How to install the air conditioning with his own hands

Today will discuss how to install air conditioning with his own hands, it comes to the outdoor unit. Time-based call climber, try not to fall out of the window. In fact, the air conditioner is being run using the accumulated stock system. Freon initially Skoplje external unit after docking discharged refrigerant. It is desirable to measure the temperature difference between the boiling point and the vapor pressure of the low air conditioner compressor. The collector comprises for various brands freons scale provided with the necessary information (the first parameter). The second is measured with his hands... Let's see how to install the air conditioner yourself.

installation of air conditioning

installation of air conditioning

The procedure for installing the air conditioner

Determines the location of a responsible part of the outdoor unit. Enthusiasts have a balcony offering box. Avoid installing the air conditioner keep forgetting to estimate future performance. conditioner Communications Length rigidly defined. Mounted copper pipes, gives much set. The difference will slightly change the channel pressure, leading to the exit air conditioner beyond the permissible modes:

  1. Too little pressure of the refrigerant temperature regime does not stand up. Disturbed conditioner compressor refrigeration process, causing increased wear of the machine.
  2. Needless high pressure raises the boiling temperature of the refrigerant. Part of the liquid phase will fall into the air conditioning compressor, causing breakage.

Master track conditioner refrigerant pressure circuit scale sometimes barometer, a more detailed temperature method. To the input of an external unit at the low pressure side (thick pipe) is connected the collector of a scale risks are boiling point. It suffices to measure the vapor temperature (the temperature of the tube), concluding an excess / deficiency refrigerant mass. Professional master tool cut tube ends obvaltsovyvayut previously dressed nut assembly operate in place. If necessary, copper wiring is incremented by soldering.

Use the clutch - a larger diameter tube. There flaring tool at a certain length. The tube is put on the treated end to the other.

Brazed seam goes one, doubling the reliability of the connection. Clearly, without tools razvaltsevat tube does not work, the townsfolk more suitable coupling method. Before soldering the ends intact and aligned to avoid ingestion of foreign bodies, impeding operation of the compressor (the equipment is simply broken, getting inside the solid).

The tubes start to lead the indoor unit in the direction of the external punching places of the wall. joints isolate the point (like Freon movement path). Drain pipe, external power supply conductor (through inner) are the same binder. Copper tube is wound with a predetermined interference, overlapping drainage joined, wrapped sanitary tape (fumilenta, fumlenta). An electric wire is mounted in place, with the lugs-terminals. The device is a powerful, no air conditioning is recommended to include in a typical outlet. Pave wire network distribution panel 230 volt lead assembly by standard techniques. On the block. Try to avoid twists.

To the external unit is the connection of copper pipes on the nuts according to the thickness. The high pressure side is thinner. Service outlet low pressure side will find, finding a thick tube. Let's look at the joint detail. The lower part of left side block outer pair of pipes T-shaped. At the end of each cover (hex key), which hides a bronze fitting (tap). Both the nozzle in the initial state are blocked inside the outdoor unit assembled freon.

Tool for evacuation

vacuuming tool

Before you begin refueling, carry out evacuation system. Step releases refrigerant path from moisture and air. Held vacuum compressor (vacuum pump) until the pressure drops to zero. The instrument then run for a time (5 minutes), removing the condensate is guaranteed if one stayed in the evaporator. Then it is necessary to block the manifold valve. It's time to gently release the Freon. Opens first valve external thin tube unit, then - the colon. The pressure must gradually catch up, run compressor. Assesses the adequacy of the amount of refrigerant. The difference between the boiling temperature and the vapor keeps within the range of 5-8 degrees Celsius. The difference is less than acceptable - too much refrigerant. The excess of 8 degrees from the cylinder requires to add the desired amount by controlling the temperature.

The on-off container with freon reservoir connected to the pump space. And it is necessary to bleed air connection pipe, a second opening right valve manifold. Then begin fueling. Fitters Rosenberger claim that the balloon is useful to turn upside down, if not Freon R22. Brazing alloy with silver being at least 5% of the content, other suitable flux. Tin-copper, any other metal to form an electrochemical couple exploiting avoid ingress of water.

