Removing the air conditioning with his own hands

Not yet created manuals explaining how to remove the outdoor unit air conditioner. Mostly boxes take off on the ground that can not be considered fit case scenario. We believe the quality of the compressor motor is able to provide a further, given the stunning performance, the condenser and deserves a better fate than to be immediately scrapped. But if the whole mass of the external air-conditioning unit fell to the ground, operate the units from the broken structure unsafe.

Removal of the indoor unit

Removal of the indoor unit

Safety when removing the air conditioner

Lack of unified science based methodologies puts the sideways theme of process safety. Well considered embodiment the smooth descent down structure. Instead, the proposed practical ways of seeing, reflecting the Russian mentality. We pull the external power jeeps, throw down his arms, pull the rope from afar. Clearly, the people fully understand the report to take action and to try to avoid a chance encounter with a falling weight.

In our opinion, easier to pull from the top of the winch, lift the cover and the external power, and then dismantle the hardware and start the descent. Difficulties arise when a number of a plurality of air conditioners. Therefore, we consider the result of the displacement unit or an external vtaskivaniya a nearby window. This represents a certain complexity, considering that the weight of the product reaches 120 kg. The installation involved the crane, is sometimes used aerial platform. On the hill climber working with a winch.

Sketch the situation:

  1. Apply winch, descended from the roof, it will not work. For the simple reason that the floor hangs a foreign unit. We'll have to score higher anchor, but the vertical axis of symmetry of our cargo.
    Removing the outdoor unit

    Removing the outdoor unit

  2. The next stage of the outdoor unit to hook on a piece of durable fabric. Already described ideas in a series of articles under VashTehnik site. Meaning: to pick up an external unit like a broken arm sash across his neck.
  3. The principle seems different. Both cling to fabric edges are not for the block, but simply a strong tether desired length. How do vnatyag. Loosen the load from the support, gently lift and secure assembly.
  4. Then drain the winch rope from the roof, in the middle of the window opening. Further actions are understandable. Carefully gaff or similar object tightens external power to itself. We engage the fabric simultaneously by two cables, tighten the winch to the first rope slack, loose ye, draw in the outdoor unit in a window with a winch.

The entire procedure. Be able to independently remove any air conditioning power, arbitrary weight. would stand halyards, winches and anchor, plus fabric. Readers may have noticed that the web is unusual, which allows to hang two files. The design provides two ears, both located at the center of symmetry. The easiest is to provide a steel bracket-like sartorial hook for women's clothing. The authors made a screen site c = metall8plast & s = 489 043 readers to better understand. The dictionary device called sewing crochet.

Sew hook

Sew hook

As can be seen from the figure, the left side is suitable for our purposes. If garter manufacture, in which the ear tightly vdet similar item, the complexity of removing the air conditioner will disappear. Need climber, ladder or tower. We believe it is permissible to discuss the security situation separately for plaster may find additional details, for example, anchor hook, hammered on the window, so as not to tear off a layer of decor.

How to mount air conditioner, in order to facilitate the dismantling

There are many cases where dismantling is possible, if not strange assembly. It is known that the movement path of Freon is not too critical to the direction of laying. Why, they ask, to hang the outdoor unit air conditioner in an inaccessible location. We believe the answer lies in the plane of the service: if the object is in a dangerous place, where people voluntarily finds itself. Therefore, buyers do not become self-clean air-conditioning, providing service income.

In practice, the air conditioner put out there, where the block then easier to remove. The owner is at home, why pay twice - for the installation, and then for dismantling. The project is made for money, worth 5000 rubles. Require to make so that was easy to carry out operations without leaving the house, but leaning out of the window. It is clear that insurance is required, the professional climber services barely.

We do not understand the skeptical perception of legislators topics installing external units of air conditioners on the balconies. The roller distinguished First channel analog noticeable looks advantageous not spoil the architecture of the building, it is not installed by a professional climber. We believe that among the prohibitions role played by the mechanical strength: Place the outdoor unit on the balcony, and the collapse architectural element... Let suspended a short distance from the floor to the wall.

