Air pump by own hands


The air pump, which you can pump a bicycle tire for 2 minutes you will not find in the store, but it can be done by yourself. They can create pressure in the tires to 60 atmospheres. The secret of creating such a high pressure and the work of the pump is in the piston. In the open state, it passes a pressure of up to 10 atmospheres, and in the closed state it can suppress the pressure to 60 atmospheres. A pressure of over 100 atmospheres will rupture the tire, so making an air pump of high pressure does not make sense. Consider the instructions for manufacturing a medium pressure pump.

Pump Assembly Parts

To assemble the body of an air pump of medium pressure, you will need:

  • board and stalk from the shovel for the stand and pump handle;
  • a water outlet with a diameter of 16 mm and an internal thread, mm;
  • brake hose from the gazelle;
  • rivet;
  • the cap on the nipple.
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To assemble the cylinder:

  • adapter to a polypropylene tube with a diameter of 20 mm. External thread of the adapter mm;
  • polypropylene pipe for hot water with a diameter of 20 mm;
  • a plug on the pipe;
  • aluminum tube - 12 mm;
  • two nipples from a tubeless tire.

You will also need a scalpel, sandpaper, drill, epoxy adhesive, nipple.

Assembling the pump

We collect the valve. The nipple needs to be shaped like a cone. To do this, hold it in the drill and grind it with sandpaper. Next, you need to polish the cone. The diameter of the thickest part of it should be 1 mm larger than the inside diameter of the 20th pipe. The cone needs to be inserted into the aluminum tube, preliminarily sanding one end of the tube with sandpaper. Mark the point 1 cm above the piston and drill a hole. Fill the epoxy glue into the hole and lubricate the junction of the cone and pipe. The pump piston is ready.

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Next, we collect the cylinder. In the adapter to, mm, you need to insert a choke, and fasten the choke to the drill. Then turn on the drill and put the adapter on a 20 mm pipe using friction welding.

Cut the thick part from the second nipple to the line. Then you need to insert it into the adapter and align it in the center. Fill the space with epoxy glue.


Let's go to the hose. One of the ends cut off. You need an end with an external thread. Cut the thread with a file. At the water outlet, cut the connection straight under the rubber ring. Then carefully drill the holes with a drill bit to 9 mm. It is necessary that the threaded thread can freely screw into the side opening. The upper opening of the water outlet is filled with cold welding and make sure that the adapter can screw into it.

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To assemble the cylinder, cut off part of the polypropylene tube so that it is a few centimeters shorter than the aluminum. Then screw the bolt into the pipe plug. Use friction welding to put the plug on the pipe. Make a hole in it so that you can thread an aluminum tube into it. Next, assemble the pump with superglue and place the handle on the bolt using the nuts.

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