Freon for air conditioning

Air conditioners with Freon

As the tank water heater - will start the corrosion process. Consequently, there may be leakage. Not dangerous as in the gas sector, will simply have to call the service group refuel. Some CFCs are poisonous, others destroy the ozone layer. Proizoydi leak concentration reaches explosive.

Installing an external air conditioning unit

Leaving aside the climbers, single characters, set the air conditioner on the wall it will be difficult to the ordinary man in the street. Let's look. Typical external unit enters the middle of a typical high-rise windows, the frame is obtained from any of 30 cm to the bracket. Walking distance measurements adult human. Without the efforts of man can punch a hole in the wall, hammer anchors. Complexity can cause chemical anchors, for which you need a good clean hole, anticipating the adhesive tab.

However, methods are rarely used. Often using traditional steel anchors number of four or more units. Bracket plain, resembles the letter H. The shelves of two parts with four bolts - two on each side - mounted air conditioner outdoor unit. It is important to get the mount, then fear is entitled to reject. Similarly, the left of the window being the docking process, the system started. Better than to lean key, kissing the window sill, at the risk of fall.

Mounting of the outdoor unit

View of the outdoor unit installation

Which has become a standard installation under the window has one significant advantage: relatively easy to hoist the external unit air conditioner. Tighten the screws hard (far stretch), open / close valves - problem. Therefore, disassembly rusted fasteners extends solve. Without insurance protrude dangerously. In case of installation between windows, the first process takes place complexity placement of the external unit to the brackets. Residents wishing to cool the apartment summer sometimes piled up on top of a bookcase external units.

Simply install the air conditioner on the balcony, is nowhere to be found in the legislation a ban. Rumor has it - because the legal information portal power too lazy to create - it is forbidden to put the outdoor unit on the insulated balcony! Imeysya three windows, one directly in front of the equipment, like can be placed. We apologize for the legal confusion. Apparently, the authorities think, just ignorance of the law is no excuse, no reason at all to educate the people. Perhaps a fool would break - you can hem the administrative case. Do not believe me? Try to find in the search engines law number regulating unit, excluding common words about the need to harmonize (on the front). The authors of the study abandoned after half an hour.

The law was precisely rumors: the text was canceled in 2013, the forum users are wondering what will be the non-compliant standards. Ask useless lawyers, lawyers shrug. The regulatory framework of Moscow more pleased: the documents are available, but the first edition. Understand the following amendments, which introduce new lines to read a fragment of an incredibly difficult. Therefore, we say tenants in 2007 must coordinate the installation on the facade of any engineering equipment, what next, God knows. Therefore, the question of how to install the air conditioner with your own hands, would have begun the regulatory framework, and then iterate over the options. Note: firm-installer does not interest, the responsibility of the property owner.

We hope have clarified how to install the air conditioner by yourself. The most zealous readers recommend to visit the site yourself Confusion and confusing interpretation of legal terms are forced to wonder what laws exist.

Step by step video installation of air conditioning

Air conditioner installation

The cost of installing the air conditioner is high. Power grows in parallel. The issue discussed in detail, as the appointment of mysterious letters, dotted installation firms of the table, now let's see what doing work that the installation of the air conditioner with your hands becomes a matter of complicated, difficult from a financial point view. Between models of different companies the difference is present, but not significantly. That's why Mitsubishi air conditioning installation differs little from Samsung. Clearly, the Koreans are now promoting Inverters are quiet, durable engines, worth watching before the warranty. Today, washing machines, refrigerators equip a 10-year warranty coupon. Long term, according to our considerations a good conditioner cools longer: paid more installation costs bite.

