How to replace the belt in a washing machine

How does the user understand that there are problems with the drive belt? Certain signs indicate faulty details: error codes, extraneous sounds.

Find out how you can independently diagnose the failure, what signs you need to pay attention to and how to replace the drive belt in the washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and symptoms of a malfunction
  • 2Choice for replacement
    • 2.1Wedge type
    • 2.2Polyclinic type
  • 3Step-by-step execution of works by one's own hands

Causes and symptoms of a malfunction

How to determine that there are problems with the drive element in the AGR:

  1. The system of self-diagnosis of the styralke showed an error code on the display.
  2. When washing, the drum does not rotate, but it scrolls by hand.
  3. When working, the drum rotates very slowly, and there are sibilant sounds.

What is the danger of such a breakdown? The fact that the breakage of the belt could catch and break the wiring or damage the sensors.

Precisely determine the cause of the problem can be, removing the wall of the stylalki and inspecting all the details.

Why does the belt come off? Here are the most common causes of the problem:

  • Problems with the pulley pulley. Incorrect load of laundry, overload and unbalance can lead to malfunction and breakage of the pulley. As a result, the belt jumps, falls, which leads to stopping the work of the SM.

  • Wear. Each belt has its own service life. But few products work until the end of this period. Probable cause of wear is the design of the washers. Narrow machines have a close arrangement of parts, which leads to rapid wear.
  • Incorrectly laid linen. When excessive loading appears imbalance of the drum - all the laundry is shifted to one side. When spinning at high speeds, the drum can sharply hit the tank, which causes the drive element to jump off.
  • Problems with bearings that are needed to evenly rotate the drum. If the bearings are not replaced in time, this leads to a strong vibration pulley. Consequently, the belt can not only fly off, but also tear.

  • Too rare use of AGR causes a belt rupture. How does this happen? With rare use, the parts of the drive element are dumped. At the subsequent start they are rubbed, which leads to stretching and breakage.

Choice for replacement

How to properly install the belt on the washing machine? First you need to buy a similar product, which is suitable for your AGR.

Wedge type

In models with an asynchronous motor, a wedge type is used. Its cross section is compared with a triangle or a trapezoid. Due to the rigidity of the material, they rarely break. Identify their number and brand can be by designation on the outside.

A special feature of the installation of a wedge-shaped product is a strong tension and a slight deflection in the middle part.

Polyclinic type

Polyclinic products are used for the collector motor SM. It consists of several toothed wedges.

How do I tighten the drive belt in this case? Installation is different from wedge - it does not stretch so much. However, in some models of narrow machines such a polyclinic type can be worn very tightly. Therefore, you need to use a lot of force to install.

To buy a belt in a specialized store, it is enough to name the brand and model of the machine, after which the seller will offer the appropriate option.

Step-by-step execution of works by one's own hands

How to put the flown, and to replace the drive belt in the washing machine is not difficult, and the work is carried out in the same way.

First, do the preparatory stage. Disconnect the washing machine from power. Close the inlet valve with water. Prepare a container to collect water. After unscrewing the intake hose from the rear wall, drain the remaining water into the container. Now you can start disassembling.

To do this, take a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the screws around the perimeter of the rear cover of the AGR. Leaving the cover aside, inspect the belt, as well as closely located parts - wiring and sensors - for damage.

If everything is in order, it's time to learn how to change the strap. Replacement of wedge and poly-woven products is carried out in the same way. For this:

  • Pull the product first to the shaft of the electric motor, and then to the pulley of the drum.
  • In the process, pull the belt with one hand, the other roll the pulley.

Now you know how to insert the belt into the washing machine, so carefully inspect the installation site - it should be located clearly in the groove. It remains to install the back cover, fix it with bolts and connect the CM to the communications and network.

Start the machine and check the operation of the new belt.

As you can see, you can change your belt yourself at home. Be careful, because some products are so tight that you will have to make a lot of effort to pull them.

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