Installing the Bosch dishwasher

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The operating life and quality of the Bosch dishwasher depends on the installation. If the technology is properly connected to the communications, if you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, then you do not have to worry about premature failure. How is the Bosch dishwasher installed? You will find out below.

The user may be deprived of the warranty in the event of a machine failure due to incorrect connection.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of the location and installation PMM Bosch
  • 2We do self-assembly
    • 2.1Tools and components
    • 2.2Plumbing connection
    • 2.3Plumbing works

Features of the location and installation PMM Bosch

The first thing you need to choose a place for future technology. If you provided for the purchase of a dishwasher at the repair stage, there will not be problems with the installation even in the kitchen of the Ikea. The plan indicates in advance the output of communications, the dimensions of the niche for integration are calculated.

Models PMM "Bosch" are in demand, they have a wide range and a wide price range. You can pick up a compact model, dimensions 45h55h50 cm. You can place it in the kitchen cupboard or on the table top. The connection is made in the standard way.

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An embedded option is better to provide in advance. The height of the technique is from 8, cm, the width of the body is 45-60 cm. Note that the niche should be 2-5 cm wider than the size of the dishwasher.

Look at the instructions. It is accompanied by a template in full size door. On it you can easily identify and make holes for future screws and mountings.

For the door to perfectly cover the facade of the PMM, on the inside, apply a template and drill holes.

Decided to buy a dishwasher recently? It is important to choose the right place for installation. It will be convenient to place the technique near the sink. Then you do not have to look for extension cords to connect to the water supply.

Important! The shorter the filler hose, the better it will protect the equipment in the event of a water hammer.

Installing the built-in dishwasher under the countertop is not difficult, if you properly dismantle the cabinet. To do this, remove the shelves, remove the lower and back parts or make holes in the side walls under the hose terminals.

Why it is convenient to place PMM near the sink:

  1. You do not need to spend money on buying individual hoses.
  2. Do not have to extend the hoses, which means that the waste water will go away faster.
  3. Dirty plates can be quickly moved from the sink to the hopper.

Let's proceed to the connection. A detailed diagram should be specified in the instructions.

We do self-assembly

The first thing to take care of is the power supply. If you have already preparedsocket by all rules, then just connect the MMP to it. If not, we will give a sequence of works.

Attention! Only an electrician can work with an electrician. On the Internet, there are a lot of videos where home craftsmen lay a cable and ground the outlet. Do not repeat these steps yourself. Is it dangerous.

What works the master should do:

  • prepare a hole in the wall for laying the wire;
  • lay a copper three-wire wire;
  • connect the diffuser;
  • make a grounding;
  • put a moisture-proof socket of European type;
  • connect the stabilizer.

Installing a safety device is not just a whim. The dishwasher is a powerful technique that works with electricity and water, which is doubly dangerous. Do you want to protect your health and the device? Then adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

Tools and components

For self-installation you will need:

  • Slotted and Phillips screwdrivers.
  • Fum-tape for waterproofing joints.
  • Wrench.
  • Combination pliers.
  • Siphon with two outlets. When installing a compact model under the sink, you may need a siphon that goes first to the side and then down.
  • Bronze or brass tee with stopcock.
  • Flow filter (if you want to clean the dishwasher).

Plumbing connection

Recommendedconnect the machine through a siphon, and not directly to the sewer. So you can additionally connect the washing machine. Connect the drain hose to the siphon outlet. Wrap the connection with a tape tape. In addition, it is necessary to secure the connection with a clamp, otherwise a strong discharge head can break the hose and arrange a flood.

Plumbing works

Many Bosch models are connected only to cold water. For hot water, a special hose with additional protection must be included in the kit. Sequencing:

  1. Shut off the water supply.
  2. Disconnect the mixer hose from the pipe.
  3. Put a brass tee with a tap on the pipe.
  4. Seal the connections with a "bag".
  5. If you decide to put a flow filter, now is the time to connect it.
  6. To one outlet of the tee, connect the mixer, to the other with a filter - the hose of the dishwasher.

To waterproof well held, wind it on the thread at least 10-15 times.

It remains to install the car in the closet, if you have not already done so. Please note that the floor under the technique should be perfectly even. In advance, think over this question by setting the lining, if with the floor of the problem. Built-in technology is additionally fixed in the niche, all fasteners must be supplied in the kit.

Install the dishwasher with your own hands is easy. The main thing is to follow the instructions and safety rules. Watch the video on the topic:

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