Peculiarities of cultivation of nasturtium seedlings


Nasturtium is an unpretentious flower, but it likes a warm climate. In the central zone of Russia and in its northern regions this plant is grown in a seedling manner. Seeds of capuchin are planted in seedlings. In order to guarantee the shoots, one or two seeds are planted in one cassette, deepening into the soil on, If the seeds are sown deeper, then they can not sprout. The soil in the cassettes is well watered with a disinfecting solution. You can use the drug "Phytosporin" or manganese. The solution of potassium permanganate should be a saturated pink color and room temperature. Cassettes with seeds are placed on the south window sill to ensure good lighting.

If the seedlings do not get enough sunlight, it will begin to stretch toward the sun. Such seedlings can not be planted in the open ground, because the seedlings will not survive. Extruded seedlings can be planted in a pot.

Choosing the right pots

To get a good bush of nasturtium from poor-quality seedlings, it must be properly planted in a plant pot. The plant should form a good root system, so it is better to plant it in a loose sandy loam so that the roots can develop more easily. Kashpo should be shallow, but wide, as the root system of capuchin is superficial and grows in breadth. Nasturtium does not like stagnation of water, so use a pot with drainage holes, and to ensure additional drainage of water - pour a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot. As a drain, you can use calcined river sand, garden perlite or crushed red brick. In kashpo fall asleep sandy loamy soil, then it is well watered with warm water. In warmed soil, the root system of nasturtium will get better.

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Planting of seedlings in pots

Extruded seedlings are planted in warmed soil on seven-leaf leaves, or on the first couple of real leaves. Plant nasturtium at an angle of 45 °, or reclining. In this case a larger number of roots are formed in the seedling. After planting in the soil, the seedlings are placed on the southern sill. Soil must be covered up, and watering - cut, so that the root system of the plant does not rot. In clear weather, pots with seedlings must be exposed to direct sunlight. Three weeks after planting in the pot, the nasturtium will form a strong bush.

The flower should grow in a plant until the next spring, only then the nasturtium can be planted in the open ground.

In order to preserve flowers for the next year, the capuchin bush should be excavated from the soil, again transplanted into a pot and placed on a window sill.

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