Do-it-yourself repair of food waste disposers

Buyers want to know about the purpose of the food waste shredder. When washing dishes and vegetables with fruit, household waste particles can get into the sink drain. In order not to push them by hand, you need a food waste chopper. This allows you not to get dirty hands and avoid clogging the sink siphon. Some users think that the device is dangerous in everyday use. The device is designed in compliance with all safety requirements. The design provides for the presence of a protective fence and a special pusher to prevent injury. Most of the fears of using shredders are unfounded. They have a simple structure and allow you to repair them yourself with minimal knowledge of the structure.

Food waste disposer and its purpose

The household waste disposer is a massive cylindrical housing with an engine and is suspended under the sink, replacing the siphon. The device will allow to turn household waste into a paste, flushing with flowing water into a drain. By the size, the household waste shredder has the dimensions of drinking water bottles available on the supermarket counters. Mass is also approximately equal. It is important for homeowners to know the dimensions of the device in order to understand the space available for mounting a grinding device.

This unit is installed under the sink instead of a siphon by a standard plumbing connection.

Installation of grinders in the case of steel sinks will not require the use of special tools. If the sizes do not match, the drain hole will be flared to the desired size. Do it yourself or invite the wizard. After this installation is carried out according to the instructions. Independent repair of the device is possible when reading its design and performing actions in accordance with the technical documentation of the device.

Features of food waste disposers:

  1. Each device is supplied with a pneumatic switch. This is a button with a long transparent tube going to the body. Pressing it can not even theoretically pose any danger to the wet hands of the hostess. This positive fact is important because of the periodic contact with water in the kitchen. In this case, electricity can be dangerous, but the power management button with electronic unit is located under the table top. This is done to isolate electrical parts from moisture. When exposed to a pneumatic switch, air pressure is transmitted through the tube to the switch.
  2. Food waste disposer consists of a motor and a working compartment. The motor is located at the bottom of the device. In the upper block, a disk is mounted on the shaft, equipped with functional cams on the peripheral part of the circle. They are responsible for the crushing of food waste. There are no blades inside, so the device is considered safe. To ensure safety, contact with the children's device should be protected. Draw your own conclusions and avoid dangerous situations in the house.
  3. When operating a food waste disposer, water must flow in a trickle. This is required to flush the crushed masses. Devices will recycle food residues, but not packaging materials. Read more about this in the instructions. The principle of action of the food income shredder will allow the cams to cope with most food and vegetable particles. The engine speed is 3000 units per minute, so the rest is ground relatively easily.
  4. The hole under the sink is covered with rubber petals, the shape of which is varied and depends on the model of the device. The shredder of household waste will allow cleaning to be done over the sink, which may seem relatively convenient for some. In this case, the garbage itself will not be recycled. It is necessary to push through the waste with the pusher inside, and strongly discourage the use of methods and objects prohibited by the instruction manual of the device.

Principle of operation

The product gets inside the grinding device and is broken up into small porridge by cams mounted on a rotating disk. In case of metal parts, foreign objects or a wedding ring getting inside the unit, it is necessary to disconnect the device in order to avoid its damage. Chopper damage difficult. The body is made of flexible plastic, resistant to shock loads and other mechanical effects.

Repair of food waste disposers

It is required to become familiar with the basic design elements of grinding mechanisms for self-repair.

  • Most devices belong to the first class of electrical safety. The power wire is provided with a terminal for grounding( in foreign versions there are three contacts).When connecting you need to comply with security measures. The house requires a ground loop. The plastic case of the shredder protects against leakage of electrical current. You should conduct regular inspections of the device for damage to the body. If threads with wire accumulate inside, then the sealing gland under the disc becomes unusable. Water begins to leak into the device. This will lead to the closure of the wiring of the engine, accompanied by its failure.
  • Performing verification operations to detect foreign objects in the grinding device begins with a visual inspection of the device. If you suspect a malfunction, you need to dismantle the chopper and clean it. To do this, the device is disconnected from the power supply. Using a flashlight, you can determine the presence of foreign parts and a quarrel in the working chamber. In the case of a disc lock, there is a method of manually rotating the shaft by activating an allen key. As a result of such manipulations, you can eliminate the problem and restore the operability of the mechanism.

  • An important sign of engine failure or blockage of the working body is a slight buzz, indicating the passage of current through the windings. In this case, the rotation of the disk does not occur. If there is no sound when turning on the device, it is necessary to check the presence of the supply voltage. The cause of these symptoms can be triggered by a relay that protects the chopper from overload. The motor is protected from overheating by a thermal fuse. Checking the power supply is carried out by applying a tester. In the absence of protection against overloads, it is necessary to turn off the mechanism in a timely manner in case of a jammed working disk. Otherwise, the heating of the windings will lead to loss of performance by the motor. If overheating protection does not work, repair will be difficult.
  • Sealing the grinding mechanism provides seals. Their verification will require disassembly operations. A sign of their malfunction will be the appearance of liquid leakage to the outside. It is important to carry out timely maintenance of the device and timely replace consumables. Do not operate the product without seals. Water will leak in and cause a short circuit. Operation of the grinding device with a differential protection mechanism will avoid problems caused by voltage surges and eliminate winding short circuits. The operation of the safety unit is based on tracking the level of current leakage. Differential device provides additional user protection. The principle of operation is to compare the input and output current of the chopper between each other. At the slightest inequality, the power supply of the device will be terminated.
  • Pneumatic tube is easily triggered, which means that the tightness of the tube is likely to break. It is necessary to localize the leakage site by any method, and restore the integrity of the path. Try to use moisture resistant glue. Replacing the button will require some knowledge of the mechanism design and experience in conducting such operations.

In case of leakage, it is necessary to eliminate them by using a special sealing material. This applies to the garbage inlet, and dirty water out.

If there are children in the house, pull out the appliance power plug from the outlet. Or provide a method to block energy consumption by the device. If children throw waste at the neck and turn on the water, it will not go away. This will contribute to its accumulation in the sink. An additional measure of security will be the installation of leakage protection.

Skeptics seem so much protective measures. The main importance is to ensure the safety of human health. All recommended safety systems should be installed. Proper operation of the shredder will prevent the occurrence of serious problems and complex repairs. This will allow for self-correction of possible device inconsistencies. Interest in household grinding devices is growing. Spare parts for them implement specialized stores.

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