What scents do we inhale using washing gels

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Most modern laundry detergents contain additional ingredients that do not affect themquality. These include, among other things, various fragrances, which should give the linen a pleasant aroma. The problem is that manufacturers often overdo it with the amount of chemicals. As a result, the laundry, even after rinsing and drying, exudes not a light, but a rather strong characteristic odor.

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  • What are the fragrances in liquid and gel laundry detergents?
    • DIY flavored gel
    • First purchase and first disappointment
    • Finding the right product
    • My findings and preferences

What are the fragrances in liquid and gel laundry detergents?

For some time now I began to notice that my skin “protests” against washing powders. It was found out empirically - one and the same thing "behaved" differently:

  • washed on hands with soap - did not cause discomfort;
  • she, but "rolled" with the powder in the washing machine, caused unpleasant sensations in the form of itching and redness of the skin.
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In addition, some powders were poorly rinsed out and left whitish marks, especially on dark items. Having decided that it was all about the consistency, I stopped using free-flowing washing powders.

DIY flavored gel

To rid the skin of the aggressive action of chemistry, I made the wash mixture myself for some time:

  • rubbed baby soap on a fine grater;
  • putting the shavings in a glass jar, poured it with hot water;
  • let it brew for a while.

After a few hours, the soap swelled up. Depending on its ratio with water, it turned either into a soapy jelly or into a dense porridge.

After a couple of "mixes" I learned to regulate the consistency. Later, I began to add a few drops of lavender, orange or lemon essential oil - this helped to neutralize the smell of soap. The skin "sighed", but another problem arose - the laundry became worse to wash off. Then I turned my attention to washing gels.


First purchase and first disappointment

The first capsules I purchased were Ariel. They were quite expensive, but I got them at a good discount. I was confident in the correctness of the choice, since the products of this company are famous for their quality. However, after the very first wash, I really regretted taking them. While drying the clothes, a strong smell spread throughout the apartment, which made my head ache. At the next wash, the situation was not saved even by additional rinsing and hanging on the balcony. The fragrance for me was so “that mache” that the desire to use purchased gels practically disappeared.

Finding the right product

A little later, while studying the products on the store shelves, I realized that I had not paid attention to one important thing. It turns out that even the same manufacturer's gels have different fragrances. That first unfortunate time I was "lucky" to buy with Lenor scent. I ventured into the second experiment and bought capsules of the same Ariel, but with shea butter. I did it, again, solely thanks to a tangible discount - and this time it was right. This remedy changed the way I thought about gels and restored my confidence in Ariel. Light, pleasant, barely perceptible smell did not cause any discomfort. I decided to continue testing various representatives of household chemicals, and now I am sharing my humble observations.

My findings and preferences

The most "caustic", in my opinion, gels and capsules:

  • with Lenor scent;
  • mountain spring;
  • color 3 in 1 pods;
  • color duo-caps.

And it doesn't matter which manufacturer is Ariel, Tide or Persil. On the packaging, even in small letters, it is not indicated which particular compound causes a pungent odor.

For medium saturation, I would classify "Weasel" from Henkel. Some decoding makes it clear that the perfume in it is representatives of citrus fruits. In the same "weight" category, I will leave the domestic Wellery Eco. The secret of the "odorous" additive, which is present in the product, is not disclosed on the packaging, but it is quite tolerable. Minus - a rather liquid substance, and therefore the gel cannot be called economical.

And finally, my favorites that don't make me sneeze while inhaling the smell of freshly washed laundry:

  1. Ariel with shea butter scent. It washes perfectly and, for my taste, has the most delicate and unobtrusive aroma.
  2. Synergetic is a biodegradable concentrated gel with herbal ingredients from Germany from a Russian brand. Perfume composition "Green Tea" with oils of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and santalum practically does not remain on the linen after rinsing.

Of course, everyone has different tastes and preferences. I associate the idea of ​​home comfort with a pleasant smell. I wrote about my personal, albeit small experience, expressed my subjective opinion. You can take it into account, or you can ignore it, because it may simply not coincide with yours. However, I don't think I have one problem with the olfactory and tactile perception of household chemicals. What kind of laundry detergent do you prefer? You may have found and are using cheaper, more effective, and safer formulations. Share your own observations and, possibly, life hacks in the comments. I will be very grateful.

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