White kitchen in a studio apartment of the same style

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The entire apartment is fully furnished in the same style, which cost us $ 880,000. rubles. The kitchen is modern, white, neutral colors. The wood-effect insert at the top of the headset has turned the interior into an interesting, elegant and memorable one.

The kitchen is made in the company:

Dynasty Kitchen Factory

G. Tyumen

More about the company
Modern white kitchen in a uniform style apartment

The facades in the kitchen are made of MDF, enamel on top. The main accent is the wood strip along the top edge of the cabinets. This imitation wood panel is then repeated throughout the apartment (bathroom, hallway).

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Plasic facades
It turns out that in each zone we have a color accent. The contrasting bright detail stands out against the pastel shades, making the interior more lively and enjoyable.
Wooden panel on white background

White color is cozy, light, it does not irritate the eye and the kitchen area looks very spacious. Complementary colors are dusty pink and gray. They are on the walls, cabinets.

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MDF wardrobe with enamel

Other furniture (in particular the TV stand) is made of the same materials as the kitchen set.

Dusty rose walls

The kitchen itself is small and to increase the usable area, the window sill area was extended by placing another cabinet under the countertop. Thanks to this, the working surface has increased significantly.

MDF facades with enamel

There are plastic facades in the bathroom so that high humidity does not interfere with the long service life of the furniture.

Plastic facades in the bathroom
All communications (pipes, meters) are removed in a hanging cabinet.
Communications in the closet

Light-colored artificial stone countertop. But the wall panel is made with imitation of gray marble. And when the backlighting is on, the effect of a niche and deep volume is created, which is so necessary in a solid headset without handles and with facades right up to the ceiling.


The entrance hall is also made of MDF board with enamel. Facades with integrated handles so as not to obstruct the aisle.

Hallway from MDF with enamel

Thanks to the correct zoning and design, as well as accent details in our apartment, it turned out to create a stylish space in which you want to constantly be.

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