Probably due to the risk. Unit weight 100 kg, plus the weight of the two fitters, published on balcony installed element. The total mass is able to be critical for the balcony. Residents with strong external loggias C units not only solve, and recommend, set on the balcony, in order not to spoil the appearance of the city.

Then remove the air conditioner by yourself would be simple, and easy to deliver. Secondary plus: it is possible to oblige tenants to collect the condensate and not disposed of on the passers-head. This will improve the situation in the city, make the area more friendly.

Private balcony is not the only place where it is possible to install the outdoor unit air conditioner, without leaving the house. There in the house adjacent rooms with windows facing the common side of the building. The gap at the sill recommend to hang the outdoor unit. Ask in the design organization, whether legitimate, and demand that was planned for maximum convenience. Then, leaning out of the window first, make holes for the first bracket, similar to attach the second of the second window. With insurance means. To reestablish the outdoor unit in place, it will need the umbilical cord care unit, additional fasteners.

Correct installation of the air conditioner - a window

Correct installation of the air conditioner - a window

Perhaps, in the Russian Federation should consider an alternative theory of installing external air conditioner units on their own without danger to life. For example, the supply unit on the guide rails, a bracket device placed under the window. Unlike typical hole designs for the anchor should be placed at the top of the mounting rails.

The first officer, leaning out of the window, is able to set both brackets. On top of already hoisting together, sliding down under its own weight, the outdoor unit. It brings a lot of difficulties dismantling, if the metal prirzhaveet. There are technologies to avoid unwanted turn of events. Durable plastic as part of the body. A bracket is still let out of steel. Consistent with the need to place communications:

  1. Fittings for freon.
  2. Electric shield.

To this end, a removable top cover is planned, in the future it will provide easy access for cleaning the condenser and compressor. In addition, refueling will cease to require the presence of stairs. It remains condensate complexity: no one like that on top of the sill dripping condensate. Summer without difficulties - let the moisture evaporate from the condenser, at the same time increasing the efficiency of the device. In winter, the condensate is not formed.

Dismantle conditioner

You should not joking, air conditioning can come and just take off. Illegally? In 2008, the adoption of the bill, greatly complicating the procedure for approval, and the procedure has risen. Now, without the permission of the host of organizations can not do anything, and remove the air conditioning can. We believe that sometimes wiser to dismantle the air conditioner yourself than allow others for money.

Happy owners of apartments in the center will have to forget about the air conditioner. If the building is a monument of architecture, the device is prohibited to place. But appeared in the code the concept of retroactivity. reverse action law does not show. Recall that no one judge in one act twice. More recently, in Moscow and in Russia installation of air conditioning did not differ much in terms of design of the installation in the kitchen kettle. In 2008, the circumstances have changed. Crusade announced A. Kuzmin - the chief architect of the capital.

Past and current chief architect of Moscow

According to the venerable legislator, and violators will be punished ruble bills, the crew of the day did not find in Moscow without air conditioning of the building, although the city of 30,000 buildings. In New York and London will not see such a disgrace. However, in Southern California hotter.

Years passed, but during the past period of not seeing signs that people are going to the streets dripping on the heads of passers-conditioners clean. Imagine that the firm one-day puts air conditioning at a reasonable price, take the money in an envelope and escapes. It is impossible to prove that last split system at the disputed site was not. According to experts, the above list of documents collect:

  1. Resolution Directorate for building maintenance.
  2. Project documentation. The cost of 6000 rubles.
  3. Reconciliation takes place in:
  • Moscomarchitecture;
  • Rospotrebnadzor;
  • Gosgornadzore.

The documents can be "drowned"

To project went into business, you need:

  • A certificate from BTI;
  • technical conclusion;
  • MOE resolution;
  • agreement with the owner of the house;
  • certificate of ownership;
  • a copy of the account;
  • insurance policy;
  • the contract with the contractor (acquired the license);
  • Finally, the building sponsor.

Probably, the list is incomplete, but before securities are not required. Consequently, the temptation to cheat the people came, saying that air conditioning has been around for a long time. And as mentioned earlier, retroactive law is not. This is used by fraudsters, saying that the equipment for a long time have already chosen the place currently occupied by the window.

