Error F17 in the washing machine Ariston

If the Ariston machine shows F17 on the display, it could mean a problem with closing the door.

CMs with electronic control give an error code on the display, whereas electromechanical models display a fault code on the control panel. At the same time, the "Extra Rinse" light is blinking.

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  • 1What does F17 mean?
    • 1.1The door does not click
    • 1.2The door is not locked
    • 1.3The lock does not work

What does F17 mean?

What should I do if the Ariston or Hotpoint Ariston sticks do not close the hatch and error F 17 is displayed? Having found out, in what the reason of malfunction, you will understand how to eliminate the breakdown.

We will analyze the main problems of the hatch, as well as the ways of solving the problem.

The door does not click

When the machine is closed, something seems to be in the way.

  • There was a skewed door. Check that the tongue is properly inserted into the hole. If there is a skew (which can be with a long operation), then the hook could fall below the required level. It is necessary to tighten the bolts and return the door to its normal position.

  • Violation of the fixing element. The fixing hook is attached to a metal rod that can fall out and the lock does not fit into the hole. To set the pin in the normal position, you have to disassemble the door.

Perhaps this will help reset error F17. If this is not the cause of the breakdown, how to fix the situation, read on.

The door is not locked

Since the hatch is not blocked, washing can not begin. The guide may have worn out. The element can not be repaired, it is better to replace it.

The lock does not work

The hatch of your washing machine Ariston (Hotpoint Ariston) works as usual, but washing does not start, the error F 17 burns.

What does it mean: the device of blocking (UBL) is faulty. Before making a replacement, check the interlock with a multimeter to confirm the breakdown.

Also UBL could be littered with small debris. To replace and clean the device, you need to remove it. Do the following:

  1. Disconnect SM Ariston from the network.
  2. Shut off the water supply.
  3. Open the hatch, unscrew the screws securing the lock.
  4. Unbolting the rubber seal, pry the spring under it and gently pull it out.
  5. Slide the seal to the side and pull out the ULB.
  6. Press the latch, remove the lid.
  7. Disconnect the wires, install a new lock in the reverse order. This video will help you:

If the machine is working properly, the hatch is fixed and the error is cleared, then everything is done correctly. Following the recommendations, you can fix the washing machine yourself.

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