Cleaning the air conditioner with your own hands

Air conditioning needs to be cleaned. Breaking typically receive a bad smell in the cabin caused by putrefactive bacteria. Cleaning the air conditioner with your hands or with the help of the masters of service is carried out every year - at least. Along the way to inspect for defects and malfunctions. Poor, if the water does not go away from the indoor unit. It threatens the occurrence at the wallpaper and disgusting smell. By the way, cleaning the teeth is performed to kill bacteria. That is the reason microflora bad smell. The same with the air conditioning.

How to properly clean the air conditioner

One girl on YouTube describes in detail the process of cleaning the air conditioner. Thin publicity stunt: blonde with a melodious voice, easily cope with the task, inspires the male part of the population confidence in the success.

Cleaning the filters

A few words about the principle of operation. In the process of cleaning the air conditioner includes a lid where are arranged one behind the other filters coarse and fine cleaning. It is extremely difficult to understand the operation of the indoor unit: inside the room air conditioner unit costs tangential fan blade, extending along the length. Such cost and extracts only the air conditioner is less than the length of the blade. The extract fan resembles a snail. As air enters the blade axis, then due to the centrifugal force is pushed out to the periphery.

The air conditioner evaporator in cross section resembles the letter L. Air conditioner fan blades are at the base and out the air, bypassing the blinds down. If it is difficult to imagine this picture, we draw an analogy with the world of insects:

Ants swarmed seed and pulling in different directions. The subject is moving to where the effort anymore.

In the air conditioner is pushed to the periphery by the minimum resistance downwardly through the shutters. In other destinations filters coarse and fine cleaning of the evaporator tube radiators create more resistance to flow is not. It turns brilliant and simple design: if you close the blinds and cover up the case, the fan rotates quietly, because there is no mechanical load.

Now, readers realize that need to be cleaned:

  1. Cover, blinds, building on the outside. Can not use solvents or alcohol. Suitable soapy water or Fairy.
  2. Removable filter, washed with the same Fairy, but in a sink under running water. Rinsing air conditioner filter
  3. Professionals shoot blinds and body, getting to the blades, the propeller also cleaned. You can rotate the hand fan, not removing.
  4. Now it was the turn of the evaporator. The intricate shape of the mesh to get close to the details. Firms specializing in cleaning, use steam cleaners. Allowed to use a brush, the brush. It is important to remember that after the preliminary work carried out disinfection. Cleaning the indoor unit aims - to get rid of unpleasant odors caused by bacteria. Evaporator again washed, dried parts, assembly is carried out in the opposite direction.

Explain, taken from inside microorganisms. Bacteria, mold, fungi are around but can not multiply because of lack of suitable conditions. When the doctor's recommendations blocked the growth of pathogenic factors, and this temperature of 18-22 degrees centigrade at a relative humidity of 40-60%. In another way, the situation is inside the air conditioner where water accumulates. Moisture is always present in the air and inevitably settles on the evaporator, where the temperature is below the dew point.

Therefore, the air conditioner is important to disinfect. By the way, the same is done with the automotive climate control systems, where steam generators on piezoelectric elements are used. They do not require boiling, due to the rapid vibrations of quartz water at normal temperature changes aggregate state. Filled with disinfectant, steam cleans the system. Something like that auto repair is doing an unpleasant smell in the cabin. Ultrasound is used steam generator operating with room temperature water.

Purification of the indoor unit

With water connected another way - the drainage system, often clog if not installed and the lack of flowing liquid. Shoe important since dirt washable promotes clogging passages for moisture flow. We believe, the pump breaks the blockage, but the hose may leak. Pro brush stock conditioner steam cleaner. It is justified in terms of getting rid of germs, but on the fact of obstruction of little help. We are inclined to believe that the plumbing snake eliminates the trouble. Pre object must be cleaned, it is better to have a special tool for cleaning the air conditioner.

Shoe conditioner: outdoor unit

Shoe outdoor unit is not as important as it improves the energy exchange conditions condenser with the environment. If the condenser is made in America in the form of the letter O with a slightly straightened angles and covers the blade, then we already have a C cut sector. Fan is not vertically but horizontally and blows air outwardly through the grille at the front of the housing. Compressor for winter performance wearing the bag, so that the oil is not frozen and is located on the right side together with Freon valve adjustment movement (sometimes give 4-way valve for air conditioners operating to heating).

Shoe outdoor unit

The front grill unit removed, washed. Removed lateral, upper panel. Radiator conditioner condenser washed steam cleaner, water jet - the best method. Rugged surface disinfected. To clean the blades. Actually, it's worth checking and fan operation. If too noisy, lubricate. The important part is to check the pressure of freon. The number depends on the temperature (of the type of air conditioner) and indicated in the workshop manual, sent out for service centers by manufacturers of the equipment. Get your hands on this little book is impossible.

The measurement is made through the service pipe. Special probe check wizard system. This hose with a pressure gauge at the end. A typical value - 8-9 atm. For the filling system is required to bleed the remaining air out of the hose: briefly reopened angle valve near the pressure gauge and immediately closes. The same should be done on the part of the container, lowered oxygen. The valve on the container is opened, replacing freon air. Further carried out docking, angle valve swings open to allow access to the refrigerant inside. Freon comes under its own pressure, filling defect. After normalization master terminates the process pressure.

Filling the air conditioner is simpler compared with a fridge. Not carried out evacuation, there is no need to replace the filter-drier. Moisture conditioner is not so dangerous if the instrument is only open during the summer. The fact that the evaporator temperature does not fall below zero, and there is often a capillary tube. Consequently, there is no place to form an ice plug. If the air conditioner is easy to clean yourself, to refuel the unit can not everyone. Masters say that the latter costs $ 30 (about 2000 rubles).

Copper tubing is not oxidized and does not corrode. The units are arranged almost equally cunning lie in the details of the implementation of compressors, control programs functionality. An additional point: in front of the air conditioner removing think twice. This may result in the need for refueling or vacuuming.

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