What to plant in a bed near the house?

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I live in the private sector. The plot is not very big, but near the house there is a piece of unused land. Would love to decorate it with flowers. Tell me, what to plant in a bed near the house?

Create something new is always interesting, and even create an individual design of your site and even more so. In the process of choosing what to plant in a flower bed near the house, two principles are guided by:

  • high plants are planted in the center of the flower bed;
  • on the edges of the flower beds - low.

It is important that the flower bed is pleasing to the eye from early spring to frost and the flowers should follow each other in terms of flowering. For this, spring primroses, perennials( phloxes, peonies, lilies) and annual plants are used. The main composition is made from perennial plants, and the rest of the flowers complement them.

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Perennials in the flowerbed

Perennial plants need a minimum of care. Once planted, in the future only to form bushes, which is their advantage. At the same time, they grow very slowly, but the result is worth it.

It is enough to land 7 species of perennials with different flowering periods so that the riot of colors does not interrupt, with three types to choose higher, and the rest - lower, so as not to cover each other.

The first unpretentious bulbous perennials will decorate a flower bed in early spring: daffodils, snowdrops, lilies of the valley, crocuses, host. They need to be planted in dark places. An attractive flower bed can be created due to the different colors of tulips. In May, primroses, bergenia, irises will bloom.

And since June they bloom in a variety of colors, with long enough daylily blooming, delphinium, and cornflowers.

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Peonies will also bloom in early summer. It is better to plant them in the background of flower beds, and in front of them - smaller plants that will look favorably against the background of lush green peony bushes.

In August, everything around phlox will be drenched in intoxicating scent. You can plant dahlias between peony bushes. After the peonies ottsvetut, the bushes are cut, and between them in late August - early September will delight the eye with various shades of beauty-dahlias.

Selection of annual plants

Annual plants require greater attention and care. After all, they need to grow or buy seedlings every year. They grow faster, bloom earlier and bloom longer than perennials. In addition, they will allow each year to arrange a flower bed in different ways. And some plants of this species breed by self-sowing.

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The most unpretentious annuals are marigolds, they absolutely do not require care, have a persistent odor, will be colored from yellow to burgundy, and will bloom until autumn. They can be sown between tulips.

If a dry, hot summer is foreseen, zinnias should be planted. These flowers do not require watering and decorate a flower bed with a variety of colors.

Climbers and ornamental flowers in the flowerbed

Good will be in the flowerbed and sweet peas with decorative red beans, especially if you can create a support for weaving. Also decorate a flower bed nasturtium, flax of different shades, purslane.

Decorative greenery with delicate or brightly colored leaves that decorate a flower bed in between the flowering blooms will look good against the background of flowering plants.

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