Repair of coffee machines with their own hands

The following will discuss the repair of coffee machines with their own hands. Even if Solis different from Nivona, and Melitta (Melita) is not too similar in appearance to a Nespresso, the internal structure has common features, it will be difficult to isolate from the story. Hopefully, the text being read, will perform repair coffee machines Jura with their hands, replenish the stock of knowledge novice master.

error codes

Prior to the beginning of operations, consider the error code. Download from the Internet repair manual (if not at home). Decipher designation.

The device is a typical kitchen coffee machine

Try to repair the coffee machine requires a precise knowledge of the internal structure of household appliances. Inside, nothing complicated, the individual parts found in iron, washing machine, electric kettle. Repair of coffee machines with their own hands becomes really easy thing, when it comes to understanding: nothing inside the complex.

The operating principle of the coffee machine

Engines and pump

In the kitchen coffee machine sometimes two or three of the engine! Kind of cuisine record. In the dishwasher, washing one engine, however, the pump stands. Kitchen coffee machines provided with a device, the device can not give an advantage considered defective. Inside the small electronics, but the power supply - appearance - suggests: the kitchen coffee machine is provided with a DC motor or regulate speed, slicing variable. Motors, pump a total of two or three:

  1. Servo grinder located under the load compartment coffee. Times speed regulation has, we believe, is carried out by modulating the voltage amplitude. Commutator motors asynchronous recall.
  2. The second drive device is needed, in English called Brew. Ground coffee is poured into the cup, standing on the connecting rod. The process of working grindstone ends, the container is moved to the place of welding. The connecting rod rotates about the bottom axis. The pressure is small, sealing is not provided.
  3. Compressor coffee machine able to create surprising pressure. 15 - 20 atmospheres. At the entrance stands a boiler check valve output bypass. The capacity of small size, a little water seeps to brew coffee. It is not excluded, the individual valves are controlled by an electric drive.

Called the device for injecting water into the boiler compressor, no fanfare, frequent and piston design that remind colleagues that govern ordinary refrigerators. Pressure is impressive, superior pump standing in the country. Repair capsule coffee does not apply to both engines, coffee grind, placed inside plastic containers.

coffee dispensing device

Coffee milled millstones feeder moves the arc formed tablet to the brewing container. After the end of the process, the pressed cake is discarded into the waste bowl reverse swing rod. The unit is made of plastic, complicated construction. We describe the process of brewing from the beginning to the end:

  1. The powder is poured into a cup, standing horizontally with millstones. Capacity is located on a vertical rod.
  2. Grind is over, the grinder motor is stopped, the cause is taken the coffee servo mechanism. Bowl tilts on the connecting rod, it begins to push up until zapressuyte in tank ceiling for welding. It resembles an internal combustion engine, where the piston moves to the stop.
  3. Then water is supplied boiler, enters from the bottom, ceiling leaked through the opening of the infusion tank.
  4. coffee dispensing mechanism moves the cup downward. On the way down through the gap falls tablet. Then the cup back under the millstone to prepare a new batch of coffee.

Standard coffee

Boiler kitchen coffee machine

Boiler kitchen maker is formed by two halves, connects a plurality of mounting bolts through the gasket. To withstand the pressure, the walls are shaped to resemble the unit from under the hood of car, motorcycle seats. Heater is installed outside, prolonging the device life. Why dismantle boiler. For purification, not always descaler cope with nodules in the automatic mode. The design is easier to manufacture, more durable.

Next to Taine looking sensors, thermal fuse. Burn out, the elements are deprived of health equipment, has protected the delicate stuffing.

At the entrance to the boiler should check valve at the outlet - bypass. As the level sensor readings into water pumped by the compressor. heating begins. For better suited brewing temperature 95 ° C, after reaching set parameters, lamp lights. Pressing the compressor starts, the water is forced through the bypass valve and the brewing reservoir to the cup. Flow meter regulates the time allowed to work the compressor.

Requires pairs make cappuccino, the temperature rises above the boiling boiler coffee makers of kitchen, making 127 ° C. Switching the steam and the water path is made by hand out the moisture, avoiding the same valve. At a temperature of 127 ° C the liquid quickly passes from the outside in another physical state. More water is not retained the boiler walls. Due to the high temperature milk foams, bubbles become rigid wall (protein denaturation). Foam kitchen coffee machine keeps its shape.

Repair of coffee machines with their own hands

To repair the espresso machine, know engines operated within a similar scheme (rotating magnetic field vector). The only servo coffee feeder device operates in two directions. Motor needs reversing, simply perform the switching of the windings. True for induction and brushed motor. The second type is preferable, more complicated construction. Hardly a small compressor accommodate the collector's other two engines are easier to build on the circuit. Consequently, food is mechanics inside the alternating current. It will become apparent in the analysis of the circuit. For example, the presence of the Schottky diode after said secondary winding of the transformer: given a constant current.

Manage kitchen coffee machine

In the simplest case of mechanical control. Engineering marvel for yourself: in this respect kitchen coffee machines differ slightly from irons, refrigerators. Inside the sensor - the bimetallic plate, measuring the temperature of the boiler. We mentioned above:

  • For making coffee the water is heated mode, reaching 95 ° C.
  • Cappuccino need steam, the water temperature is 127 ° C.

The use of the coffee machine

Parameters are controlled by one sensor, the tension screw varies depending on the mode. When the temperature reaches the predetermined value is activated contactor lamp lights, kitchen coffee machines corresponding button. After pressing the compressor is started, hot water is pressed in the right direction determined by position of the handle. The controller provides a desired preload mechanism bimetallic plate, respectively, for the temperature sensor. Consider the cooking process vapor from the inside:

  1. The knob is rotated to par. Output path is switched to the bypass valve. The water will thin tube is not in the brewing chamber.
  2. Simultaneously tension is changed bimetallic plate. Contacts are closed, the boiler heating element heats the water.
  3. The temperature reaches 127 ° C, the relay contacts opens the power helix simultaneously supplies power to the light bulb couple the reset button.
  4. Pressing the key causes spumatore fluid inflow tube instantaneously generates steam under pressure (20 atmospheres inside the boiler).

The readers of the question, why do we need two buttons, if each compressor starts. So logically the person using the coffee machine, it is easier to understand what to do. We do not exclude find other designs. The table corresponds to the Saeco VIENNA.

The above description will suffice to repair the coffee machine yourself. Units are implemented in a similar way, and is considered the most complex version of a la all in one. Sometimes there is no water boiler or coffee grinder, sometimes two boilers. Done on purpose to prepare any kind of coffee, a random drink. US accepted refill water temperature of 90 ° C, if previously launched kapuchinator action takes time required for the cooling water. The coffee machine is different from the coffee maker, with sophisticated machine exactly according to gourmet recipes preparing any drink.

Repair of professional coffee machines are not the only problem to be solved master. Relatively rarely needed in reality. Repair and maintenance of coffee machines often are cleaning here is useful just to read the instructions. Krups, Gaggia, Jura - perform the action on its own. Clearly, repair capsule coffee makers Krups, the purification of the scum little resemblance to the process of working with Saeco VIENNA.

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