Error codes washing machines Zanussi

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A Zanussi washing machine informs the owner about breakdowns by displaying fault codes on a digital display. If your display has a display, you are lucky: you will be immediately informed about the slightest malfunction by the appropriate code.

If you have a machine-gun without a board, then you can also determine the breakdown by determining what this or that combination of luminous indicators means.

We consider in detail what each Zanussi code means, what are the reasons for its occurrence, and offer effective solutions to the problem.

Material content:

  • 1 Zanussi filling system breakdown: codes and causes
  • 2 Motor failure - error table and Zanussi breakdowns tablecodes and causes

    code Explanation Cause
    E11( or E10) If the machine gives error E11, then the water is too slowly poured into the tank or does not go there at all.
    1. It is possible that the water inlet valve has failed or there has been a breakdown of its electrical component.
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    3. Valve winding burned out. After measuring the resistance, a serviceable valve will give a 3.75 kΩ indicator on the tester.
    4. The water intake system is clogged.
    5. Low pressure in the water supply system, or the water supply valve is shut off.
    E13 If the E13 flashes, then water has leaked into the SMA pan. How to fix: it is necessary to disassemble the casing, search for a leak and seal the connections.
    E21( some models give out E20) Water does not drain. If the Zanussi washing machine shows error E21, then:
    1. The drain system may be clogged.
    2. Pump malfunction. When checking with a tester, a serviceable pump will produce a figure of 170 Ohms.
    3. The electronic control unit has failed.
    E22 Condensate drain was disturbed during drying.
    E23 If the E23 flashes, then a triac has blown that controls the operation of the drain pump( pump).

    Cause of failure - pump malfunction, it needs to be replaced.

    It is also worth replacing the triac, if he is guilty.

    E24 Is the code E24 lit? Most likely, the track of the simulator of the drainage pump was burned. Repair of the specified board section is required.
    EC1 The water intake valve is blocked. You can correct the situation and eliminate the EC1 error by cleaning the valve mesh filter.
    EF1 Time to drain water has been exceeded. The code ЕФ1 is displayed if there is a blockage in the drain hose or filter that prevents water from draining.

    Electric motor failures - a table of errors and breakdowns of the Zanussi

    Code Explanation Cause
    E51 E51 indicates a breakdown of contact between the engine and its control triac. Requires maintenance of contact circuits.
    E52 The engine tachometer does not send signals to the control unit. Typically, the code E52 appears due to the fact that the washer flies, fixing the tachometer.
    E53 If the E53 is lit on the board, it means that the circuit that was controlled by the motor triac was broken on the control unit.
    E54 "Stuck" relay contacts that are responsible for the reverse of the motor.
    E55 The electrical circuit of the engine is broken.
    E56 Tacho sensor signal timeout. The sensor may be broken or the module may have failed.
    E57 A current of more than 15A was detected in the system. Most likely, the engine broke down or the main board failed.
    E58 The phase current of the motor is more than 4.5A.
    E59 The tacho sensor does not transmit a signal for more than 3 seconds.

    The integrity of the wiring connecting the motor to the inverter is violated.

    The inverter board could also break.

    EA3 Error EA3 occurs if the DSP system cannot fix the motor pulley. The cause of the failure may be:
    1. Drive belt.
    2. DSP system.
    3. Wiring.
    4. Module.

    Water heating failure: main fault codes

    Code Explanation Cause
    E61 Water was not heated to the desired temperature point during the allotted time.

    Important! Error can only be detected in diagnostic mode.

    To remove the error E61, eliminate the cause of the breakdown - heater failure. To do this, check the resistance of the tester.

    A serviceable heater in the Zanussi washer will show 30 ohms.


    Error value E62 - water overheating.

    In 5 minutes the water temperature jumps to 90 degrees.

    Breakdown of the body can be the cause of breakage.

    In this case, when measuring the resistance of the heater, the serviceable element will show from 5.7 to 6.3 ohms.

    E66, E3A With codes E66 and E3A, the heater relay may fail. Possible breakage of the heater, contacts, control board.
    E68 The machine shows the code E68 on the display when grounding in the circuit of the heating element is triggered.
    E69 With E69, it is possible to diagnose a complete breakdown of the heating element.

