How not to fool yourself: 5 tips for choosing an apartment before buying

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When buying an apartment, people often look only at the location, the quality of the renovation and the beautiful view from the window. I do not argue that these are important indicators. However, there are a few little things worth paying more attention to. Sometimes even one speck near the pipe can say that living here is not worth living. Today I will tell you where it is important to look during the examination.

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First of all, ask the owners if the redevelopment has been made. Request drawings from the BTI and compare them with the current layout of the rooms. Illegal redevelopment is a reason to refuse a purchase.


Firstly, after the transaction is completed, the new owner will bear responsibility for it. The fact that the previous owners were not fined is not a guarantee. They will be called to account according to the documents, and then figure out for yourself who is to blame.

Secondly, banks often refuse to work with such apartments. In a number of organizations, you can take out a loan only if the supporting structures were not affected during the redevelopment. Well, if, as a result of construction work, the area of ​​the apartment has changed, you can completely forget about the loan.

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Condition... Total

When buying a home, it is not enough just to look at plastic windows to make sure of their quality. Do not hesitate to check everything with your own hands. It is necessary to open the notorious window, put it in ventilation mode, pull on all fasteners and connections.

It will be useful to inspect the water pipes together with the master. I think that a sudden breakthrough when the heating is turned on will not make anyone happy. It is desirable to do the same with gas meters. It is especially important to check for a seal. It will be useful to ask the owners to show the registration certificate.

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All meters must be installed and sealed only by the relevant services. Otherwise, again, the new owners may face a serious fine during an unscheduled check. And if the owners refuse to let the house be examined, they are clearly hiding something. And buyers are unlikely to like this surprise.


Almost everything can be fixed in the apartment - renovate repairs, glue sound insulation, replace units. However, nothing can be done with the neighbors. They are friends or foes for the next few decades.

Neither the owners nor the realtor will say anything about the scandalous neighbor, of course. So you have to get the information yourself. The surest way is to come to the chosen apartment in the evening, when everyone is at home.

Another good advice is to interview grandmothers on the bench. Yes, those of the jokes. Usually old ladies will gladly give you all the ins and outs. Perhaps something will be embellished, but it will be possible to obtain leading information.


Whoever says anything, location is important. It is much better to live in the center than to shake with fear every day on the way home to some Chertanovo. When choosing a location, you need to consider:

  • Availability of free parking zones or paid parking nearby. The ability to buy a garage nearby is even better.
  • The proximity of public transport stops.
  • Availability of infrastructure, in particular: schools, kindergartens, clinics, parks, shops and large chain supermarkets.
  • The reputation of the area. You can go to your local social media group and check how things are going.

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Keep track of which side the apartment is on, how light it is. To do this, you can make several visits at different times of the day. The sunny side is good, but you have to fork out for blackout curtains or even air conditioning. On the north side it will always be cold and dark. The ideal option is when the sun hits the apartment, but does not shine too brightly.


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