How to properly cut apricot in autumn


Apricot is a tree that is characterized by very intensive growth. In connection with this feature, the growth of the crown is very rapid, which can adversely affect the condition of the whole plant as a whole. Often,due to the rapid growth of shoots, apricot tree undergoes various diseases, can even wither and die. To avoid such consequences, it is necessary to trim your pet regularly in the fall.


Table of contents

  • The purpose of pruning apricots
  • When to trim a tree
  • How to properly cut apricot in autumn
    • Preparation of tools
    • Scheme and technology of trimming
  • How to care for a tree after pruning

The purpose of pruning apricots

Before considering the process, it is necessary to determine why an apricot needs such a procedure. The reasons can be the following:

  1. Formation of a beautiful crown. In this case, circumcision is necessary for the aesthetic beauty of the apricot: the removal of protruding and too long shoots, the formation of the desired shape of the crown of the tree.
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  3. Rejuvenation of shoots. Intensive fruiting and excessively dense crown of plants lead to aging and death of internal shoots.
Pruning apricots in the fall is necessary in order to ensure each year the formation of new shoots, which will save a plentiful harvest
  1. In the absence of circumcisionthe fruits are shallow, and their number is significantly reduced.
  2. Also without carrying out this procedureThe branches under the weight of the fruit will break down. It is necessary to regulate the number of ovaries on shoots.
  3. Growth and development of young branches is reduced, subsequently finally stops. Apricot "grows old and as a result, fruits lose their varietal qualities, yielding to size and taste.
  4. Freezing of shoots. If the tree grows in the middle latitudes, it inevitably is exposed to severe frosts. In this case, all affected or withered branches must be removed for sanitary purposes.

Thus, to form a neat and beautiful crown to your pet and provide regular and abundant fruiting, and also to prolong the life of the fruit tree,Systematically it is necessary to cut off its shoots.


When to trim a tree

If we talk about the appropriate time for pruning an apricot tree, it should be noted thatit is necessary to carry out a complex procedure. This means you need to cut off apricots in the fall, summer and spring.

Sap flow, regardless of the time of the procedure, must be stopped, that is, the pruning is carried out either before its beginning in early spring, or at its end in late autumn.

Beginning the process of cutting branches is recommended as early as the first year.In spring they begin to form the crown, to subsequently stimulate abundant fruiting and improve the quality characteristics of the fruit.

In autumn, pruned plants for sanitary purposes. At the same time, all diseased, damaged and dry shoots are removed for the healing of the whole tree.

When the thickened crown of an apricot, the tree lacks light, which leads to the drying of branches and their withering away

In summer, branches are cut to stimulate the formation of young shoots. This procedure is carried out to rejuvenate the apricot at a frequency of once every two or three years.


How to properly cut apricot in autumn

In the autumn period, the apricot must be cut to remove damaged and unviable branches. In this way, the plant is prepared for the coming winter and helps to gain strength for the following season. AlsoAn important result of cutting weak branches will be the formation of young shoots. Often it is on them that most of the fruits of apricot tree are formed.

Autumn pruning is recommended in late autumn, not before mid-October.

Another distinguishing feature of this fruit tree is thatthe excess of the ovary is not thrown off by the plant. This leads to breakdown of the branches and disease of the plant.

Consequently, in autumn it is necessary to carry out not only sanitary, but also regulating and rejuvenating pruning.

In autumn, only medium and early-ripening varieties of apricot are cut off.

Preparation of tools

To care for apricot tree you need the following tools:

  • secateurs;
  • garden grafting knife;
  • garden saw;
  • bar for sharpening;
  • twine to support shoots and branches;
  • means for cutting slices and wounds (for example, garden var).
Trimming of apricot with a pruner

First, allgarden tools should be carefully sharpened. A garden knife is sharpened on a wet block to remove iron chips. A new secateur, or dull, it is necessary to disassemble and sharpen its blade. After that, check the tool. The pruner can be adjusted by controlling the tension of the nut: if the grip is too tight, it is loosened, if loose - tighten.

Before starting workat the garden saw it is necessary to dissect the teeth in opposite directions, alternating their inclination to the right and to the left. The angle of bending of the teeth is kept equal, the sharp side all the teeth should be directed inwards.

Immediately before the procedure, the entire instrument is disinfected to protect the plant from diseases and pests.

Scheme and technology of trimming

In the autumnshaping apricot pruningare carried out in order that the plant in the next season would supply nutrients to the fruiting shoots evenly. That is why this type of pruning is practiced from a young age of trees.

In order to form the crown, the pruning is carried out in a discharged-tiered manner. To do this, leave 6-7 major strong shoots, located 30-40 cm apart.

Such pruning is carried out in the following way:

  1. In the first year of life, the trees are crowned, cutting off a whip a quarter. On the young plant, two main shoots are left, providing a distance of about 30 cm, the remaining branches are removed. The remaining branches are cut to a length less than the length of the whip by 20-30 cm.
  2. The following year, two young branches are cut in the same way, leaving a distance of 40 cm between them.
  3. In the following years, the same procedure is carried out, increasing the gap by 10 cm.
  4. Branches on the central shootcut half if they exceed60 cmlong. Short leave unchanged.
  5. If the apricot tree grew short and weak branches, but they can bear fruit in perspective, they recommend pinching them until they are strong enough to support the weight of the fruit.
Arrangement of apricot pruning

Regulating pruning helps to preserve the crown and yield of apricot. In this case, shoots are removed with the direction of growth inside the crown to provide a sufficient level of illumination of all parts of the plant.

An adult plant often stops growing new shoots.In order to rejuvenate the mature plant, it is subjected to autumn pruning:

  1. After a thorough examination of the plant, several non-fertilizing branches are selected. Theirsawed off with a garden saw at an angle 45degrees.
  2. Define several of the strongest shoots, relatively young. Requiredremove branches growing on them, all or several large ones.
Old branches need to be cut with each autumn pruning gradually for several years, without waiting for the death of the plant.

How to care for a tree after pruning

After pruning, apricot needs attention.After the procedure, the following care steps should be taken:

  1. All the slices are closedgarden wine.
  2. For the disinfection of large wounds,copper sulphate solution.
  3. For the subsequent adaptation and restoration of apricot,phosphorus and nitrogen fertilizers are introduced.
Places of cuts of apricot immediately need to be treated with a special garden or ordinary paint for wood coatings

Proper pruning of apricot tree can seem like a laborious process, especially for beginning gardeners. But thisnecessary requirement for plant healthand ensuring the required quantity and quality of the fruit.

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