Melamine sponge is harmful to health, is it true

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Melamine sponge hasn't hit the market very quickly. Many were suspicious of her, believing that she could not do anything, and that everything that the advertisement sings about her is just a marketing ploy. And the price for it at first went off scale a little. And buying a previously unknown product, the practicality of which has not yet been completely confirmed, is a dubious event.

But over time, the popularity of melamine sponge began to grow exponentially (thanks to the daredevils who decided to buy). All the legends that went about her became not legends at all, but the fact that this miracle eraser is simply necessary in every home - he did such magical things. And as soon as we get used to the innovation in the world of cleaning and cleanliness, the news immediately follows: it is categorically impossible to use a melamine sponge, because it is harmful. Is it so? Well, let's figure it out.


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  • What is a melamine sponge for?
  • So can I use it or not?
  • How to stop being afraid and start washing?
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What is a melamine sponge for?

If you start to describe all the advantages of this product, then you can read endlessly. In short: a melamine sponge removes any dirt very well: from the most terrible and ingrained ones to children's drawings on wallpaper and flooring. It finds use in any room.

Sometimes it seems that there is no such task that melamine would not cope with. And indeed it is! You need to moisten the sponge a little, and then just wipe the stain - in a second there will be no traces. Believe it or not if you've never tried it, trust me: this is truly a miracle tool that will tackle any problem. Well, as with any... With the problem of any spots, and not with the payment of the mortgage.

So can I use it or not?

Let's start from the beginning. Melamine was synthesized over two centuries ago, and the sponge is not the first invention from this raw material. It has long been used in glassware, flooring and whiteboards. The age of the sponge is at least 10 years old, and around it there are already hysterical moods and panic. Well, this is not surprising, because our people are always for some reason categorical about something new and, most importantly, good! Suffice it to recall the concerns about aluminum foil, antiperspirant deodorants and other innovations.

What is the reason for the harm from melamine sponge? Actually, melamine itself. It is believed that the material is capable of being deposited in the body and causing significant harm to it. Naturally, if you absorb it instead of breakfast and lunch, then you will not have long to live, but what has a small sponge that does not wish anyone evil to do with it? The thing is that many people use it to clean dishes, and in the process of work, the sponge really crumbles a little, leaving tiny particles on surfaces that you will not even notice, but you will feel if you run your hand over the treated site.

But now let's think logically. Here you cleaned the inside of the pan from the carbon deposits with a melamine sponge. Swipe your hand. Did you feel a tiny crumb? Yes, these are melamine residues. What are you going to do now? Boil the soup in a saucepan right away, or will you rinse the utensils in clean water? I think that the option will be the second for some reason. Well, who said that these small particles will not wash off when rinsing? Of course, nothing will remain on the dishes. Even if we assume that you are lazy and rinsed the pan with a C grade, the amount of melamine will still be minimal, which will not cause any harm to the body.

How to stop being afraid and start washing?

If you have not got rid of your fears, and you still have concerns about the melamine sponge, then there is an insanely simple solution. Just don't use melamine to clean dishes that come in contact with food, because there is work for it all over the house. You can scrub plumbing from plaque, clean the stove from grease, erase traces of ink on wallpaper, polish silver cutlery, tidy up the hood, process tile joints. And a million more cases can be thought up - there would be a desire.

In general, what is the conclusion: melamine is really not a very useful material, and a sponge made of it quite rightly causes fear and anxiety. But if you do not intend to replace food that is familiar to people with it, then it will not do any harm - use it for your health, and let the house be clean!

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