention the children, for whom the dacha is a huge playground, and, of course, without injuries, no matter how much one wants, will not do. Therefore, for reasons of safety and for first aid, the first-aid kit in the dacha should always be in a prominent place, and stand out among ordinary bags and boxes. On the site of Chinese goods, Aliexpress is presented a good first aid kit, the cost of which is 182 rubles and 16 kopecks, excluding delivery. For the delivery will have to pay 41 rubles and 33 kopecks, the total amount is 223 rubles and 49 kopecks.

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Product Specifications:

  • load - 5 kg;
  • capacity - 12 liters;
  • dimension - 23 * 13 *, cm;
  • features - folding, eco-friendly.

The first-aid kit itself is practically weightless, has a red color with a white cross in the center - stands out among the usual things, which is very convenient. Inside the medicine cabinet there are several departments where it is easy to fit a scissors or thermometer, in a "latticed" compartment can be stored, for example, plasters and mustard plasters, and in the main department various ampoules and tablets.

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On the site presents such first-aid kits, especially allocate a universal first aid kit FEST:

This medical kit will cost you 371 rubles exactly, but the customer does not say whether the shipping cost is included or not. The purpose of this kit is directly designed for first aid. Inside the case there are painkillers, disinfectants, bandages for bandaging and the like, for first aid.

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First aid kit features:

  • material - plastic;
  • size - 21 * 21 *, cm;
  • Shelf life - 18 months from the date of packing.

Of course, the first-aid kit must be at hand both at home and at the dacha, but it will be much better to fill the necessary medicines with it yourself, and not buy ready-made ones. Faster and more convenient will buy a first aid kit in any pharmacy in your city, and wait for an order from China - do not have to, except that you visually liked the first aid kit from the website of the online store.

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