What to plant in a flower bed in the shade?

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I stayed at the dacha "not in business one site where the sun is not often and not for long. Yes, I do not know what kind of flowers will take root there. Tell me, what is better to plant in a flower bed in the shade so that plants do not wither?

When arranging the flowerbeds in the shade, you need to consider the type of plants, the composition of the soil in the flowerbed, and the level of humidity. It is very important to determine the degree of shading of the front garden, that is, how intense and prolonged the sun is. If there is also a tree on the flowerbed, this must also be taken into account, because it will give an additional shadow.

Plants for flower beds in the shade are of two types:

  • Shade-loving - they grow better in the shade, and in the sun the leaves get burns (fern, periwinkle);
  • shade-tolerant - they are for normal development and would not hurt to add sun rays, but in the shade they also will not be lost (violas, astilba).
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Flowers for areas that are deeply shaded

It can be a flower bed under the trees or near the northern walls of buildings. If the site is not very high humidity, it is good to plant there bulbous crops (snowdrops, tulips, daffodils). The flowering period for them will come before the tree crown is formed.

Absolutely does not depend on the sun fern. It will create a beautiful voluminous green background for flowering plants.

It will also be nice to feel here and a perennial host with green or blue leaves. She is not afraid of frosts, and unpretentious in the care. Planting on such sites to a host with a decorative mottled color of leaves is not recommended that they do not become one-color.

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Under the thick crowns of fir trees, you can grow a cloven without any special effort - the color of the leaves does not change even in winter and covers the flower bed with a beautiful green rug. Periwinkle has the same properties. But if you grow it for flowers, not leaves, it is advisable to give it a little more sun and plant periwinkle in a moderately dark place.

Plants for semi-darkened flower beds

In the penumbra the daylily will get accustomed to, which just needs diffused illumination - without the sun, of course, it will not be lost, but the blossom will not be much, but will give all its power to the leaves.

Next to the daylilies, you can plant perennial irises, which are suitable for any soil.


Even if there are stones in the flowerbed, do not remove them - blue forget-me-nots will braid the stones completely and create a unique landscape.

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A dense veil will cover the flower bed and ayuga - absolutely not demanding in the care.

A bright spot on the shady flowerbed will be perennial handsome phlox. In addition, they are pleased with their flowering from the middle of summer to autumn. And if the dry weather gets to this flowerbed, she still can not overcome the phlox. As well as winter frosts.

To create a background, the pink hearts of the dinocentra are excellent. The bush is quite large - about a meter in height, so it's better to plant it in the background, so as not to cover the stunted plants.

A selection of plant varieties for growing on a flower bed in the shade, see the video

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