What is the difference between a slow cooker and a double boiler?

Talking about the difference between a slow cooker and a double boiler, at the same time we will talk about the water bath. In practice, interesting hostesses. It is believed that the recipe came from ancient civilizations: the glacier covered the planet with armor, people moved closer to Africa. They eat couscous, steamed. The dish is called the same word. Cook the ingredients in wicker baskets from a special sort of wood. Eat, rejoice.

How the

multicooker works The fantastic speed, quality of the finished porridge provided by the multicooker are explained by the maximum retention of moisture in the product. The bowl of the device is placed on the heating element, on top of the compartment is covered with a lid. With increasing temperature, the pressure also increases. Promotes rapid penetration of water into the ingredients. Under pressure, dishes are cooked faster, the principle of pressure cookers, which represent a saucepan with a lockable lid, is based on this. It is necessary to open the device carefully, otherwise there is a chance of an accident, damage to property.

This will not happen to the multicooker: there is a valve in the lid to release steam. In fact, not everything is simple: you will burn yourself easily! Typical Redmond design:

  1. The slots around the perimeter of the circular elevation lead to a through hole in the lid 5-8 centimeters in diameter.
  2. The length of the hole is blocked by a crosspiece. On the inside, a soft rubber gasket is attached to the middle screw.

The resulting steam cannot escape through the gasket: the silicone rests on the crosspiece. At the same time, the lid is locked with a plastic latch, it can withstand the weight of an empty device without opening( try with caution).Steam pressure starts to grow, cooking time in the slow cooker is reduced. At the threshold value, the gasket is pressed into the cross segments, the discharge begins. The pressure in the multicooker has returned to normal - the rubber gasket straightens, blocks the current to the pair. Emergency does not occur, operation is safe, food is cooked quickly. The taste of food from the slow cooker is excellent.

Inside the device, the multicooker bowl is covered with a non-stick layer. Praised Teflon will last no more than 2 years in continuous use, the surface can not be cleaned with a metal grid. It is allowed to place an accessory in the dishwasher compartment, wait for the program to finish. Expensive bowls are covered with marble. The basis is that Teflon has a polymer. The strength of marble coatings is inferior only to nano-diamond - hardness to Pyaterochka. To marble was not afraid to scratch, goes in tandem with titanium. Will give the surface incredible strength. Do not wash the polymer with a metal mesh. If you touch the pan( bowl) with a fork once, nothing terrible will happen.

Non-stick properties are ensured by the smoothness of the coating. If the eye looks like a rough texture, under a microscope, the crystals have a smooth, regular structure. Meat on marble is fried without oil, the food will not burn. The best multicookers are equipped with this type of coating. The dishes are made more often from aluminum or steel. Induction heating type - the first option for the multicooker bowl is eliminated.

The effect of magnetization reversal is possible in ferromagnetic materials. It is difficult to give preference to a particular bowl material. Pay more attention to coverage. Today teflon is passing. Scraped off the bowl with time.

Under the bowl is the main button. Does not always play the role of protection against the empty inclusion of the device without the bowl. They have a temperature sensor, designed to monitor the modes. Multicooker does not save from overheating. Replacing the thermal fuse is at the expense of the buyer. The same applies to the banal case when the ingredients are poured into the multicooker, where the bowl has not yet been installed. Along the perimeter of the main button slot: the cereal immediately goes inside, on the chip. Repair of the multicooker in the latter case is not covered by the warranty.

The principle of the multicooker is based on the transfer of energy to food in a tightly closed bowl. The pressure is growing rapidly, the readiness period is sharply reduced. At the same time, manufacturers put in advance the calculated programs into the internal memory of the multicookers: they will allow you to cook different dishes, among other things, intricate( pilaf) at the touch of a button. Cooks appreciate the function of heating, delayed start - this makes the operation of the multicooker productive. Cooks like the “Multipovar” function, the ability to memorize their own programs.

Be careful! Heat mode is not equivalent to pasteurization. Bacteria do not die: this happens in half an hour in a liquid medium at a temperature of 63 degrees Celsius. After 12-15 hours the food will spoil. Automatic activation of the heating mode at the end of the recipe is presented to the authors as a dubious option.