Joke: installation of air conditioners

Automotive Air conditioning

Decide where to install air conditioning. The first step... Samsung experts recommend to check the label on the outer, external blocks, boxes for a match. If you mistakenly put the wrong block, air conditioning unit should not be started. The indoor unit is mounted on a special large sized plate. However, not without nuances:

  1. Floor indoor units are deprived of the right to be called as hanging. Distance to the parquet should not exceed 15 cm. The mounting plate (mounting bracket) changes the appearance of a solid steel substrate size becomes strap. Mounted primarily supremum indoor unit.
  2. Cassette indoor units of air conditioners are popular, due to the possibility of embedding in the false ceiling. You need to calculate the strength of the ceiling so as not to kill employees, to provide the necessary padding, aesthetic appearance. Fixing is carried out with four threaded pins were driven deeper into the concrete on the nut through depreciation washers. If the dampers are removed, to prevent contact of the upper wall of the indoor unit and the ceiling level vibration, noise will increase, adversely affecting the working, residential atmosphere is simply prohibited by the laws, standards much noise. Raised the topic of the damping device fans wishing proshtudiruyte desired section.

The indoor unit is hanging over your head. Calculation of the height of the air conditioning is useless. The only need to withstand the instruction specified distance from the walls, ceiling. When mounting the carrier plate using a builder's level, allowing the correct stand angles. Particularly important to strengthen the pins cassette unit assembly arranged horizontally. Fixation in the latter case being locknuts. The process of installing the wall of the indoor unit does not cause problems. Just the body hangs onto the prepared bracket.

conditioner communications

Inner, outer blocks connects communications bundle, which includes:

  • Refrigerant circulation circuit employs two tubes. A thin, thick second. We believe that facilitates the creation of a pressure circuit of the condenser. Inside there is a valve that regulates the stroke section, a large area output stream harmful, here the liquid flows, which occupies a smaller volume. Let us explain. Freon evaporates, absorbing the heat of the room (cooling mode) tends to reach the compressor. Here, the refrigerant is compressed, the temperature rises. The coil freon is easier to give the heat already hot environment. In refrigerators give capillary, thereby preventing refrigerant to migrate back into the indoor unit, air conditioner problem solved valve, a large passage section exit meaningless. At the same time there is an economy of copper... Installation of the indoor unit
  • The second important circuit drain. Evaporator condenser refuses to serve the negative temperature. Great design is devoid of the filter drier, the system becomes uncritical presence of moisture, causing many of the problems of traditional refrigerators. However, the air conditioner evaporator temperature below room temperature, also below the dew point. Air passing here, driven by a fan, leaves moisture. Outflow hose is needed, facing the street, on the recommendations of experts Mitsubishi (Thailand), comes at a height of 5 cm above the ground. Russian - above passers-head.
  • The third key element - AC power. Phase three - it will be difficult to put the home gizmo, business owners will save a lot of money, because the efficiency of three-phase motors higher than single-phase. Therefore, to achieve the same effect will spend less money. Hose rare winter problem at times, it gives a lot of trouble. Inside the liquid freezes easily. Cold refrigerant absorbs heat when the air conditioning is trying to provide heating. "Winter" the installation is considered an additional option, which guarantees collection of separate fee. A bunch of wires, insulated hoses, is provided with a heating cable.

The connection between the air conditioning units

The cable extends from the outer panel flap to the inner block, located inscribed terminals. Each tab fits over phase, ground, neutral. Cable is used for outdoor use, it is worth more than the usual PVA. There is one earth conductor. Explained, neutral, earth - different things, avoid confusion, swap, turn a blind eye to the wrong tactics. Through three phases, purchase cable 5 cores. The output currents are added, allow for nuance, making selection wire. If one core is thicker found zero (not the ground). Nuances consider when choosing a circuit breaker, the typical fuses to prevent accidents.

As for the electrical air-conditioners, used typical ears. If necessary, mount wire standard length to increase their own. Copper pipe is complete, the ends are cut off from the inside chamfered suitable tool. Fixing being nuts. Razvaltsevat end uses a special tool, the tube bends outward cone. After the nuts are screwed coaxially wrench tighten. Use the tools at hand. Take an adjustable wrench, avoid gas. No seals a typical installation of the air conditioner does not provide the power mouthfuls contains guidance. Each tube is wearing a jacket, preventing heat transfer, both with cable, drain pipe are unwound together. Copper pipes of unequal diameter, simplifying installation.