Dismantle conditioner

For individual information, the outdoor unit begins with a weight of 25 kg and comes to 130. Remove solid... like a whopper is not easy. It may help aerial platform, although the machine is order in the capital complexity. 130 kg - not the weight of the two middle men. The winch will be fit solution. When installing, ask the designer to include in the plan a means for removal of the unit.

This is at least two hooks that can bear the weight of a large margin. How to act? A couple of people lifts (for his ropes pulled the product) requires a third man, just will delay the appearance of the block wall.

Winch for removing the air conditioner

It is better to use a winch. The thing costs 5000 rubles, able to lift 5 tons of cargo. For greater security, two are needed. Amiss winch car. Even a quad bike equipped. In the latter case, careful not to turn the vehicle, weighing a little.

Hand winch is often supplied with a cord of 20 meters (5,000 rubles). Load capacity varies, always more than a ton. During that second ear hook. The device is usually located in the center of the rope. It requires support. In addition to the hooks on the external air-conditioning unit in the project should be provided for mounting the winch. In this case, the dismantling will not take a lot of strength.

When the outdoor unit directly under the window, drag a box with the help of the winch is not too difficult if you persuade neighbors to hook up the winch. Option will take place and the use of deflectors on the roof. Of course, the structure provides strength to bear the new load. Modern methods of disassembly conditioner outdoor unit disables. The housing engages the cable at an angle of 45 degrees is pulled by hand or vehicle. The external unit air conditioner falls, bends lining. The equipment comes into disrepair.

In the external block a lot of things that are suitable for farming. The main difficulty lies in removing the screws that secure the unit to the bracket. Without high altitude difficult.

Ask the company carrying out the project in order to mount brackets placed above the window. Moreover, so as to vertically held in the frame.

Place for installation of air conditioning and dismantling

To understand how to remove the air conditioner outdoor unit, you need to understand the structure of the design. It is a flat box, often without handles, hinges, eyelets for hoist. How to capture the unit without breaking. That came up with bright minds:

  • External power is nothing to grasp. I found a reliable way. Let's see how the body is attached to the bracket, two brackets weaker species, one side nailed to the wall.
  • At any corner of the horizontal portion of the two holes. At the end of the first, the second at the bottom. The main body of a hole bent steel legs, protruding perpendicularly to the wall back and forth. Outdoor unit air conditioner
  • Imagine now a broken arm in a cast. Hung on the garter - expands to the bottom, then cover the neck on both sides, tapering. This is the best national method.
  • Do likewise. Take a piece of strong tarpaulin width between brackets. Up enhanced gateways at the edges so as not to tear it. The edges of the fold and sew.
  • Ear in the middle to the edges of the canvas. Thus, the top is lowered to hoist the miracle of technology, for the bottom to hook an external unit air conditioner, the unit is safe, as the bandaged hand.
  • Left lane to shout, to evict a block, then slowly drag it into the window.

Better air conditioning hang from the side. Typically, there are two windows, the gap between the lumens, which is easy to fit with the air conditioner brackets. The owner screams to let down the bandage wraps external power, hoist a little stretched. Then you need to lean out the window and unscrew the two screws, then the second - two. So, the air conditioner outdoor unit is released, it can be removed. Dismantling of the indoor unit is performed easily.

Eyelet reinforced steel ring. To adapt are canvas strips on both sides covering in brackets instrument Near to the ear. Variations are possible. Think of the proposed design. The bandage should be a few times higher than outdoor air conditioning unit. It turns out that the site suggested the idea of ​​how to dismantle the air conditioner, and any weight without breaking the device. We are confident that the old unit repaired, the master there.

According to our estimates independent dismantling the conditioner described method is much better than the high altitude cause any aerial platform. As for the state bodies, simple techniques will not interfere. The main thing is not necessary to drill home. Winch easy to catch the solid construction on the roof. We believe that the answer is to dismantle the air conditioner himself.

And not have to look like the air conditioner is accompanied by the dismantling of the complete destruction of the equipment, bringing into disrepair. secondary raw material market should not be replenished in a similar way. In a country where any self-taught is able to move mountains.

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