How an

Steamer Works The steamer is different. In a multicooker mode is possible - rather artificially, as in a traditional saucepan. For which the set is applied a special grill, familiar to housewives. At the bottom of the multicooker bowl water is poured, not reaching the grill, brewed with the lid closed. Steam reaches a sufficient concentration: does not let the bypass valve out, made to relieve excess pressure. The cooking process in the slow cooker changes character. The same applies to the water bath. Artificial method: one pan with ingredients is placed in another, where boiling water is located. We do not need a slow cooker or a double boiler by themselves.

Let's continue about the device. Steamer resembles a volcano: a column of steam rises in the center, condensate drips down the edges. In the bottom of the case there is a tank, in the middle there is a heating element in the form of a cylinder or close to it. Water is poured to form steam. A condensate collection tank is placed on top, equipped with a central hole in the shape of the heating element of the double boiler. The device turns on, generation begins. Above there are several tiers from bowls with a leaky bottom: put the ingredients that require cooking in a double boiler. A cap is placed on top: it does not allow energy to volatilize.

A number of recommendations:

  • in a double boiler prepare dishes that do not interrupt each other's taste;
  • on the edges of the tiers products are prepared longer, in the middle faster - a negative effect is inherent in aerogril;
  • dishes on the lower tiers Steamers cook faster - closer to the generator.

To simplify operations at the factory, a number of programs are stored in the device's memory. Allows you to use a double boiler in semi-automatic mode. Place the products, press the button or set the time. Power devices range from 0.4 to 2 kW.Not always a steamer with more consumption cooks faster. The case is still in the design of the generator, also bowls. The company solves the problem of designing steamers in its own way - the result is ambiguous.

The principle of the steamer is to process products indirectly from an energy source. Direct heat transfer does not occur: the modes are sparing. Inside the steamer, the product will melt, not burn. Condensate should be drained in time, various means are built in to indicate overflow - read the instructions. The advantages of the double boiler to the slow cooker in the amount of cooking. Tier with a capacity of 2 to 4 liters, the total area of ​​steam coverage can not be achieved in a conventional saucepan( bowl with non-stick coating) using a grid with holes. The specific purpose of the device is the main ridge.

From what has been said, it is clear how the double boiler differs from the multicooker. Harder to find similarities - so different devices. A steamer often comes with a rice bowl. Love the meat, so that the porridge is soaked with juice - it is worth taking. The slow cooker is good for automatism: it will allow you to get the food quickly, efficiently. The advantages of the multicooker over the double boiler in accelerated work. Indirect heat transfer is slower. This is not to say that the temperature is different. Specify: access to the mode in the slow cooker is faster. Simple dishes will take less time to cook than in a double boiler.

Note! It is better not to use steamed chicken fat for cooking. Speech in the text is about juices. Avoid heat-treated fats.

Steamers and Multicookers, or Find Ten Differences

Multicookers come with a grid for steaming. Buyers have difficulty: what is the difference between a double boiler and a multicooker. Two different devices, a simple similarity is difficult to detect. The bowls of the multicooker form an airtight compartment made of steel or aluminum, covered with a special layer that prevents soot, the trays of the double boiler are made of plastic. Can be made of stainless steel. Non-stick coating has no meaning. The first difference between a double boiler and a multicooker: the first one has a lifetime that is not limited to a delicate teflon or a less delicate ceramic coating. Steamer will not stop working, because wiped non-stick layer.

There is a scum at the double boiler. A heating element of a flat type, as in an electric kettle, is placed in a container with water. Not just boiling water - evaporates in harsh conditions. For areas with an excess of magnesium salts, calcium, we recommend filtering the water. Otherwise, wait for problems.

Not the best solution when cooking is to add citric acid. In the cleaning mode, the water does not need to evaporate, you can do without boiling water. Temperatures of 45 - 50 ºС will be enough, you do not need to turn on the device. Leave overnight with a 4.5 percent acetic solution in a container, drain the mucus in the morning, wash the steamer with running water.

Multicooker misfortune unknown. Water does not boil over if the cooking process has not gone beyond the normal range. A lid equipped with an overflow valve covers the bowl: it does not let moisture evaporate. Put a boil multicooker - nothing terrible will happen. Unlike an electric kettle, standard cycles are not designed to turn off the power when the temperature reaches 100 ºС.After this, the design of the double boiler, the multicooker is of interest. Let's discuss!

The design of a typical double boiler

Reminds a double boiler multi-storey pagoda. Each subsequent bowl is smaller than the previous one; tiers are three. At the bottom of the pan tray: steam rises freely to the top - not the only destination. Jets of condensate rush back, forming at a humidity of 100%.Food under pressure is saturated with water: speeds up cooking, makes oil consumption unnecessary. It becomes possible to get diet meals. To fry - it is impossible.

