Error codes for Kuppersbusch washing machines( Kuppersbusch)

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Code Meaning Solving the problem and causes of failure
EF1 The machine shows the error ЕФ1 when the drain system is blocked. It is necessary to clean all the elements of the drain system: the drain filter, the water drain hose, the drain pump.
EF2 The machine shows on the display of the EF2 when the foaming is too high. It may be worth changing the laundry detergent to a better one or choosing another washing mode.
E11 The Washer issues an E11 when it detects a problem with water for washing. This is accompanied by the fact that more time is spent on water intake than usual. It may be that the filler system is blocked, the filler valve has broken, or there is no water or sufficient pressure in the water supply system.
E12 Failure during the water in the drying mode. Problems with the bay system or the main board.
E21 If the E21 flashes, it means that the water drain is broken. Clogged drainage system, or pump failure.
E22 E22 is lit on the display in the absence of drainage of water in the drying mode. Drainage system problems, control module failure.
E31, E32 Too little or too much water is collected in the tank. To eliminate the E31 or E32, you need to check the water level sensor and its connections.
E33 E33 can mean two failures at once: a malfunction of the heater( heating element) or the response of the CM to a voltage surge in the network.

It is necessary to check the heater: maybe it accumulated scale, and it must be cleaned or replaced.

In case of power surges, turn off the power supply to the CM, check the wiring. You may have to change the power cord or surge protector.

E41, E42, E43, E44, E45 All these error codes - from E41 to E45 - appear when a hatch lock device malfunctions. You may have to change the UBL.But first try to just close the hatch more tightly.
E51 E51 indicates a module breakdown. Repair or replacement of the controller may be required.
E52 The board does not receive signals from the tachogenerator.

Most likely, the tachogenerator is faulty, therefore it needs to be replaced.

You will need to disassemble the case and remove the engine.

E53 E52 also indicates a module failure. Need firmware or replacement board.
E54 Error E54 lights up on the screen when the relay located on the module fails. Relay replacement, i.e. board repair, is required.
E61 Water is heating too slowly.

. To clear the error E61, you need to check the heater. He could scum, because of which he loses thermal conductivity.

Such a heater will quickly burn out, so you may need to replace the heater.

E62 E62 also indicates a malfunction of the heater, but is associated with overheating of water. It is necessary to replace the heating element or to check the serviceability of the temperature sensor.
E66 Code E66 indicates a breakdown of the heater relay or the heater itself. Replacement of broken parts is required.
E71 E71 speaks about thermistor breakage. Thermistor replacement needed.
E72, E73 Errors Е72 and Е73 occur when the drying thermistor fails. Replacing the thermistor will solve the problem.
E91 As a rule, the E91 code indicates a communication failure between the control panel lights and the module. Requires the analysis of the machine: checking the contacts and the board itself.

Kuppersbusch washing machine quickly took honorary ranks in the line of "luxury" home appliances.

Like many washing machines, Kuppersbusch is equipped with the most accurate high-speed self-diagnosis system. This system instantly identifies problems with parts, wiring or electronics and reports this using error codes. Error codes are displayed on the electronic scoreboard, while previous generations of machines signaled the problem with combinations of flashing lights.

Next, we will talk about what the breakdown codes mean, what to do when they are detected and how to troubleshoot.

Important! If you ignore the code and reset the errors by rebooting the machine, sooner or later it can break one or several nodes: the pump, the heating element, the sensors, and maybe the control board.

Fortunately, the Kuppersbusch washing machine is still an elite one, because breakdowns are rare for it. The main thing is to react in time to the detected problem and eliminate it.

Below is an exact Kuppersbusch CMA error table. Understanding what each of them means, you will be able to render all possible assistance to your typewriter when it gives an error.

What do Kuppersbush’s CM codes mean, what to do to eliminate them

Now you know how to fix this or that error. Even if self-repair cannot be done by you, understanding what an error code means, you can quickly and clearly explain to the master what happened.

As a result, the repair will be done on time, and the machine will work properly for many more years.

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