Copper pipes for air conditioner

On the reverse side of the indoor unit are tubes, each of its diameter, closed plugs. Note: when communication broach through walls clad in the flared tube nut closed plastic inserts that are not inside nabilas plaster. Drain pipe just joined vnatyag, over zamatyvaetsya insulating tape. Installation of air conditioning with their hands continues outside, where a bulky unit is sometimes necessary to mount on a support above the ground. Note that despite the presence of management, the installation will require the project. The work carried out to make sure that the walls withstand load, theoretically. In practice, the designer simply chopping loot.

Distance between internal and external communication unit along not more than 5 meters. This rule translates into the category of non-standard installation, adding value. The maximum length of communications indicated passport. As planned drainage down to the ground, the copper tube reaches the outdoor unit. In practice, remember to do so condensation irrigates the underlying objects.

Air conditioners

Rumor: The inside of the outdoor unit is sometimes available Freon... Have more confidence like installation guide gives a comprehensive answer, valves shut tight ...

The procedure for filling the air conditioner:

  1. At first, inspect the installation. Both pipe are hidden under screw cap valves, fittings, avoid touching. One connector (normally thick) has an inlet for filling the reservoir. Attach left hose, crowned central vacuum pump.
  2. By opening the left valve, evacuated, waiting until the arrow indicates 0, continue for 15 minutes. Close the tap. Instead, attach the pump to fill the tank of freon air conditioning.
  3. It is time to remove covers of end valves of the outdoor unit. Below them are often hexagonal socket, to unscrew a special key (reminds reinforcement folding bicycle USSR issue). To manually install the air conditioner, turn on the taps max. Retaining position will conduct operation, cover, gently return.
  4. Left open faucet manifold valve cylinder filling. Filling is carried out, guided by mass. Although there are circuits (discussed above), the measured temperature drop discharging the refrigerant from the outdoor unit to the circuit.

Refueling is over, the calculation of the power conditioner conversation was conducted by the portal. The representative of a small class of devices, demonstrating the efficiency above 1 (a lot).

GOST 26963

We must start by resolution. Devices, stuck to the wall of the house, negotiate with numerous organizations. First of all, the owner. Man has the right to sell the apartment, not residential property, there are many people. Before you install the air conditioner, it is required to obtain a permit (to be confirmed) take care of the project to receive the certified organization. Deprived of documentation work is illegal. Like the balance? Some regions bypassed horror story: the authorized administration team utyuzhat streets, dismantling unauthorized installed equipment. If you set the air conditioner in secret, come tower, the product will be removed. Find it difficult to describe the procedure of return, is trying to rigidly lawyers. There are some people more equal than others, so the neighbors be avoid ...

Installation bracket for air conditioner

According to GOST 26963, installation of air conditioning is limited to the scope of the instruction manual. It is true that simple? You take, you put, but hushed up a bunch of regulations prohibiting the air-conditioning set (still other equipment):

  • if the house is an architectural monument;
  • if the building facade is decorated main street;
  • if there is artistic value of the structure ...

The list of restrictions is long, shy paint difficulties recommend simply perplex local administration. It requires high-rise buildings to spoil the wall - will be enough to get permission HOA. For example, the antenna requires the consent of 100% of home... only. On someone else's property can not do without permission. In practice, little attention.

Now power. You know, in companies engaged in the installation, the value is marked with numbers 07-30 range. Moreover, increasing the number of lifts to heaven the cost of works. Why are people interested in self-install air conditioning. For example, owners of a souped 30s models Installer service will make 20000 rubles. Clearly, a rare dude wants to pay the amount, or wants to know the direction of the leakage of money. First, capacity. Most impotently biting his elbows, trying to calculate the parameter correctly.

