How to use Polaris multivarka

Many ever watch video yutubovskih: a girl ten years preparing complicated recipes multivarka. Polaris, Redmond, Panasonic - the names on hearing every day. Cooking becomes entertainment. Just cope average child. That's the beauty of Multivarki. Bother the correct order to put the right amount of ingredients - get a tasty, appetizing dish. How to use multivarka Polaris. The question gnaws chef who has never faced the instrument wants to try, heard capabilities.

Instructions Use Multivarki Polaris

A small trick. Pour grits with boiling water, reduce cooking time to 20-30 minutes. Unrefined oils are added to the porridge cools. Complete food fats Omega families 4 and 6.

Why Choose multivarka is Polaris. Relatively high-quality, low-cost brand, probably manufactured by the Chinese plant producing Redmond. It has a low price. Of course, every Russian multivarku wanted to buy cheaper, therefore, the totality of the facts indicates - Polaris is selected. If someone bought another brand, is excited to announce Multivarki to a single similar with each other as two drops of water. The simple fact makes communication chefs and kitchen effective, understand the essence of the matter: the recipe - universal. Today, thanks to Orlova E. A., Publisher "Ripol Classic" learn recipes to cook soups, steaks, the rest does not seem like child's play, a trifle in comparison.

Multivarka Polaris 0517AD

Consider the features multivarok Polaris. With regard to the 0517AD models:

  1. Two exhibitions time buttons: hours, minutes. Conveniently, from cheap multivarok Redmond step depends on the program, exposing 2:00 steaming, increasing the interval of five minutes, the fingers broken. Multivarka Polaris will set the desired interval (described case) without any problems.
  2. Argument concerns the delayed start-up timer. Login button in the mode chosen by the left side of the keyboard. By pressing the "hours", "minutes" set the desired interval delayed start Multivarki.
  3. Running a cooking program carried out by pressing the "Menu" immediately after the Multivarki into the socket. The button on the right side of the keyboard under the Launcher. Program lined up in neat rows, a total of 16. Repeatedly pressing the Menu go from one to the other, choosing the right one.
  4. In multivarka Polaris is a feature Multipovar. Specify the temperature (left temporary key), minutes of cooking. Values ​​smoothly change is prohibited (multivarka makes itself while cooking pilaf, completing the cycle end temperature increases).
  5. heating key is combined with the output from the menu. Pressing, reset the settings. Regarding Multipovara, other programs.

Display menu Multivarki Polaris

Studied keyboard, time to move on to the story it's about how the operation is conducted multivarok Polaris. If the current outlet in order lights LED lights Start button. By pressing the Go menu in the program selection section Multivarki Polaris. All highlighted, in addition active flashes. At the top right of the specified time, for different programs is not uniform. For the first program Multivarki (Bake) is one hour, to extinguish - 2 hr. Many pre-installed is allowed to change the temperature of the frying handy beginner cooks stumped, cookbook complicated because of this.

Separate program Multivarki is heated (apart Avtopodogrev button on the left side). On request, the chef will bring to a temperature of 45 ° C to any dish. Yogurt separately available software, if desired, for the same purpose, use Multipovar. Multivarki program run by pressing Start.

Recipes Multivarki Polaris

Functions multivarok Polaris known, the time to learn the specific recipes. We took a number of books Orlova EA algorithms Hopefully the author does not mind the share of advertising in the direction of the culinary creations of the writer.

Soups Multivarki Polaris

Please note, cooking soups scheme in multivarka Polaris is the same pattern. First roasting is conducted refueling, then cooking in fire mode. Multivarka Polaris used for the preparation of the first dishes without special programs soup.

  • Three potatoes cut into cubes, chop two onions, fry in butter. Enter the program menu. Use mode Multivarki hot, default temperature. figure replace other, above or below, if necessary. 1.5 liter of vegetable broth is poured into the finished fried. Add diced potatoes, a teaspoon of dried carrots, herbs, salt - to taste. Leave the menu by pressing the buttons on the keypad Multivarki Avtopodgrev / Cancel. Press Menu, select soup, cook for 1 hour.
  • Wash 1 beets, cut into cubes, add half liter of vegetable broth, vsypte 50 grams of white beans, salt. Open the Applications menu, select braising, cook for two hours. Bunch of green chop, until the soup is preparing multivarka. By submitting to the table, sprinkle with herbs to taste.