    Sensor breakdowns in the Zanussi typewriter,

    error codes
    Code Explanation Cause
    E31 Breakdown of the water pressure switch. How to eliminate:
    • conduct wiring maintenance,
    • replace the relay.
    E32 The oscillation frequency of the level sensor is fixed. Typically, code E32 causes such reasons:
    • The water supply valve is closed.
    • Water clan is broken.
    • Clogged filtering drain system.
    • The level sensor tube is deformed.
    • Broken pressure switch.

    With code E33 there is no synchronization of the sensor responsible for the amount of water.

    The error also concerns the sensor, which prevents the heater from turning on without water.

    What should I do to fix the problem? Locate the cause of the breakdown:
    • Failed sensors.
    • Damaged tubing.
    • High voltage supply.
    E34 The E34 error washer for 1 minute. The reason is disagreement in the work of two sensors at once: anti-boiling and water level sensor.
    E35 At E35, an excess of the permissible water level is recorded in the tank. The reason for the error may be in the pressostat.
    E36 Breakage of the sensor that protects the heating element - ABS.
    E37 Sensor break L1S.
    E38 Pressure differential not recorded. With error E38, a blockage was formed in the tube connecting the tank and the level sensor.
    E39 Water overflow. Sensor HV1S is broken. This sensor protects the tank from overflowing.
    E44 With errors E44, E71 and E74, EC2, the machine may not give additional signals - displays only error codes. The sensor is broken, which is responsible for the fact that the hatch door is tightly closed.
    E71 Thermal sensor failed: its resistance exceeds the permissible limits.
    E74 Thermal sensor has shifted.
    EC2( the code is typical for the latest models of Zanussi machines). The turbidity sensor is broken.
    EF4 The flow sensor does not send a signal. Maybe there is just not enough pressure in the water supply.

    Other error codes

    Code Explanation
    E40 The hatch is open or the safety lock is broken.

    Important! V40 is a rare mistake. And the problem of the blocker often hides completely behind other combinations.

    E41 The tightness of the drum door is broken.
    E42 At E42, the door lock does not work, it needs to be replaced.
    E43 The code E43 means the failure of the triac UBL.
    E45 A part of the UBL triac circuit is broken.
    E5C The E5C code means high voltage - more than 430 V. Most likely, you will need to replace the electronic unit.
    Е5D The communication between the inverter and the electronic unit is broken. Code E5D indicates breakage of the specified parts or violation of the integrity of the wiring.
    E5E, E98 Codes E5E or E98 may indicate a loss of communication between the control unit and the inverter.
    E5F On E5F error, the engine does not start. May indicate an error on the inverter board.
    E82 Disrupted selector operation during program selection.

    Error E83 can be seen only in the diagnostic mode!

    Indicates a selector break.

    E84 E84 indicates a failure in the recognition of the recirculation pump.
    E85 Breakdown of the recirculation pump. Also thyristor could fail.
    E91, E92 Codes E91 and E92 appear on the display when the electronic display board and the control unit fail.
    E93 Software Crash. Eliminating E93 is possible only by entering the correct software cipher.
    E94 The operating modes of the CMA are incorrectly configured.
    E95 E95 says about the violation of the connection between such elements: a microprocessor and RAM.
    E96 E96 says that the CM control unit does not fit the devices that were connected to it.
    E97 The E97 code accompanies such a failure: the position of the selector wheel does not correspond to the mode selected by the system.
    E9A Sound system failures.
    EA1, EA2, EA4, EA5 EA codes 1, 2, 4 and 5 indicate a failure in the DSP system.
    EA6 The drum rotation signal does not sound for 30 seconds.
    EB1, EH1 Codes ЕВ1 and ЕН1 in different models can mean the same thing - network frequency overshoot.
    EB2, EH2 A codes ЕВ2 and ЕН2 indicate that the maximum allowable voltage is exceeded.
    EB3, EH3 Codes ЕВ3 and ЕН3, on the contrary, indicate a too low voltage level.
    EBE, EBF, EHE, EH Failure of the relay in the protective circuit.
    EF2 The code ЕФ2 is a fixation of exceeding the permissible volume of foam, and can also mean the clogging of the drain system.
    EF3 EF3 signals the protection is triggered - Aquastop, which means there is a water leak inside the case of the machine.
    EF5 Spin on Fail. The balance of the drum was disturbed.

    Now you know how to remedy the situation if your Zanussi washing machine issued a trouble code. Often, resetting errors does not require much effort, and our recommendations will certainly help you.

    Save the article in bookmarks, if you chose Zanussi SM, our table will still be useful to you.

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