How to replace the activator of a washing machine

In this article we will consider what to do if the activator is worn out. How to remove it from the washing machine and replace it with all the rules, so that the semi-automatic machine continues to serve as a new one.

Activator washing machines are relatively simple, but they wear out as often as they do for automatic machines.

Content of the material:

  • 1Functions and purpose of the activator
  • 2Horizontal and vertical arrangement
    • 2.1CM-1
    • 2.2CM
    • 2.3CM-2
    • 2.4Activator + drum
  • 3Replacement of a ribbon maker

Functions and purpose of the activator

The activator is a disc located on the side of the wall or on the bottom of the tank, which rotates during washing and mixes the laundry, "activates" the washing. There are small blades on the outside of this plastic disc.

Activators can differ in size and design, but the task is one - to move the laundry in the tank.


In modern washing machines, the machine also has an activator installed inside the drum. It is called a "ribboynik" and looks like a barrier. His tasks are similar - to break up lumps of laundry and shake it, so that the quality of washing was as high as possible.

Another destination is an additional rib of stiffness.


Horizontal and vertical arrangement

Clippers come in two types: with a vertical and horizontal activator. The activator of the washing machine-semi-automatic, in which there is an additional tank for spinning, also has a horizontal arrangement.

When disassembling such machines there are a lot of technical nuances. Let's consider each case separately.


Among these machines you can find such brands:

  • "Baby
  • "Samara
  • "Otrada".

Before removing the activator of the washing machine semi-automatic, disassemble it. To do this, you need to make a key, which you can unscrew the part.

Why do I need a key and why can not I buy it? It is difficult to explain this, but Soviet manufacturers have designed the machine so that each activator needs an individual key. Fortunately, it's easy to make.

Consider everything on the example of the widespread brand "Baby". Take:

  • pipe (15 cm longer than the diameter of the activator housing);
  • drill bit 6 mm;
  • 2 bolts;
  • 2 nuts.

Drill 2 holes in the pipe 95 mm apart from each other. Then insert the bolts in such a way that another 1 mm were visible from the other side, secure with nuts.

Now this "key" can be removed activator.

Remove the part in the following order:

  • Remove the plug from the side of the machine.
  • Turn the activator to keep the holes in the impeller and housing aligned.
  • Lock the rotor with a screwdriver.
  • Insert the self-made key into the activator housing and carefully unscrew the part.

Attention! Where to turn - to the right or to the left, - is for certain unknown. It all depends on the brand and model of the stylalki.

After you have removed the old activator, take a new one and assemble the equipment, acting in the reverse order.

If you removed the activator not to replace the part, and to completely disassemble the case, continue to disassemble. How to disassemble the washing machine Baby, we told in previous articles.


This type includes:

  • "Fairy
  • "Mini-Vyatka
  • "Ivushka".

The activator rotates due to the belt transmission, as in automatic washers. It is just as easy to remove an akivator from them:

  • De-energize the washing machine.
  • Loosen the bolts that secure the motor.
  • Remove the drive belt from the pulley.
  • Remove the nut on which the pulley holds.
  • Knock out the stopper.
  • Remove the activator.

When replacing the activator of the washing machine, do not forget that between it and the tank there should be a distance of no more than 2 mm, and the displacement along the axis is not more than, mm. To adjust the part, lay the washer.


Their difference is their size and capacity: they can wash for 1 load up to, kg of laundry. The metal case is painted and has rectangular shapes, and the activator is located on the side. When repairing CM-2 activator type washing machines, you need to act according to the following sequence:

  1. Unscrew the back cover and set it aside.
  2. Remove the drive belt.
  3. Remove the bolt securing the pulley.
  4. While holding the activator, remove the pulley.
  5. Remove the part required.
  6. Collect the styralka, acting in the reverse order.

Activator + drum

All machines are automatic or semi-automatic, which do not have a drum, we are used to call activator. But in some Deo models there is also a drum.

Consider how to remove the drum edge of the washing machine step by step:

  • You do not need to remove the drum. It is enough just to remove the rim: remove the latches in the sides and remove.
  • Unscrew the nut on which the activator is held. The mounting is located at the very bottom of the tank, so it will be more convenient to work with a socket wrench.
  • Remove the nut, poke the part with a flat screwdriver and remove it with the nut and washer.
  • Buy a new original part. Replace, tighten with a nut.

Important! Before you repair the washing machine, find a partner. He holds the drum while you unscrew the nut so that it does not rotate. You can jam the drum with a bar, but this is not safe for the rotary mechanism.

Replacement of a ribbon maker

If you do not know how to replace the ribbon maker, then do not hesitate - this task is even possible for a beginner. Just follow our recommendations:

  • Armed with a rigid wire or spring.
  • Fold its tip in the form of a hook.
  • Insert the wire into the hole on the rib, you press on it and pull to yourself - the part should easily detach from the lock.

To install a new ribbon maker, you do not need a tool:

  • Feed the part slightly upwards, and then put the mating part on the hooks.
  • Then press the hooks with an awl, passing it through the holes.

Any of the listed works can be done without the help of a specialist - with their own hands and without a special tool. If in doubt, use the tips from the video:

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