What is the difference between aerator and soil scarification?

In order for the lawn to please you for years, it is necessary to take care of it:

  • regularly cut the grass;
  • aerate the soil;
  • water the lawn.

An aerator is used to saturate the soil with oxygen. This equipment produces easy loosening of the lawn and does well with a thin turf layer. Fragments of mown grass, over time, compressed and thickened.

Destinations of the soil aerator

In the first two years after planting a lawn, the thickness of the sod layer is not large, therefore, an aerator can be used for lawn care. He completely removes a layer of compressed grass from the lawn and saturates the soil with oxygen. The work of the aerator helps the moisture to the roots of the lawn grass.

A small layer of compressed grass protects the soil from stagnant water, and the roots of the lawn from rotting, so if you aerate the soil too often, the lawn will disappear. Use an aerator twice a season.

Aerator can also be useful when loosening the soil in the bald spots of the old lawn before sowing new seeds. After loosening the soil, the emergence of a new lawn and its growth rate will increase significantly.

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Aerators from different manufacturers are on the market. Pay attention to the material from which the working body of the equipment is made. The blades should be made of durable steel, as the aerator is designed for cleaning solid debris trapped on the old lawn.

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The purpose of the soil scarifier

The soil scarifier is used to care for a lawn that is more than three years old. The growth rate of grass on such a lawn is significantly higher than in the area planted with one-year lawn. Therefore, cut a three-year lawn more often. Accordingly, the layer of compressed grass on such a lawn is thicker.

This layer does not transmit moisture to the roots of plants, so the lawn grass dries out. The dense layer of compressed grass can no longer be completely removed with an aerator, as its knives cut the soil shallowly.

For the care of the old lawn a scarifier is used. Its blades pierce the turf layer of the lawn, forming holes for the penetration of moisture and air to the roots of the plants. If the aerator can be used twice per season, then work with the scarifier is carried out monthly.

Choose the right equipment to care for your lawn, and then it will delight you with a beautiful emerald coating throughout the season.

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