How to close the juice for the winter from chokeberry ashberry?

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Chokeberry ashberry is useful and nutritious in fresh form, in canned jars and, even, the juice from it turns out not less curative. To make juice from chokeberry for a winter, it is necessary to have a juicer or a juice maker. If such kitchen appliances are not available, then old methods of obtaining juice come to the rescue, namely, a special sieve or colander. Ancient recipes of our ancestors are popular so far, but over the years they have improved and acquired additional innovations. For example, using the same juicer.

The present gift of nature can be preserved not only in pure execution, but also add other fruits. Representatives of the beautiful female often ask the question: "How to make juice from aronia blackberry?" The process of preparation and preservation is not so terrible as one can imagine. The main thing is to correctly observe all the steps presented, not to deviate from their implementation.

Why aronia should be eaten?

Attractive externally berries of chokeberry rowan are useful and tasty. You can consume it both healthy and sick. It is curative not only in fresh form, but also in canned. It is often closed entirely with other berries, canned as a compote individually, processed into juice. Rolling of juice from chokeberry for winter does not take much time and the result is excellent. Daily use of this drink has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, and also serves as a preventive agent in the occurrence of atherosclerosis or hypertension. In addition, useful substances in berries increase immunity, invigorate and help fight colds. Even doctors prescribe an aronia in diabetes and various allergies. The most useful property of mountain ash is its ability to remove heavy metals from the body, which is recommended for people living in contaminated areas. Vitamin P, anthocyanins, organic acids found in the fetus under consideration, not only have a positive effect on human organs, but also help to fight overweight.

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Not all people like to eat small berries, and vitamins from them must be obtained. In this case, you can make juice and drink it as freshly prepared, and can be preserved for the winter. To get juice from chryoplodki at home, the recipe for cooking will not be one. Here you can apply both sokovarku, and juicer. The taste will not be particularly different, only the steps and time spent on getting the juice are different.

It is not necessary to abuse chiroplodkoj at an aggravation of a peptic ulcer, a gastritis and a low pressure.

Recipes of juice

As stated earlier, you can get juice in two ways: through a juicer and with the help of a juice maker. To prepare such a drink, you need to prepare the following kitchen accessories: a metal sieve, a bowl, an enamel saucepan, a juicer or a juicer.

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Juice from the blackberry through the juicer

Step-by-step description with photo:

  1. With washed grapes of berries must be removed twigs. They can later give an unpleasant aftertaste.
  2. Place in a juicer and get juice.
  3. In a pressed 1 liter of juice pour 100 grams of sugar.
  4. Pour over previously prepared sterilized jars and sterilize in a saucepan for about 20 minutes.
  5. At the end of this process, the banks should be closed with lids and wrapped in a warm cloth until the next day.
  6. Vitamin juice from the china fruit is ready.

The remaining cake does not rush to throw, it is perfect for making a rowan jam, in which you can add other fruits, such as an apple.

Juice from the blackberry, if there is no juicer

Step-by-step description with photo:

  1. A wonderful recipe, in which the main ingredient is black chokeberry. Procurement of juice for the winter will be obtained using a sieve. Grapes of mountain ash rinse under running water, remove herbs and twigs so that in pure form, 1 kg of berries is obtained.
  2. With a wooden crush press juice through a metal sieve or colander. Forces need to be applied a lot, sometimes it turns out that the juice is not squeezed out all. For this case, the remaining cake should be poured with one glass of warm water for an hour, then again wipe on a sieve.
  3. The resulting berry mixture to boil in a saucepan, pour over glass jars and begin the procedure of sterilization. With a moment of boiling water in a saucepan, the cans should be kept there for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Remove the containers with juice and immediately roll them with tin lids. Wrap, do not need to turn.
  5. Have a nice trip!

If the hands are hard to get juice, then berries of mountain ash can be filled with sugar for several hours. As a result, the fruits will be more softened and supple to physical loads, besides, the juice itself will start to stand out, being in sugar.

You can also use a microwave to quickly get the juice. Berry liquid itself will begin to stand out when exposed to an elevated temperature of 70 degrees.

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Juice made from chokeberry in a juice processor

Black berries cleaned from twigs and washed.

Put the berries back to the top of the sovochark - a colander. The design should be installed in a juice collection tank. Then put on fire and expect the appearance of moisture on the juice processor. As soon as the first signs of condensation appear, the fire should be reduced. If desired, you can add sugar.

After the set cooking time (this is approximately 1 hour), it is necessary to open the clamp-clamp and start to drain the juice into a bowl. The taste of the drained liquid should be as natural as possible, it is a sign of proper preparation.

The resulting juice should be poured over cans and screwed with lids. It is not necessary to wrap it, exactly, just like turning it around.

Bon Appetit everyone!


The juice from the black chokeberry for the winter is an unusual and tasty billet. After a glass of this life-giving nectar, you can immediately feel the invigorating burst of energy and vitality. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that everyone make a billet from this marrow of berry bushes.

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