Air conditioner installation

Fixer 90 lvl

There are online calculators ready in Excel, allowing to obtain the desired number by entering a couple of numbers. Size of the room, the number of printers, copiers, other household appliances. The beauty of Excel calculations opportunity to embellish custom value specified power. Readers guessed it: the air conditioner cooling capacity is designed to recover the excess heat generated by the equipment.

How much power is required from the air conditioning

In light of this, before installing the air conditioner, try to assess the needs of cold production. Can help power the boiler calculation program. The results can be used to calculate the heating and air conditioning. Heat losses are in the direction of lowering the temperature through the wall. The magnitude is proportional to the difference, the resistance of building structures. Procedure:

  1. Take the room temperature 22 ° C. The maximum threshold, above which rises be avoided. SNP set.
  2. Estimate the maximum temperature streets summer times, if the wall faces south, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the outer surface of a steep, not air.
  3. Begin heating calculation, the temperature difference from the outside, from the inside should be equal to the measured.
  4. Note: calculators offer a set of four walls, usually the outer one. The problem is easily solved. Ask four walls equal to the apartment, then divide the result by 4. Get the desired number, of course, have to take into account the window imeysya such. Installation of the outdoor unit
  5. calculator for the room temperature should be higher. Street interchange.
  6. Power reserve, if any, will offer a program, you must be discarded.

Note the calculation is, if failed, searching conditioners calculation program. Favored digit immediately given in BTU / 1000 (cooling towers in the range 07-20 and higher). Marking contains the desired parameter, so interesting to customers, installers. Translate BTU / 1000 kW. Need BTU multiplied by 0.2931, we obtain the desired figure. Calculation of the heating boiler is in KW. Also mention, BTU - British Thermal Unit, in English sounds British Thermal Unit.

Now readers know "seven" is equivalent to 2.0 kW, "nine" - 2.5 kW. We emphasize in connection with power numbers mediated. Every good air conditioning will make the cold more than consume electricity network. This idea is based heat pump, however, regular readers of the portal should know the authors suggest. Explained the procedure for calculation of reference. We hope readers can help each other reference resources online... Visit the section relating to boilers, heaters, resulting in the desired address in parallel explanation of the process to use calculators.

Never seen the program, taking into account the presence of people. If the room has captivated the group for each person to add 100 watts of power conditioners, as will BTU count! For gyms figure rose to 300 W, the people engaged in physical labor, then the air conditioner will have to sweat more. 80% consumed energy an athlete is formed by heat.

Setting the air conditioner

Varieties air conditioning installation

Just want to say that the air conditioning installation is a standard, non-standard. Contained Prices refer to the first case. As for the other options, it is necessary to find out along the way overcoming TP firm resistance. Let's say we want to put "dvenashku" freon loop is required to increase a few meters of the relative position. Get ready to pay extra. Tariffs are different companies, the specific price Find out.

Why is this happening. A typical air conditioner may contain freon in an external unit. The valves are closed tightly. Wizard choose the place the air conditioner installation, start drilling, peck, pull, twist. Tie input, output paths, drainage pipe drop. Before installation of an external unit air conditioner, the master found: length exceeded.

Pressure refrigerant below the norm, it is necessary to refuel - individual efforts. After assembling the master evacuated with a vacuum pump, and then opens a valve allowing refrigerant to fill the system. It must withstand certain pressure system. In the conditioners loses importance in the evaporator no negative temperatures, uncritically, getting into a bit of steam.

Sufficient amount of freon is measured with a thermometer. Master opens the valve, meter reading looks. Refuel. When a non-standard installation may sometimes need freon. Along the length of pipe is consumed amount. Air conditioning is limited path length of Freon, the question to discuss the purchase. There is an interesting situation. Like it is written - air conditioners are installed in accordance with the instruction manual, on the other hand you can not put any engineering system at home without project organization with a license (to execute the project like it is possible, for more details see the government orders, listing activities that require license).

