Causes of yellowing of garlic leaves

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Garlic is a plant from the bulbous family. Its bulb forms up to 15 children - teeth that can be eaten. Garlic grows at a depth of 7 cm - 8 cm.

Like all bulbous plants, it is demanding on the composition of the soil. In the loamy heavy ground, the bulbs of garlic will be shallow, the tips of its leaves will turn yellow. There are several other causes of yellowing of garlic leaves:

  • lack of nitrogen in the soil;
  • fusariosis of garlic;
  • weather;
  • varietal features of the plant.

If the tips of the leaves of garlic turned yellow a week before harvest, perhaps garlic is infected by pests or it lacks moisture. In this case, the plants in the garden are irrigated and treated with insecticides from thrips.

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Planting garlic in virgin soil

Garlic does not develop well in virgin soil. Yellowing of its leaves can be caused by a lack of nitrogen in the soil. Before planting garlic, put a rotten cow dung on the bed and loosen the soil for aeration.

Biological preparations are also introduced into the furrows. For the planting of winter garlic, the preparation "Phytosparin" is used, and for the spring - "Baikal".

Young garlic needs nitrogen fertilizing, so in spring it is important to make nitrogen fertilizer in the soil.

If you have planted winter garlic, use complex mineral fertilizers with a lower nitrogen content. In order to get a good harvest of spring garlic, fertilize the beds with cow humus or herbal infusion, which contains a large amount of nitrogen.

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Fusaricosis of garlic

Fusarium - a fungal disease that affects not only the leaves, but also the roots of garlic. The friable root system of the plant begins to rot and can not ensure the inflow of nutrients to the leaves, so they turn yellow.


Dig out the garlic from the ground. If the roots of garlic are infected with fusariosis - urgently treat the garden with long-acting fungicides.

The leaves turn yellow and when the plant suffers white rot. On the roots of garlic appears white coating.

If white fungus is affected, fungicides may not be used. Spill a bed of plants with a hot (70oC) solution of potassium permanganate.


If garlic has already started to grow, and spring frost has come, its leaves can turn yellow. In addition, add potassium salt and manure to the soil in order to increase the immunity of the plant.

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Varietal features of garlic

Yellowing of garlic leaves is a varietal feature of all super-early and some early varieties, such as:

  • Hermidor;
  • Lubasha;
  • Rokambol.

The color of the tips of the tops of garlic in these varieties is a rich yellow. When affected by fungal diseases or pests, it becomes dirty yellow.

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