How beautiful is it to make concrete flower beds for flowers with your own hands?

For a long time I dream to diversify the site in the country, making it more interesting and unusual. I want to decorate it with flowerpots. But buying them is expensive, so I would like to know - how beautiful to make concrete flower beds for flowers with your own hands? What is needed for this and how is the manufacturing process proceeding?

Today flowerpots are widely used in landscape design. They have many advantages:

  • low cost of raw materials;
  • durability;
  • high resistance to mechanical loads, high humidity, temperature changes, ultraviolet exposure;
  • the possibility of making vases of any size and shape.

Therefore, it is not strange that many owners of cottages and private houses think about how beautiful it is to make concrete flower beds for flowers with their own hands.

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To do this every person can do, even if he does not have the appropriate experience. In addition, it is not necessary to have expensive equipment - you can do all the work yourself, without specialized tools.

Using Purchase Forms

On sale you can see dozens of special silicone and plastic molds, designed for the manufacture of refined concrete vases. However, their cost is usually measured in thousands of rubles - they only make sense if you are going to manufacture tens or hundreds of products.

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Their use is simplified as much as possible - the mold is collected, lubricated from the inside by oil and filled with liquid concrete. Shake it a little to distribute the solution throughout the volume. After 48 hours, concrete will grasp, and the form can be removed. Hold the pot for a few more days in a dry, warm place, and you can install it on the site.

How to save money when making flowerpots?

Not every person is ready to shell out a thousand or two rubles for a form that will be used only two or three times. Therefore, practical people use improvised things.

All that is needed is a form of suitable size and shape. It can be silicone or plastic. The inner surface is lubricated with oil, so that the finished product is easily removed. A glass, a bucket or another round object of a suitable size, also oiled, is placed in the center. In the tank should be laid stones or bricks, so it does not surface.After the mold is filled with liquid concrete - too thick can not fill all the voids. When concrete is sufficiently hard (not less than 48 hours), the bucket or glass is removed and the mold is removed. The finished product can be used in its original form, and can be painted in suitable colors.

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Details about the production of flowerpots are told in the video:

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