Unusual collecting of movie stars

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The pop and movie stars behind the scenes are ordinary people, and they also have a passion for hoarding. Some hobbies lead to a stupor, because absolutely do not fit into the idea of ​​your favorite artist. We invite you to find out about the most unusual celebrity collections that raise many questions.

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  • Tom Hanks
  • Keira Knightley and Catherine Deneuve
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Dustin Hoffman
  • David Lynch
  • Johnny Depp

Tom Hanks

An amazing actor who has given us many great films, including The Green Mile and Forest Gump, collects typewriters. He is known as a lover of antiques and prefers antiques, but does not collect paintings and small antiquities.

In his collection there are only old models of typewriters, which have not been produced for a long time.

There is even a rumor in reporter circles that an actor who hates giving interviews can be lured into shooting, only by sending an antique copy of a typewriter, which is not yet in his extensive collection. This is exactly what Chris Hardwicke, host of Talking Dead, did.

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Keira Knightley and Catherine Deneuve

Wonderful actresses and idols of their time are engaged in truly female collecting - collecting cosmetics. Keira Knightley prefers nail polishes. There are infinitely many of them in the house of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star. Moreover, neither the brand nor the texture of the product matter, the main thing is the color, and it should be bright and conspicuous.

Some beauty experiments do not bring popularity to the actress. One day she acquired a yellow-brown varnish that turned her fingers into the limbs of a heavy smoker.

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Catherine Deneuve, the star of French cinema, has chosen to collect lipsticks. The woman admits that she simply cannot pass by the shelves with cosmetics. However, in public, her makeup is always restrained and performed in classic calm tones.

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Penelope Cruz

Spanish actress and muse of director Pedro Almadovar collects hangers. A bit of a strange hobby, but the Hollywood star has over 500 copies already. Moreover there are different models in the collection: from antique iron to quite modern plastic and wood, differing in shades.

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Dustin Hoffman

Absolutely not a man's hobby that consumed a charismatic actor - picking up teddy bears. Moreover, the collection consists exclusively of Teddy bears, for which Dustin was allocated a whole room in his apartment.

There are already a lot of soft "friends" and the collection is full day by day. Friends and fans of the artist regularly give new inhabitants of the "plush" room to his idol.

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David Lynch

Who would doubt that the director of the series "Twin Peaks" can have a strange hobby. Only an extraordinary person is capable of making such films. So, among the passions of a celebrity is picking up dead flies.

In the literal sense of the word, the director catches flying insects, slaps them and hangs them on the wall dried. Also among Lynch's hobbies is collecting chicken bones, which he tirelessly demonstrates to daredevils who dare to come visit him.

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Johnny Depp

The real passion for collecting is present in the recognized master of reincarnation - the actor Johnny Depp. He accumulates literally everything. There is a collection of antiques, paintings, and a famous collection of old hats. Because of them, the master of the fantastic genre almost parted with the then common-law wife Vanessa Paradis.

A little later, he had a new passion - Barbie dolls. At first he bought them for the children and played with them, and then he bought for himself, replenishing the collection. In his collection there is a huge number of representatives of the doll fraternity, most of them are celebrity dolls.

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Creative people sometimes throw out oddities and collecting is the most harmless thing that can happen. Some of them are very extravagant and attract public attention.

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