Therefore it is necessary in any case where a contact. The designer wants to conduct the installation. By the way, you can specify whether there is a practice of installing devices to the loggia. At first glance, it seems silly, winter, when heating is required, the conditions of operation of the compressor will become softer. Thus, no doubt: most readers can correctly install the air conditioner. However, the law is needed project, even if the drawing of the redraw on the operation of the product manual. Forget traditional water sprinkles passers head. Masters, chopping loot, too lazy to watch foreign methods of solving problems. The right way will find pedestrians go about pouring polupomoev jet.

Before the start of other operations mounted indoor unit air conditioner. The box is mounted dowel-nails, other fasteners. Standard models power reaches the outdoor unit, bypassing the internal. In western frequent design where the power cables are separated, the compressor relay controlled by a signal amplitude 25 volts. Install air conditioning in the apartment is definitely worth it, deprived of the habit of heat. We remind, the equipment does not replace the ventilation, so it is necessary to take stock of power to circulate the air. Before you install the air conditioner, take the trouble to calculate. Save money.

Installation of air conditioners foreign companies

Russian, South Korean technology used, how to install air conditioning in the United States alone? Just say the differences are great, lots of similarities. Discuss today nuances overseas fans, firms are, to eliminate air conditioning installation process is fully camcorder. Today decided to share the American experience in the air conditioning installation, good phrases uttered the simple, rollers, although thrown some of the subtleties, leave a favorable impression of solidity. An interesting procedure US masters, when communicated to install air conditioning with his own hands.

Installation of air conditioning overseas

Installation of air conditioning foreign masters

The first difference: air conditioning equipped with business-class homes. Lost video showing the slums. There are luxurious conditions of an outside air conditioner unit. According to the thematic forums, in America, construction, installation works are made under license. On a pro brigade happens to install air conditioners. Work is not required to, come, look, leave, without a license, work permit is not worth a brass farthing. An interesting example of doing construction.

External air conditioner unit is placed in two ways:

  1. Trampling on the rack at a height of feet above the ground.
  2. Low on the wall, the air conditioner outdoor unit without problems would get two strong guys who bought a ladder or truck.

Russian problem resolution state organizations disappears. Problem disappears cities. We believe that the roof equipped with HVAC. Unlike split systems is small. Interested in direct read early reviews VashTehnik portal. The first catches the eye - communication. American used everywhere, the United States put to more original way:

  • Short tubes pierce the internal block wall.
  • Externally mounted additional package, exactly to the external unit.
  • Further, cm. Russian Federation.

Recall Koreans outside nut can not stand.

Rolling missed operator believe tube cut in place. Special tool ends are equipped with nuts. Communications covered by a protective sheath, preventing heat exchange with the environment. Drain hose reaches the sewage system: culture, not passers irrigates scalp.

From the side of the indoor unit is available to change the sidewall, where the condensate will drain. Why it is hard to say. Apparently, it is more convenient to have a drainage, reaching the sewage. To change Photo sidewall outer cover removed; hose, plug reversed. Electrical wiring being 4-wire cable 16 gauge thickness.

Note. USA accepted cable system calibration, thin veins corresponds to a larger number. Historically, mainly in the USA. Cable rolled machine, passing through all the smaller holes. Accordingly, the gauge 16 has passed operation 16 times.

Wire leads food, transmits control signals. Taken with colored braided cable, making clear notation: wiring the indoor unit corresponds to the outside. The earth (GND), numbers 1-3 (phase). To perform the installation, the shield is removed. On the indoor unit small cap is screwed screws on the right side, on the outside - steel ledge right sidewall of the housing. Power is being, passing the indoor unit. Differences were not observed.

Installation of air conditioning in the United States

Installation of air conditioning in the United States

US shows two differences Contrary homeland Chaliapin:

  • Location external unit that accurately set, remove, not horrific invented methods like sdergivaniya automotive traction box via a cable to the ground. Sometimes it does the body is supported by four strong pillars, protruding from the ground approximately a foot.
  • Drain hose is put into the sewer. By the way, the measure comes to water heater relief valves.

