Original orange jam with spices and almonds

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Caring hostesses who want to surprise their loved ones with an unusual dish, probably for once at least once preserved for preserving jam from oranges and know that such a dessert is very tasty and fragrant. However, the most ingenious of them constantly strive to improve the recipe and diversify the citrus flavor.

One of these variants of citrus jam is a very original way with the addition of spices. It would seem that there is an original? After all, in almost every variant, vanilla, or even cinnamon with cloves, is added to the jam. But not everything is so simple in this case, because this recipe is truly original thanks to the use in the sweet preservation of... pepper, and not only. Are you surprised? So let's understand what's what and what kind of jam it will turn out.

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Preparation of oranges

For the original jam you need 20 small oranges. Fruits must first be thoroughly washed, then clean 18 pieces:

  • cut the orange into 4 pieces;
  • hands to separate the flesh.

With the remaining crusts you can cook candied fruits for the winter.

As for two whole oranges, they should be thinly peeled off with a vegetable peeler. She will go to the jam to enhance the citrus flavor and give him a slight bitterness.

Orange peel is an ingredient that is added at will and according to tastes. For those who do not like bitterness in jam, this moment can be missed.

After cleaning should be slightly more than 3 kg of pulp. Quarters of oranges are cut into small pieces, removing in the process of bones. Zedra finely chopped and put everything in a saucepan.

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Secret ingredients

When the main ingredients are prepared, it's time to add spices to the preparation. On 3 kg of oranges it is necessary to add:

  • 1 cinnamon stick;
  • 2-3 stars of badjan;
  • 5 gvozdichek;
  • 5 peas of sweet pepper;
  • 10 pieces of black pepper.

How much and how to make jam?

Before cooking in oranges should pour, kg of sugar and give them a little stand up, to secrete juice (about an hour).


In order to make jam for the winter, that is, with a long shelf life, sugar should be added in the proportions:.

When the juice is extracted from the orange, put them on a stove and bring to a boil at low heat. Then it is necessary to leave the workpiece for 12 hours.

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The next day, add to the oranges two handfuls of almonds, pre-soaked for the night and slightly dried. Stir, boil again and leave overnight.

On the third set, cook the workpiece after boiling for 2-3 minutes and take out the spices. Finished jam to spread on sterilized jars and roll up.

Jam made of oranges with spices - video

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