How to disassemble a washing machine drum

When it's time to repair, the user thinks: give the washing machine to the service or try to eliminate the breakdown. If the gland is worn out and other breakages that require removal of the tank, a sequence of actions is important.

We will tell you what you need to do for a successful repair, as you can independently disassemble the drum on a washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Preparatory work
  • 2We disassemble the AGR to remove the tank
  • 3Let's start disassembling the tank

Preparatory work

Before dismantling, you need to understand how to remove the drum from the washing machine. For all the works you will need:

  • Different types of screwdrivers. Based on the brand and model CM, you will need a screwdriver under the hexagon, flat, cross.
  • Combination pliers.
  • Sockets.
  • Wrench.
  • Hacksaw and cloth for metal.
  • A hammer.
  • A metal bolt or chisel.

Also, you may need a WD-40 tool that will remove the rusty or rusted parts.

We disassemble the AGR to remove the tank

First, turn off the stylalk, disconnecting it from the mains. Shut off the water supply.

  • After unscrewing the fixing bolts from the rear, remove the panel from above.

  • Remove the back cover by unscrewing the screws.
  • To remove the drive belt, pull it with one hand while scrolling the other pulley.
  • Remove the pulley of the drum. Fix it in one position and unscrew the fixing screw in the center.
  • Disconnect all wiring attached to the tank.
  • Disconnect the heater wiring.
  • Disconnect the motor cable connectors.
  • Remove the motor by unscrewing the fixing bolts.
  • Depending on the CM model, you may need to remove the upper counterweight. To do this, remove the fixing bolts.
  • After pressing the central latch, pull out the detergent drawer.
  • Unscrew the screws of the control panel, set it aside.
  • Disconnect the inlet pipe from the powder receptacle. Take it away.
  • Through the bottom, unscrew the screws of the shock absorbers and remove the drain pipe, loosening the clamp.
  • Unscrew the screws for attaching the interference filter. Take it to the side.
  • Remove the clamp from the hatch cuff, thread the edges of the seal into the tank.

  • Remove the tank from the hangers, pull it out through the top of the machine.

This method is very easy to disassemble, because you do not need to detach the front of the styralka. For machines with a vertical type of load of laundry, the actions are practically the same, only with slight differences:

  • It is necessary to remove the back cover, as well as the lower cover of the machine from the front, by unscrewing the bolts.
  • The side panel is moved and retracted.
  • The wiring is disconnected from the housing and the fasteners are loosened.

Further, all the details are removed, as in a CM with front loading. Then, after you have unscrewed the drum and the tank from the washing machine, start to disassemble them.

Let's start disassembling the tank

In washers, two types of tanks are popular: collapsible and non-separable.

Washing machines with a demountable tank require only on the perimeter to unscrew the screws to remove the upper part.

In the undivided, you will have to use a hacksaw to cut the pieces to reach the drum.

Before starting to repair, make a few holes (15 to 20 pieces) for further fastening the tank.

Proceed to cutting:

  1. Install the tank on its side, on the edge.
  2. Examine the seam from all sides. You can start to saw from the place that you like best.
  3. Be sure to use a thin cloth for metal. The tool for working on wood leaves too much a connector, which will complicate further sealing.
  4. Saw around the perimeter.

Note! Disassembly of the glued drum of the washing machine is carried out in the same way.

To remove the drum, remove one half of the tank. Then remove the pulley if you did not do this when removing the tank from the machine. Then you should not knock on the shaft, use a hammer. So you can pull out the drum.

Now, knowing how to get a drum from a washing machine with a demountable tank, you can decide: do it yourself or contact a service center.

If you decide to do everything yourself, the video helps you:

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