Sequence conditioner installation

It begins the uprights, the installation process cameraman cut. We believe the typical screw piles, the rest takes too much time. Concrete gains strength 28 days. While in this situation, such an exact exposure standards, perhaps, not necessary. By the way, on top of the pile-foundation screw put country houses. It is important to avoid damage during installation anticorrosive metal layers. Otherwise rust eat the pile reinforcement, external power will fall. Mounting the home observe fineness soil calculating wind load, we suggest reasons are unimportant weight of 25 kg, presented conditioner compartment. If only moles, rats stopped digging soil.

The indoor unit is hung on the mounting plate, which was previously necessary to remove even with the rear wall. In the US, home of the sandwich panels, screws are screwed into the wall without effort. Under the communication is done through a thin drill a hole in the place where there is no wiring. Then Forstner drill diameter is adjusted to the desired. To pass over both copper tubes, cables and drain hose.

conditioner nitriding

conditioner nitriding

The process of starting too familiar to our regular readers. Technological card is listed in the instructions:

  1. Nitriding is checked whether the refrigerant circuit is hermetically sealed. For this collector clings to the service pipe, located at the bottom right side of the outdoor unit. Monitoring is carried out through the bottom, thick tube, convenience considerations play a role. Emptying the balloon is pressurized with nitrogen, the pressure increases, reaching 1000 psi. Not being translated into Russian actions, because the case is still going on in America. Then soap solution is monitored, sorry tautology, American (threaded connections). Pressure is released.
  2. The next step is installing the air conditioner, if the leak has been checked, vacuuming is performed. You need a collector, equipped with gauges measuring pressure. After a short time, the pump is running, the master waiting to evaporate inside the condensate. Avoiding break the tightness, start the next stage.
  3. It's time to start filling freon system. Refrigerant assembled external unit is let out steam. The ends of the L-shaped outer nozzle block (bottom right edge of the housing) are provided with plugs. It is necessary to unscrew. Find cranes for hexagonal armature. Unscrew affordable way: first, a thin tube, then only thick. Ensure filling of freon tubes.
    Filling Freon system

    Filling Freon system

  4. Now we will check the difference of boiling points and vapor conditioner refrigerant. It requires a special collector, a separate thermometer. Relative to the first parameter number is easily determined by the scale of the barometer. In America, R410A is used freon, each manifold pressure boiling point duplicated degrees Celsius, Fahrenheit. When configuring the calculated temperature difference. Celsius figure fit a gap of 5-8 degrees. Parameter understated - Freon pits, overvalued - is added to the circuit.

Add in America common split system with several internal blocks. From the right side of the outdoor unit is sticking a bunch of parallel pipes, a pair on each point of the evaporator space. Start process differs little. Is vacuum, nitriding will last longer. We see air conditioning harmoniously simplify everyday life of Americans settled in cottages, disfigure the streets of Russian cities, where citizens put 2-3 bars. Figuratively speaking, the technique has brought Asia. In England, also met something like that in New York City in the central streets will swarm formed a myriad of ugly boxes.

US used varieties of air conditioners, called HVAC. The fundamental difference - the fan draws air from all sides of the cubic external unit, blowing through the mesh cover. As a result, it becomes possible to install the air conditioner on a roof. Approach deprives the streets of major cities ugly boxes, clinging to the walls. At the same time provided with human needs. Clearly, the length of the communication increases. Most overseas homes planned, thanks to the forced ventilation scheme. The roofs are dotted with mines, where the blades are operating.

In our realities every tyrant, too lazy to come up with a better option than to install air conditioning for show. Explain health, other reasons, avoid buying a candy bar, allowing to plug the hose window. Some of the owners realize decorate space conditioner. Fit out, if to observe regulations.

By the way, before you install the unit by yourself, define a place. Installation of facade require approval. On the balcony is not easy, the owner must meet certain conditions. Earlier than 2007 independently install the air conditioner according to the instructions required laws. Recently recommend a bunch of organizations. There were rumors in the spring of 2013: Law cancel exactly people find it difficult to bring the normative implications. A system of rules confusing. Think a few times before you install the air conditioner by yourself somewhere else.

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