How to make a beautiful fence for a flower bed?

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There is an old English expression: "The garden begins with a fence well, that makes sense. And this is fully possible to say about the flower beds, the edges of which are the boundaries between plantings and paths, lawns and other elements of the garden landscape: sculptures, fountains, decorative reservoirs or neighboring flower gardens.

The fences for beds have a complex and important role:

  • The framed flower beds look more neat and tidy;
  • With the help of fences it is possible to achieve unity of style throughout the site;
  • Decorative fences for flower beds keep planting from uncontrolled sprawl;
  • They help break up the territory into zones;
  • Protect the landing from accidental damage by pets and people;
  • It is much easier to take care of a fenced flower bed: weed, loosen and water.

And it does not matter when the flower beds are made. Despite the recommendations of designers, to start decorating the flowerbed from its fringing, many gardeners are thinking about installing fences, when the flower garden is already broken. And this approach, it turns out, is no worse, since the fence design will definitely fit the style of the entire garden, and its outlines are already known and time-tested.

Accurate design of flower beds affects the perception of the entire space around, and if you make fences for flower beds with your own hands, then the whole garden will be more stylish and original.

The main thing is to choose an option that is suitable for both style and budget. And there is something to choose from. Today, the gardener is given the opportunity to use his improvised means, showing his imagination and ingenuity, it is possible to take traditional materials for fences. There are also ready, simple and effective solutions.

Brick fences for flower beds

Classic fences made of bricks look strictly and very neatly. The design depends on the fancy of the gardener and the features of the site. In addition to the bricks themselves, a solution for masonry or glue, insulating material and a tool available in each household will be required. On the perimeter of the flowerbeds make a deepening, cutting the turf and taking out the soil in order to close the brick. The trench is compacted and lined with a film, and bricks are laid on it in accordance with the chosen scheme. If it is decided to make a high fence, the rows are sealed with a solution.

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By the same principle are made and fences of pavement and stone slabs.

Advantages of decorative fences for flower beds made of bricks:

  • Made from solid, and especially from colored bricks, curb borders look very attractive;
  • They are strong enough even without concreting;
  • Additional drainage of the soil during rainfall;
  • It blocks the growth of plants outside the borders of the flowerbed.

However, such fences have disadvantages. Under the influence of moisture and temperature gradient, the brick loses decorativeness and strength. It crumbles and becomes covered with moss and mildew, which can amaze and cultivate the planting.

Cantilever of concrete

The concrete edge that separates the flower bed from a path or lawn can not, of course, be called a fence for a flower bed, but today all more often are used such, only visual fences of flower beds, which do not separate it from spectators, but only push. And although such a decision is a little formal, the boundary turns out to be extremely strong and insurmountable for many species of weeds.


But the concrete edge facilitates mowing, and the curved shape can be used to create beautiful garden paths.

Fence for a bed of wall blocks

Concrete blocks designed for construction can serve as the basis for a durable and highly decorative fence for flowerbeds. Fasten one another such blocks mono with a special glue, and when organizing additional containers for plants in the cavities as a bottom take a metal mesh. In each such improvised container drainage is added, and then nutrient soil is poured. The height of the enclosure from the blocks must be at least two elements in height.

Fences made of stone

Natural stones of all shapes and sizes can become the basis of original fences of free contours, suitable for the design of almost any garden.

Fencing from curbs

Now on sale there are all kinds of special curb tape, designed specifically for the differentiation of the track line and flower garden.

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It is available in rolls of different width and length, can be smooth and wavy, one-color and with a pattern. In addition to the ribbon with an even upper edge, there are also species with a hole pattern.

Mount this decorative fence for the flower bed is extremely simple. This requires only a tape measure, scissors, a stapler to secure the edges and a shovel.

By analogy with the tape, they also work with the installation of finished plastic fences for the flowerbed imitating a wooden fence, bright colors or a log fence.

Along with the undeniable advantages of this solution, plastic designs have their drawbacks:

  • The strength of this fencing depends on the quality of the material from which it is made.
  • Substandard plastic quickly loses its qualities, becomes dull and brittle, and also, which is likely to be toxic.
  • It is not an obstacle to the spread of weeds.
  • Do not prevent the spread of perennial crops.
  • Suitable for annual seasonal plantations.
  • It has an unnatural appearance and looks artificial.

Wooden fence for the flower bed

Wood is a traditional material and in demand at all times. The simplest version of this fencing is a construction of several pegs and a carcass knocked out of the bars to the size of the flower bed.

The tree is the most eco-friendly version of the fence for the garden and the garden. This material does not emit toxins and does not harm nature.

There are many options for wooden fencing. These are board structures, curbs from processed and abandoned logs, vertical and horizontal, high and low.

As a rule, they all fit harmoniously into the design of the garden, but it should be remembered that any wooden structure is subject to moisture and pests. Therefore, in order to avoid rotting, development on the fencing of lichens and woodwormers, it is important to protect the tree from these dangers before building a fence.

Wicker for a flower bed

This kind of fencing is very popular and, despite the apparent laboriousness, it is simply enough to weave it out of willow rods or other even flexible branches. High wicker fences for flower beds, photos of which are found on the net, are also successfully applied for the arrangement of high ridges, strengthening of slopes and organization of vertical gardening.

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Fences for flower beds and flower beds from slate

In any household, there will most likely be unnecessary slate scrap, which often remains after the repair of the roof. From this resistant material you can get a practical fence for beds or flower beds.

On the perimeter of the site make a narrow shallow trench and drive in strong rods. Slabs of suitable size spread out the border of the flower bed, the trench is covered with earth and compacted.

By analogy with this type of fencing, make and construction of corrugated board. In this case, the material is attached to the bars protruding from the soil.

Edging by living plants

A low line of hard plants can become a fantastically decorative fence for a flower bed. Select for such planting plants should be especially careful: they should be well suited to the formation of the crown, provide a dense coating and resist weeds.

Advantages of a living fence for a flower bed:

  • It creates a soft and very attractive natural edge;
  • Easy to maintain, from the moment when the fence has completely grown stronger.

Fence of bottles

It is a mistake to think that a fence for a bed of bottles is a kind of economy option.

In landscape design, no materials are forbidden, just to make the composition look extraordinary and harmonious. The fences can be made from plastic as well as from more ecological glass bottles.

To ensure that the vessels are not affected by changes in humidity and temperature, it is better to fill them with dry sand beforehand and close tightly.

Pallet fencing

From the usual wooden pallets it is possible to make an original fencing, both for raised kitchen gardens, and for cottage gardens, rock gardens and many other constructions in the informal style.

On the photo of fences for flowerbeds made from pallets, there is also a land version of the structure, and a high ridge, raised above the soil level.

Many, even beginning gardeners make the original fence for the flowerbed with their own hands is quite possible. Any material in the hands of a master can be a topic for creativity.

The main thing is not to drop your hands, give vent to your imagination and put a little labor on. And the result, of course, will please both the owners of the garden and its guests.

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