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What qualities should a good lawn have? Of course, it should have a bright green color, be resistant to trampling. The sod of the lawn should be dense and quickly restored after the loads. Lawn grasses should easily suppress weeds, be resistant to diseases and pests.

For rooting and good development of a roll lawn it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • prepare the site;
  • fertilize the soil;
  • correctly lay the lawn;
  • abundantly water it.

If you follow our recommendations, then grow a beautiful lawn.

Site Preparation

On the lawn, water should not be stagnant, so it is necessary to make a slope of the site for its removal.

For the lawn, loam is preferable. It is not so important for the fertility of the soil, as its density. Plowed to a depth of 15-20 cm, soil with the addition of a large amount of sand and peat is the basis for rooting the rolled lawn. Proper preparation of the soil layer creates favorable conditions for the growth and development of plants. It is advisable to water the soil well the day before the lawn is laid. Then below the moisture will remain, and on top the soil will dry up, and it will be easy to work on.

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In order for the lawn to take root uniformly, you must first align the surface of the site. This can be done with the help of a rink and a rule. Badly rolled soil can lead to the freezing of the roots of the grass cover.

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Application of fertilizers

When the soil leveling is complete, you can start applying fertilizers. Under the laying of a lawn, it is necessary to introduce fertilizers with a high content of phosphorus and potassium. Such fertilizers will provide him with good rooting. Fertilizers with a high content of nitrogen in the early stages do not need to be introduced.

Uneven application of fertilizers leads to their overdose and the formation of bands and brown spots on the lawn. To restore such a lawn, it must be watered abundantly.

Lawn laying

The first rolls need to be laid along the tracks. In these places, the lawn dries more, so it is very important not to break the integrity of the roll. After laying the first rolls, you need to lay out the rest in staggered order, so the lawn will have a more aesthetic appearance.


After laying the lawn, you must drench it abundantly. This is very important for rooting the grass. The less time will pass from laying to the first watering, the more chances of success.

If everything is done correctly, the lawn will begin to take root on the fourth day after laying.

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The advantage of a roll lawn is that, after bedding it, we immediately get an instant effect and we do not have to struggle with weeds at the first stage.

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