How to check the lock of a washing machine

In the washing machine, each part is responsible for a certain work - so, the door is closed by a special device UBL. This electronic lock locks the door when closing, sending a signal to the control module. When the locking device is triggered, washing begins.

We will consider the reasons for the breakdown of the lock device, as well as the options for its verification.

Content of the material:

  • 1Principle of operation and types of blocking
  • 2Why UBL breaks down
  • 3Self-check of the CMA lock

Principle of operation and types of blocking

Before you check the lock in the washing machine, you need to understand how this device works. Often, in modern machines, manufacturers use two types of lock:

Electromagnetic.This lock is used less and less. The disadvantage of using it is that it works while there is electricity supply. If it is turned off, you will not be able to open the hatch.

Bimetallic.The device and the principle of the lock on the door of the hatch are quite simple: electricity is supplied to the thermal element, which is thereby heated. At the same time, it heats the plates from the bimetal, so that they bend, putting pressure on the lever. The latter works and closes the door.

Such thermo-locks with bimetallic plates are considered the most effective.

There is a delay when unlocking the door. What for? Until the water finally merges and all parts of the machine stop moving, the door must not open for safety reasons.

Another plus of thermal locks: when you turn off the electricity, you can open them.

Why UBL breaks down

You have already understood how the washing machine works and what are the advantages of using it. Why does the lock break? Here are the main reasons for the malfunction:

  • Long-term use contributes to the wear of bimetallic plates. As a result of constant deformation, the plates lose their functional qualities.
  • Due to a short circuit, the device also fails.

While the device is supplied with voltage, it works. Therefore, if your styralka has stopped, but the door has not been unlocked, do not rush to blame the locking device. Most likely, a triac broke on an electronic board, which is responsible for the operation of UBL. Power is supplied continuously, so the door does not open.

Self-check of the CMA lock

There are a number of external features on which the user can assume a fault lock:

  • The CM is disabled, but the door remains closed. The reason lies in the locking device or in the main module.
  • When you start the program, washing does not begin, the hatch remains open.
  • The rifle emits a fault code, indicating a breakdown of the lock.

To understand if the lock is broken or something else, you need to know how to check the UBL in the washing machine by the tester.

You will need to remove the device from the machine:

  • Disconnect the AGR from the network.
  • Open the door.
  • Unbolt the cuff of the hatch and remove its clamp.

  • After pulling the cuff from the side, you will see the lock.

  • Loosen the two bolts securing the lock.

  • Unplug all connectors and remove the lock.

Now that the UBL is in your hands, you can start checking the lock of the washing machine. To use the multimeter, you need a lock scheme. This is necessary to determine the location of the common and neutral contacts.

At home, you can only test the thermocouple that heats the plates.

  1. Set the tester to the resistance measurement mode.
  2. Attach its probes to neutral and phase contact.
  3. The lock is OK if a three-digit number appears on the screen.
  4. Tentacles of the multimeter switch to neutral contacts - common.
  5. The device is malfunctioning if the display is lit 1 or 0.

After finding out how to properly check the hatch lock in the washing machine, you can install a new lock. Do this:

  • Connect the wires to a working device.
  • Take it by the wall of the case, install it in the hole for the lock.
  • Tighten the fixing screws.
  • Replace the cuff clamp.

Checking UBL in the washing machine is not a difficult task, you can do it yourself. Of course, with a faulty lock, the door will not close, so the washing will not start for your safety.

Install a new locker will not be difficult for a beginner, the main thing - a sequence of actions.

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