The next bowl is placed on the previous one, the top one is closed with a lid. The lower tier is mounted on the condensate collection bowl. The form is different. A hole is made in the middle: steam comes out, rises up to the cooking food. At the edges, cooking is slower, the subsequent tier has a low temperature. Experienced people recommend to take bowls of the same diameter - you can swap places with uneven heating( put the bottom ones up).Will cook at the same time.

The main part of the double boiler is the steam generator - located under the condensate collection tank. In the center there is a heating element shaped like a cylinder. The power of the device is high: water begins to quickly move into a different state of aggregation. To speed up the process, a cylindrical partition is used. Snaps a circle of smaller diameter than the bowl, as a result of which a relatively small volume of water receives heat from the heater. The rest flows under the bottom of the septum as the liquid evaporates in the center, lowering the level.

Steamer Functions - to maintain the desired concentration of steam, to avoid overflow of the tank with condensate. Various methods have been invented, from visual inspection to a tray, by which the presence of a leak is determined. In other models, water is added without disassembling the tiers with cooking food - an undoubted advantage of the design. Control is carried out and the burning light bulbs - designs a lot.

Cooking is carried out according to pledged programs. Another option is invented: cooking time is set, a cheat sheet is applied on top of the case. The cooker looks at what and how much to soar. Conveniently, although pressing one button of the multicooker surpasses the wildest dreams.

Construction of a typical

multicooker The main element of the multicooker is the heating element hidden in the bottom of the niche where the bowl is placed. Non-stick coating of Teflon, ceramics, nanodiamonds, marble and other materials is applied. A typical multicooker is endowed with a great variety of programs that differ in temperature. During the cycle, gradations are possible to obtain the desired effect. When cooking porridge in the end he goes a few minutes of elevated temperature. The development of programs is complex - analysis involves whole departments, the nuances fall into the category of corporate secrets.

The top of the bowl is covered with a lid, made completely removable, or held on a loop. Depending on this, the control panel is located on the side of the case, on the cover. Different and complex sensors. The first is at the bottom - measures the temperature of the bowl, the second - is built into the lid. If removable - the last element is missing. According to the thermistors, the central process controls the heater in accordance with the program. The algorithm consists of one or several time intervals, the temperature value is maintained( not necessarily constant).

Expensive multicooker models support the Multipair function, memorizing user programs. An experienced culinary specialist uses options to create his own unique recipes - makes the slow cooker a versatile device capable of anything. Steaming is possible - the main difference between the multicooker and the double boiler. In addition to the design, which has no similarities. A bypass valve is built into the lid: try to open it while cooking - protect your hands from burns. In the pressure cooker laid the ability to block the valve. Cooking speed increases with the danger of using the appliance. To avoid an accident, pressure cookers carry safety mechanisms:

  • automatic steam release before opening;
  • lock cover, while inside the pressure;
  • overflow valve in case of lead breakage;
  • reinforced lid design, not giving pressure to break the device.

In a multicooker, a timer, heated, are considered valuable options. You can set the time for which the dish is prepared. You can keep food warm — no energy is wasted. The advantage of the multicooker over the double boiler is versatility. Cooking all, fry, bake. Multicooker functions are diverse: amazing. But the magic pot is not able to knead dough, prepare jams, preserves.

The advantage of a double boiler over a slow cooker is considered a relatively large amount, excellent adaptability to the method of cooking. A bowl with a capacity of 4 liters is placed on the previous one, the areas are folded, the steam coating turns out to be incredible. Allowed in some models to buy more bowls, increasing the volume. Whether the steam generator will cope is the third question. The capacity of the multicooker is constant, rigidly set. Sometimes rolls over a typical bucket. Steam cooking is needed: steam cooking is uneven, condensate can leak. With the slow cooker, nothing like it! Simply:

  1. Laying the ingredients.
  2. Press the button with the program.
  3. Close the lid and leave.

If you do not turn off the light, food will be cooked on time. Steamer allows you to forget about the hot - healthier liver, heart, relieve excess cholesterol. Difference of a double boiler from the multicooker in focusing on a sports lifestyle. It is good for children to eat steamed. When frying formed carcinogens. Steamer eliminates trouble. The slow cooker is good for feeding children. Steamer requires more attention, but the food is excellent. In special bowls cook rice, any porridge.

Multivarka, double boiler - two different devices. Not to be confused!

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