Electric fireplace do it yourself

Let's see what is meant by the term electric fireplace, what are the specific design techniques. Interesting story on the imitation of the flame. After that, the reader will make an electric fire with his own hands without further prompts. There is nothing complicated in the design, sincerely we hope that the story will help us to understand which operations are performed sequentially. Note that the shield of the apartment of a high-rise building does not allow to consume too much energy, because the electric fireplace is positioned as an appliance not for heating, but to create a feeling of luxury. It is necessary to pay a part of attention to decorative elements. However, the prudent owner does the work conscientiously.

The device of an electrofireplace

Recently information on household appliances was not provided - the speech about the device equipment from within. Having considerable experience in studying household devices, the authors derived a formula and told about the principles of operation on the pages of the portal. Imagine the types of various heaters( electric), using the estimate of the probability of embedding in the electric fireplace. Acceptable use:

  • infrared devices;
  • convectors;
  • wind blower;
  • oil heaters.

Electrofireplace uses something similar in disguised guts. Oil heaters are slightly different from convectors. Infrared devices from the electric fire have been thrown away for a simple reason: the radiator cannot be disguised and decorated. We mean beautiful walls, designs with imitation of a flame. We believe that anyone is able to build a homemade electric fireplace based on an infrared heater. Take, for example, Peony Ceramics of suitable dimensions, construct a portal, and in the firebox horizontally place the device decorated with orange tongues. By the way, the heater is designed for the ceiling and walls. Is there a beneficial thermal effect from the electric heater? It is difficult to say, but dignity is already visible: Peony Ceramic, like a flame, warms the faces turned to it.

However, the power of the device in a pair of kW will not allow to create a sufficient effect, the decorative properties fall as the drawn tongues are fixed. As for oil heaters and convectors, which are related devices, we have rejected both options for the reason that the heat is carried up. A person sitting in front of the electric fire will not feel anything. More often there is a wind-blower inside the electrofireplace, which creates heat.

This is an effective equipment for small rooms, and the air flow is directed towards lovers of imitations of medieval castles in order to recreate the illusion of the infrared radiation of a live fire. Convector, which differs from wind blower with larger area and lower temperature of heating element, is also blown. We lead readers to the idea that the electric heater device includes either a decorated infrared emitter, or a wind blower hidden inside. With regard to the imitation of the flame, two types are known( except for the clumsy ones):

  1. A backlight lamp is hidden behind a panel depicting tongues - sometimes made up of the shape of burning coals. In between, a mechanism that simulates movement. Famous Soviet electrofireplaces, not distinguished by amazing decorative qualities, used this principle. Above the bulb hung a tin blade, rotating in a stream of rising air. Spiral heat generates heat when working, this is enough for a weightless impeller to rotate on a thin needle. In modern electric fireplaces, the panels are often flat and placed in the background. Behind is a light bulb, above which a steel thread is stretched, serving as a point of suspension for numerous and long patches of fabric. During the electrofireplace, the fan located at the bottom blows and moves matter, creating the illusion of fire.
  2. However, the mechanical method of imitation of fire is opposed - and successfully - sophistic. This refers to an ultrasonic steam generator on a quartz plate, the jets of which are bathed in the rays of the backlight bulb. In the background, of course, panels depicting coals, bricks. The steam generator in the electric fireplace is covered with the bottom grill of the hearth, it is difficult to guess how the "flame" is formed. The illusion is so real that the video can not be distinguished from the living hot fire. The method has a dignity: electrical appliances dry the air, and this one moisturizes. It is known that winter epidemics are caused by a lack of humidity in the premises. The immunity of people slightly decreases, which leads to total consequences. Excess moisture is also not needed, the operation of the heater should be controlled by special devices that measure the proportion of water vapor per unit volume.

Let's talk about what to do in the manufacture of electric heater is not necessary. Wind turbine carries a potential hazard. There is a known case when the owners tried to remove water drops from a glass plastic window. Mated frame… We sent a wind blower onto the bag. When the owners came to see how things were going, they saw that the plastic window had fallen into disrepair, partially melted. Therefore, be careful with the wind blower when placing the appliance inside the electric fire.

Not as important as the case looks, the main thing is to isolate warm jets from building materials, even drywall. Make it easy. In the hardware store today you will find reflective thermal insulation. The famous - but not the only - brand is Penofol. Take any type and the surface of the air channel trim the silver material with a metallic coating to the outside. Let aluminum come into contact with air - not polyethylene. For greater safety for the manufacture of electric fire, start reflective insulation Penofol with double-sided foiling. In experiments, similar fire was fired, and the worst did not happen.

Work hard to turn the width of the portal wind blow. Closer to the source of the electric-jet air streams slightly expand the channel. The wind should not blow in the face, it is better to direct the flow in the legs, creating a feeling of warmth. The expansion of the output part is necessary for the speed of the jets to decrease. People will not notice where the heat is spread. Make a protection device in case the children block the course, either by accident or during the game. On top, for example, on the top of the pipe is a door that easily opens when creating the slightest pressure. It is permissible to slightly balance it with a spring to reduce the force. Reserve move leads to this place.

Ideally build a device that permanently switches the direction of flow to the backup. Then the mechanism should be tested. The second effort, aimed at security, will be the installation of a stoker on the floor. Cover the area with ceramic tiles, terracotta, clinker, and other decorative materials.

Final Recommendations for Building an Electric Fireplace

We'll have to learn the basics of working with plasterboard. Know how the installation is carried out, what tools, what types of profiles are mounted( the sheets are mounted on metal guides).These are basic skills that help create a beautiful electric fire. Drywall is not cut, and breaks. One side of the ruptured knife with a knife, then put the sheet on the edge of the table and gently press on top. It is known that drywall bends. Moisten the surface with water, gradually with a damp cloth. After the procedure, the sheets turn relatively simply into frilly figures, about which it cannot be said, what exactly they are made of.

The described techniques will help to make an electric fireplace with your own hands, which looks simply luxurious. Think about the idea: humidifiers contain an ultrasonic steam generator. We think that readers have already guessed how to make an electric fireplace with imitation of a flame using the specified device. Rising tongues of steam are highlighted in the desired color with a lamp.

If the house already has a humidifier, go for it! Connecting electric heater to the network is carried out in a standard way. We recommend to perform the grounding according to the norms; this is guaranteed to save the device. For greater safety, power supply at home can be made through a differential protection device.

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