Error F01 in the Indesit washing machine

Error F01 in the washing machine Indesit is very rare and indicates a breakdown of the electric motor.

Often this happens in older models with mechanical control. For example, the user may notice that the "Extra Rinse" indicator is on or "Spin" and "Lock" are blinking on the display.

In modern washers with electronic functionality, the display shows error F01.

Content of the material:

  • 1How to decode error codes
  • 2Signs of breakage
  • 3How to troubleshoot the problem yourself
    • 3.1Overload
    • 3.2The drum does not work when washing, but it rotates by hand
    • 3.3Drum jammed

How to decode error codes

What does it mean if an error F01 is displayed on the AGA Indesit display? A malfunction has occurred with the motor (electric motor) of the washing machine. On the electronic unit, the control element closes, this leads to a flashing of the bulbs and an error.

The motor is the most durable part of the machine Indesit. Problems with it can arise more as a result of wear than breakages. Therefore, most often the error F1 occurs in older models.

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Signs of breakage

Causes of the DTC:

  • the drum does not spin, washing does not start;
  • malfunctions with the socket and the cord of the machine;
  • when the drum rotates, a crack is heard - the wear of the carbon brushes has occurred;
  • there was a break in the winding of the electric motor;
  • the engine shoe pins are corroded;
  • malfunction of triac module.

A close inspection will help to solve the problem.

How to troubleshoot the problem yourself

If there is an error F1 first check the presence of voltage in the mains. For normal operation of the washing machine, Indesit requires power more than 200 V.

If the voltage is OK, restart the system. To do this, disconnect from the network for 20 minutes, then turn it on.

What should I do if the error lights again on the scoreboard? 01:

  1. Check that the outlet and the cord are not damaged.
  2. The external state does not cause suspicion? Then you need to inspect the engine:
  • Open the service hatch. Using an 8 mm key, unscrew the motor, carefully disconnect the wires that connect it to the motor.
  • After taking out the engine, inspect the two plates (brushes).
  • Remove them with a screwdriver, inspect for damage and wear. If the reason is this, the brushes should be changed to new ones. When you next wash, you can hear a characteristic crack. Everything is fine, there is a grinding of new brushes.
  1. Check the contacts of the control module. Often due to high humidity, they are corroded. If possible, clean or replace the contacts.
  2. If the motor winding is burnt or worn out, the motor must be replaced. It happens that repairs are impossible or not profitable from a financial point of view. Then it's cheaper to buy a new car.
  3. A malfunction with the control module is not a problem for beginners. This is one of the expensive and complex details. Therefore, it is better to entrust the repair to a professional master.

What does stopping the drum during washing mean? Let us consider this problem separately.

You loaded the laundry, went to the water intake, but at some point the process stopped. At the same time, F1 is on the scoreboard. First of all, disconnect the Indesit stylalk from the mains and drain the water using the drain valve. Empty the tank and try to figure out the problem.


First check if the drum rotates under your hand. If so, divide the laundry in half and start washing again.

The drum does not work when washing, but it rotates by hand

Possible malfunctions and their solution:

  • Problems with the belt: torn, worn, loosened or slipped off the pulley. In the latter case, you need to return the belt to its original place, the rest should be replaced.
  • Breakage of the electronic board: the start signal is not received to the drum. To clear the error, you will need to reset the programs. In severe cases, you need to reflash or replace the part.
  • Erasing brushes requires their replacement.
  • Malfunction of the motor. As a result of frequent voltage surges, leaks there is a serious breakdown - only a master can fix this.

Drum jammed

He does not turn his hand, does not work when washing.

  • The belt has fallen off or loosened.
  • The foreign object has got. Often, between the tank and the drum are coins and small items. To remove them, remove the back cover of the machine, remove the heater, then remove the object.
  • Bearing wear occurs as a result of long work, frequent use of cleaning agents, which erase the oil seals. Because of damaged seals, moisture gets on the bearings, after which they rust. It is difficult to replace the part by itself, it is necessary to completely disassemble the machine.

Now you understand what to do if the machine Indesit produces an error f 01. The main thing is do not run the problem, if a trouble code appears, it's best to understand their causes immediately.

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