What to buy electric grill

It must be said, love to grill in the United States. Their models are different from sold in Russia. The main difference in the first place, lies in the diversity of fuel types for any occasion. Devices even coal stoked. Secondly, the matter of construction: sell table, floor - any. Grills put on a workbench or earth, and model - for every taste and color. Consider what electric grill to buy.

Variety of electric grills

Greeley - wing shell

More like a shell. Electric device with two heated flaps between which the meat is laid. There is a direct contact, the process is said to be rather hot. In a classic case of infrared radiation must quickly bake until the surface crust through which the juice is not lost. Meat obtained from a true grill juicy.

grill flap

grill flap

Despite the breadth of the Russian soul, spacious grills like the sea. In Russia, popular electric models, more like a folding toaster. Even in the advertisement refers to uniform heating of both sides.

We have seen a device for cooking with nuts cooked condensed milk? Electric grills with our counters exactly the same. Disclosed as sink and inside instead of hot steam pearls grooved surfaces coated with a special anti-stick composition.

Curiously, the most represented in the English domain Youtube grills are equipped with bars, by means not covered by anything. Weber Q140 is beautiful and on our shelves. Unlike waffle principle established sided frying pan, a grill product preparing non-contact manner through a combination of convection and infrared radiation.

Grill in the form of a shell

Grill in the form of a shell

On the product there are traces of the lattice, but if you want to eat a good steak with zucchini, traces are not confused. Finally, the traditional grilled foods are prepared without oil. Evaluating the pros and cons, we note that the excess cholesterol is harmful, so quite a tablespoon of olive oil!

Non-stick coating of the waffle iron constructions is not good for the quality of food and peel off soon, so you have to smear shell valves. At the same time on the grill much product does not stick, grills longer stretch.

If you need to lubricate the inside of the leaf, it is recommended to fork out for olive oil (not scented or first pressing). It is better to use virgin olive oil. It does not burn. This method will use an electric grill, when it erased a Teflon coating.

Butterfly Grill - a great gift

Butterfly Grill - a great gift

Electric grills with bars

Here the most original idea realized the fire: under the grate is spiral. On the Russian Yutube shown, such as barbecue grill frying. But design is not enough cover and the thing is not a polymer, and of a good from a metal. Let us explain the mechanism of the device:

  1. Spiral by the current heats hot.
  2. Due to this, the share receive warmth pallet sides, the cap and the mesh.
  3. When the meat is placed in a preheated grill, the heat comes from everywhere.

So realized benefits of electric grills. As a result, on the surface of the meat immediately formed a crust, ensuring juicy roast. Analyze characteristics of such structures.

  • No traces of thermal insulation in the body and cover. Grill while working as a heated stove. Without drawing a summer kitchen does not deliver. It sits next to hard - infrared radiation significantly. So, grill of this type can not be considered cost-effective.
    Grill with bars

    with Gridiron

  • Knowing the characteristics of devices, manufacturers have made the side Q140 handles away from the body, preventing burned. This is a significant moment. It is not known under what conditions have to cook. The handle on the lid is equipped with the same feature - is far from the case and isolated, without taking rags. Note: Pick-up may need, simply open the lid on the video with his bare hand.
  • In the process of cooking fat falls on the spiral. We believe that the shortcomings of electric grills are exhausted. In this situation, help the removable tray or other clean technologies. Therefore, before you buy check how clean the electric grill. Nichrome not potrosh cloth, not to mention trying to wash the coating under spiral.
  • Industrial and professional options (such as BBQ Guys) characterized by a lack claim to beauty. But the box meets the sanitary standards of catering. This smooth stainless steel without paint. Good clean generally accepted in the trade and industry, the restaurant industry detergents. Equipment roomy and powerful. This will allow to cook faster.

I would like to mention grills on a high pedestal, allowing a host family, standing to his full height, prepare refreshments on the lawn. Kebab skewer comes without, in the presence of iron axes uncomfortable turn the meat. Pieces should be placed on the grille. Make sure that the mesh small, ever buy another. Otherwise, a light barbecue forget. Not surprisingly, the grills are not designed for this purpose - in America, popular steaks.

Prior to purchasing selected models, find out which recipes are suitable for the device.

Characteristics of the electric grill

The greater the volume of the grill, the higher power. In other cases, we recommend to conduct a comparison with the oven. They also grill, therefore, the difference is small. We believe the average for household appliances is 2 kW. In Russia, this is a typical value, provides the majority of manufacturers of electric kettles, microwave ovens, irons, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers.

The current limit is selected for a reason. The consumption of a typical apartment is strictly limited. Assume, for this reason, the Russian market there are devices that are different from the US where the electricity consumption of other conditions. I would like to give the machine and cooking programs. Electric grill for hens with electronic control sounds like a dream. The only drawback - the need for pre-fight off chicken.

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