Main courses Multivarki Polaris

Disappear second courses, life would have seemed gray. Multivarka Polaris enable cook delicious dishes. Together, let us look at how it's done.

  • Half a kilo of zucchini cut into circles, removing the peel, salt, brush with beaten eggs (2-3 pcs.). Go to Multivarki menu, select hot. Passero harvested vegetables in the vegetable oil until ripen. Garlic (10 teeth) to crush, add mayonnaise (2 tablespoons), to spread the mixture zucchini. Leave the mode button Avtopodogrev / Cancel. Start Multivarki Polaris program menu by pressing Menu, select Steaming. Prepare 5 minutes. Preparation of the second in multivarka Polaris
  • A pound of white cabbage shred. Bowl Multivarki smear vegetable oil, pepper croutons. Put the cabbage, pour two beaten eggs. Meanwhile, grate 100 grams of cheese, cabbage osypte crumbs. Open the Applications menu, select pastries. Keys set time of 20 minutes. Press the Start button.

Pilaf in multivarka Polaris

Pilaf traditional oriental dish, it seems, no less like a tasty meal in the Russian Federation. These are the two planets are different - yours and ours - a meal here and there is nice. Multivarka Polaris is equipped with a special program for the occasion.

  • Four carrots cut into strips, two onions into half rings. One hundred grams of raisins soaked with water. Meanwhile Multivarki bowl pour the vegetable oil. Add onions, carrots, half a kilo of rice, raisins, salt the. Open Menu Multivarki programs, select Pilaf. Time to leave the default, click the Start button.
  • Two onions cut into rings, four cloves of garlic crushed. A pair of carrots cut into strips, salmon fillet (300 grams) of cut pieces, marinate two hours, sprinkle garlic, salt, pepper. Put the fish in the bowl Multivarki. Open the Applications menu, select the frying mode. Cooking on vegetable oil. Laid on top of carrots, 400 grams of rice. Ingredients are filled with water. Leave the mode by pressing Avtopodogrev / Cancel, select the program Pilaf. Press Start.

Charlotte in multivarka Polaris

Charlotte multivarka Polaris

Good charlotte cake is ridiculously simple recipe. Here's how to make cakes in multivarka Polaris.

  • From half kilograms of apples core removed. Fruits cut slices. Whipped three eggs, a cup of sugar to spilling. Is added to a glass of sifted flour and knead the dough. We spread the slices in a bowl Multivarki greased with margarine and sprinkled with semolina. Poured the batter into the container. The programs selected Multivarki Baking. Dish is cooked 35 minutes. When ready the cake continues to be up on the heating program for 10 minutes.
  • Apples amount of 500 g to relieve from the core, cut large slices. A couple of eggs rubbed with a glass of sugar, solicit white mass. Get the dough, adding a cup of flour and covered the bag of baking powder. Cope with vanilla sugar, whisk. As stirring pour 70 ml of warm milk mixed with melted butter (180 grams). Put apples on greased with margarine and floured bowl Multivarki. Pour the prepared batter. View the applications menu and select Baking mode. Cook for half an hour. Pie comes to heating program, 5 to 10 minutes. On top of the product or sprinkle with vanilla sugar.

Here's what to cook in multivarka Polaris. It shows a small part of recipes that readers will find in the book of E. Orlova BUT. Try, experiment. The beauty is that most of the procedures will be mastered even a child. Do not take into account the frying and other subtleties, but to lay the ingredients and push a couple of Knop much effort did not take. And most importantly - the time! Look - some recipes are made independently without interference cook. Start with a simple model, and expensive multivarka Polaris will be a welcome gift to the female half on March 8. We believe that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach still and semi-finished and Big Macs quickly bored when the other half of the house, who can cook really delicious things.

Now readers know how to use multivarka Polaris and hopefully not lose face in front of the guests. Culinary secrets are concealed mistresses. Let us prove the case. Dip need cover paper baking a loaf of bread after baking revolution upside down. Condensation drips, making a loaf of tasteless, wet, slimy. And we say goodbye until next time exactly. By the way, otkommentiruyut own secrets handling automation.

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