How to easily screw the screw in any tree

In the manufacture of furniture and various timber designs often use screws, which unlike the nails do not become loose and provide maximum fixation of the individual elements. To date, there are two types of self-tapping screws: wood and universal. The main difference is the hardware thread pitch, where wood screws it anymore.

What screws to take to work with wood

Often mistakenly think that universal screws are ideal for working with wood, but due to the small pitch of the material does not provide the necessary degree of fixation. Of course, you can screw the screw, but whether it will withstand the required load - is the question.

Screws metiz both may have different types of hats, which makes it possible to choose the most suitable solution. If the surface of the dip hardware will be further filler and level off, it is best to take the product with countersunk head, which will clamp and will not outwards. There are also self-tapping screws with decorative heads, they can be screwed on the outside and they do not spoil the appearance of the structure.

Also screws can be black or coated with corrosion resistant coating. Basically coated screws mounted therein, wherein a high level of humidity. These screws will be able to serve much longer than black counterparts in the street. Due to cover the cost of the product may vary, which makes it possible to choose exactly what you need for the job.

If you need to screw the screws into the wood, you will surely need a tool to do this. As the tool is suitable:

  • Phillips head screwdriver;
  • screwdriver;
  • Drill with paddle.

For repairs use screwdrivers that are designed specifically for these works. If you want to screw a screw, you do not need to use the tool as a good screwdriver handle with the task just as well. As for the drill with a paddle, then this option is suitable in the case where a lot of work, but no screwdriver.

Generally speaking, the tree fairly soft material and screw it comes easily. However, there are woods that before you screw in a screw, especially large size, it is necessary to do a pre-drill a hole smaller. Thus, the screw is not only the right enter the material, but do not get stuck in the middle of the board.

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