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Who does not like juicy, sweet cherries? Unfortunately, their season quickly passes, but I want to prolong pleasure as long as possible. There is nothing easier - you can roll up for the winter jam from cherries without pits. It has a more sweet taste than cherry, but not sugary, besides it is very fragrant and looks beautiful.

General recommendations for the sour cherry jam

To preserve jam, you can use all varieties of sweet cherry, but the most delicious treat is obtained from sweet cherry Napoleon (pink and black), Francis and Trushenskaya.

The jam will turn out to be sweet in the case when all the berries are ripe.

Before you can cook jam from a sweet cherry without a stone, the berries should be thoroughly rinsed and tear off the petioles. And of course, cleanse the bones. It is worth noting that the process of removing pits is not easy. Unlike cherries, cherry bones are tightly attached to the pulp, and it is difficult to take them out, but it is possible. If there is no special device that facilitates the process, an ordinary pin is suitable for this purpose.

If there was warm wet weather during flowering and ripening of fruits, there is a high probability that larvae will appear in the berries. When detecting "uninvited guests the cherry before processing should be filled with cold water and left for a couple of hours. The larvae will surface during this time, and the cherry will become clean.

Emerging during the cooking of jam, foam must be removed, otherwise the storage time can significantly decrease.

To keep the berries intact, it is better to prepare the jam in a few drops - so the sweet cherry will have time to soak up the syrup and keep its shape.

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Sweet cherries in their own juice

Saturated jam from cherries without pits for the winter is obtained if the berries are cooked in their own juice, without the addition of water. The only nuance is that you will need juicy sweet cherries, which will be able to allocate enough liquid.

For the preparation of jam sugar and berries must be taken in the ratio:. Of 1 kg of cherries, according to this proportion, it turns out, l jam.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Ripe juicy cherries wash, remove bones and pour into a cooking bowl.
  2. Fill the berries with sugar and leave for about five hours so that they start the juice.
  3. After the specified time, put the container with the berries on the plate. Give the workpiece to boil, tighten the fire to a minimum and to pierce for 5 minutes. From time to time, stir the jam so that it does not burn out. After shutting down the plate, the workpiece must completely cool down. Cover does not need to be covered - so excess liquid evaporates faster.
  4. Repeat the procedure two more times, taking off the foam as it appears.
  5. After the third call of cooking, put the prepared jam on clean jars and roll them up.

If for 5 hours the sweet cherry still allowed little juice, do not despair. The situation can be corrected by adding a little water (not more than 200 g).

Thick cherry jam in its own juice with gelatin

A universal recipe for jam without pips is implemented in just 5 minutes. Thanks to the addition of gelatin, such a dessert does not spread over pancakes, besides, it looks very beautiful.

Since sugar will be required almost three times less than in the previous recipe, for jam it is necessary to choose very sweet cherry varieties.

Necessary ingredients:

  • berries - 2 kg;
  • sugar - 600 g;
  • water for gelatin - 400 g;
  • gelatin - 60 g.

So, to prepare a thick jam from cherries without pits:

  1. Berries fall asleep with sugar and leave for 5-6 hours, so they let the juice.
  2. Bring the workpiece to a boil, taking off the foam, and boil for 5-6 minutes.
  3. While the jam is getting ready, dilute gelatin in cold water.
  4. Introduce gelatin into the billet, stirring the cherries regularly so that no lumps form. If the gelatin has frozen, you can melt it a little over a slow fire.
  5. When the jam with gelatin boils, turn off the hotplate and pour it over the jars.
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Cherry jam with lemon

For particularly impatient sweet tooth, a recipe for jam from cherries without pits with lemon, cooked at one time, is useful. The duration of cooking depends on the desired consistency - the thicker the jam, the longer it takes to cook.


  • 1 kg of sugar and berries;
  • 1 large lemon.

Technology of preparation:

  1. Lemon peel and cut.
  2. From the cherry, take out the bones, divide the berry into two halves and lay them in a cooking pot.
  3. Pour out the sugar, mix, put the lemon and immediately put on the stove.
  4. Boil the jam to the desired density and roll.

Jam "Five minutes" with orange

A special feature of the recipe is a puree-like consistency of dessert, which is quite unusual on the background of traditional blanks. Instead of lemon, an orange is used.

Purified cherries in an amount of 1 kg and a half of the medium orange, cut into pieces, grind in a blender.

Pour the mass into a saucepan, add 600 g of sugar. Cook for 5 minutes over low heat from the moment of boiling. Emerging foam should be removed.

Hot jam to decompose in glass containers and allow to cool.

Jam from cherries without pits "Pyatiminutka" should be stored in the refrigerator.

Jam from white cherry

Berries amber - that's what a dessert made of white cherry looks like. To make it more flavorful, use vanillin and a little lemon. The latter will add a little acid to the workpiece, which is necessary for long-term storage, and also help the jelly to thicken faster.

Berries and sugar for jam from white cherries without pits should be taken in the proportion:.

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In addition, for each kilogram of cherries will need:

  • 100 g of water;
  • , 5 lemons;
  • 1 g of vanillin.

Instead of sour citrus, you can use lemon acid -3 g per kg of berries.

To prepare the jam:

  1. In a large saucepan pour the water and pour out the sugar. On low heat, let the sugar crystals completely dissolve, stirring constantly.
  2. In a thick syrup neatly lay out the white cherry. Stir the berries so that they all dip into the syrup. Boil 5 minutes and leave for 3-4 hours.
  3. Repeat the procedure again.
  4. On the third approach, bring the jam to a boil and put the lemon in the saucepan (pitted, but with a peel). Simmer on low heat for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Before you turn off the plate, add vanillin. Stir the jam, spread out in containers and close.

Ready jam after dripping on a plate should keep the shape of the drop and not spread.

Jam from yellow cherries without sugar

For those who follow a diet for weight loss or as a result of diseases, when the use of sugar is strictly limited, a recipe for natural jam from yellow cherries without pits and sugar is suitable.

The number of berries depends on how much jam it will take - at least 500 g, albeit 2 kg. The preservation procedure does not change from this:

  1. Cherries wash and clean.
  2. Make a water bath and boil the berries on high heat for 30 minutes to make the juice stand out. Then fasten the fire and simmer the workpiece for two hours.
  3. Cover the jar with the jam and leave it for 15 minutes.
  4. Spread on jars and roll up.

If during the cooking process the liquid evaporates quickly, you can add some water to the jam.

Yellow or red, cherry jam without pits will please both adults and children. It is not only delicious, but also very useful. I like health and do not feel ill!

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