Repair the fan with his hands

Most ventilators is composed of switching circuits, startup, the motor windings. As for the elements of the list of repair. Often in domestic models used trivial coil wound copper wire with insulation varnish. Consider now how to make repairs fans with their hands, the inductance of the burned wire broken due to negligence of the operator. In order to restore the good old reel used device, despite its simplicity, you will not get in the store. Using shake their inductance mechanism using an electric actuator operating handles.

In industrial fans in a different way, unlike most domestic centrifugal. The winding of the collector, the asynchronous motor in the home can not be restored, it will be difficult to do. Craftsmen repeat in the native land factory production cycle.

fan Composition

A typical fan includes:

  • AC motor, DC;
  • flywheel;
  • buttons, relays, contactors;
  • automatic control circuit.

the fan device

Optional elements are missing, schematics repairs is as follows:

  1. The first rung of the motor winding. Whatever the design of the coil are inside yield (on screen tester) resistance to tens ohms. Note: The start winding asynchronous motors prozvanivatsya after the condenser. An obvious point, ignoring the rules leads to confusion. Capacitor rotates the phase by 90 degrees voltage, helping to create the correct field distribution within the stator. If the motor commutator, the windings are connected in series (no condenser). It is reasonable to ring the motor at the entrance, since the fault could escape elsewhere. Reported open or not, remove the brush, let us turn to the second manifold. We call section alternately. In identifying faults cooling fan maintainability estimated by design. Make difficult, try to find a new collector. Needless to say, for induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor drum is not broken. Current "squirrel cage" is relatively small, copper, Rolled inside, opposite - thick.
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  2. Secondly estimate serviceability lived, relays, pushbuttons. Prozvanivatsya chain, including the conditions of operation of the thermostat. Technique realization of defined structure. Simulate heating, warming the lighter gauge. Suitable sensible in kitchen hoods, other devices, where the temperature is relatively high. Button is checked on the passage / interruption of the electric current in the respective positions. Often the repair of household fans with their hands As for the switching. The buttons are pressed carelessly, spilled liquid. You need to restore the proper functioning of the mechanical part, to clean the contacts. Who spilled jam on the TV remote control, understand the situation. Mechanism disassembled, clean the contacts. It is worth to remind that the capacitor passes the alternating current in the case of doing a sweet two operations call for element checking for short circuit (that breakage) is energized by alternating current and verify the passage from the signal winding. With full confidence say whether the capacitor is broken.

Repair the fan with his hands

Before assembly, be sure to lubricate the mechanical part, the oil must not get between the rotor and the stator. Ideally here uniform gap. Noticing difference perform centering of the rotor (a difficult task). Sometimes there are no bearings. The domestic fan load is not so great as to require better glide. However, the friction place there anyway. Lubricate rough spots.

As wind simple inductance fan

Parses children cars, up to date: often stands in the inductance, common wire coil. The picture is similar domestic fans. Say about the devices ignition cookers and other appliances. Wound inductors is available, using a special device. Repair of fans with their own hands will perform, without the help of the wizard.

You need a board. Half-meter piece of plywood, bearing two pairs of struts. On one will mosey wire, on the other - to gain new inductor. Between the pairs of racks axis rotates freely. To automate the process contemplate the presence of devices for connecting the drive of the screwdriver, drill or other device of similar kind. To use the manual rewind knob, like cameramen in an old movie.

inductor winding

Unwind inductance old before winding. Coil pre rung to repair duct fans and centrifugal fans did not include unnecessary work. One end of the upper coil. Which is easy to understand by removing the duct tape, a different kind of protective coating coils. The process of winding. Clear need to frame. In the simplest case can be dispensed wooden reel for sewing threads. When rollback unacceptable excessive tension, easing wire. Copper pulled his finger upward. It turns on the drive, optional second helping hand. Breakage occurred at the beginning / end, the wire used for the winding of the new inductor. Otherwise it is better to buy from the measured length of the new components.

Regardless of the variety of fans winding underway rows from the edge and on the principle of the shuttle. The turns lie more tightly to each other, which is controlled by thumb to adhere to the wire. The ends are displayed exactly as is done in the original coil, so as not to clog the head details, it is recommended to shoot in the mobile phone that looked like home fans before the repair. As for shoes, terminals, buttons, switches and motor. As soon as the winding is finished, fasten the ends. Coil ringing. If the signal fails, the blame varnish insulation of the wire. Removed aspirins and a soldering iron, try a combination before tinning. Reach for the sting, wait for warming.

fan power unit

Parallel to find a piece of tape to wrap a coil of domestic fans. Purified by insulated wires to call in case of success using sidecutters or sandpaper on both ends. Domestic fan is ready for operation, collect the electrical connections, put the reel in place, the repair is finished. Check the unit, if it works well on the network. When an unpleasant sound emissions engine, apply the lubricant. Lost rattle and squeak? The procedure went Household fans benefit. Noise a significant factor in the operation of home appliances. Connect the fan control unit, the device is ready for operation.

domestic fans

Domestic fans of different designs, similar technical solutions are applied. Here is a brief list of the places where the useful rotating impeller:

  • refrigeration compressors will certainly have a forced air cooling;
  • Repair the power supply fan is a commonplace problem;
  • Each induction motor includes a pair of impellers on the shaft for blowing the stator coils;
  • neither vacuum cleaner is not without engine blades;
  • CPU cooler represents a scaled-down copy of the domestic fan;
  • without a fan heater or a salon car is not warmed up properly, and the fan hydraulic clutch repair some teeth on edge drivers;
  • kitchen hoods, bathroom and other are composed of motor and impeller.

A partial list of home appliances, employing fans. Computer system unit too noisy - require lubricant coolers. Neatly torn off tweezers sticker on the fan housing, axle end goes straight here. Drip a few drops on the point of sliding, noise should be reduced. Where fans meet, applicable techniques listed above repaired. The difference in size, purpose and other details.

Having studied the principles of the inductances is adopted for replacing engine stator coils. A long, tedious process, it is recommended not to engage in, who will decide - take a photo of the repaired part Vykusi wiring, wrap coils properly, as necessary conduct reverse connection. It sounds easy, more difficult to perform. devoid shell coil often. Skein of wires, inexplicably connected to the adjacent coils. Appliance fan looks terribly disassembled. Under the wire has a stator cell where difficult to put the coils. Repair of engines of domestic fans no one does.

Ladies generally considered: a disassembled fan worthless, thrown here and there spread out the details. Raskurochennye not leave the appliance unattended.

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