Application of beeswax in cosmetology and folk medicine


Our ideas about beeswax are superficial and are limited, perhaps, to information that it is useful for health. But do you know that it has been stored for tens and hundreds of years? At the same time, useful properties are partially lost, but still the product remains useful. He was found in the ancient Egyptian pyramids during excavations.

And modern scientists with all their scientific and technical base have not yet learned how to recreate it in an artificial environment.

In this article we will consider what bee zabrus, talk about the use of beeswax in cosmetology and folk medicine, and learn how to heat beeswax.


Table of contents

  • Composition and medicinal properties of honey beeswax
  • How to be treated with natural wax in folk medicine
    • For adults
    • For children
    • For pregnant and lactating
    • For losing weight
    • For the intestine
  • Application in cosmetology
  • Benefit and harm
  • Selection of beeswax and determination of quality
  • How to melt at home
    • To heat on a water bath
    • Inundate in solar wax-ups
  • Useful properties and application of bee products - zabrusa

Composition and medicinal properties of honey beeswax

Wax is excreted by the glands of bees, which they use to build honeycombs and seal cells with honey. In its composition - about three hundred compounds, of which more than two thirds are ethers.

In addition, there are alcohols and acids, other compounds. The composition directly depends on the nutrition of the bees. It is insoluble in water, and even acid does not take it. However, fat can dissolve it. The color also depends on which pollen was used for the production of honey.Wax is a solid substance with a granular structure.Like any other product of the life of bees, it is very useful. It is used in medicine, cosmetology.


How to be treated with natural wax in folk medicine

It has been used in folk medicine since ancient times.Another world-famous Persian scientist and healer, Avicenna, prescribed it to men, women and children of different ages for certain diseases, to improve immunity.

Due to its chemical composition, as well as its physical properties (elasticity, elasticity, softness), it has found its application.

Natural beeswax

For adults

For older people, if cracks develop on the heels, they are removed by applying a mask of the following composition to the previously steamed skin for 20 minutes:

  • 100 g of wax;
  • 40 g of licorice root, bringing it to a powdery consistency;
  • 20 ml of sea-buckthorn oil.

It is useful for smokers to take a warm mixture of wax, vodka and onions in moderation.

Suffering from ulcers in diabetes is recommended to use a mixture of wax, butter, pine pitch and corn oil. This mixture is applied to gauze, which is applied to the body.

Wax helps with inflammation of the gums.For this, he is chewed three times a day for 15 minutes. If you accidentally swallow a piece of the product - it's okay. It's even useful. In this case, it serves as an adsorbent. Since it practically does not dissolve in the stomach, after a while it is discharged outside.

In case of polyarthritis (chronic joint disease), a mask with the following composition:

  • Heated wax (100 g);
  • A teaspoon of honey.

This mixture is laid on gauze, and then - to the sick joint. Next, cover with cellophane and wrap with a warm scarf for half an hour. This procedure is sufficient once a day for two weeks.

For children

With pertussis in children, the following warm mixture is recommended:

  • 50 g of wax;
  • 50 g of goose fat;
  • 2 drops of fennel.

Hold 12-17 minutes in the form of a compress, putting the baby on the breastbone.

To combat youthful acne use the following composition in the form of a cleansing cream:

  • 20 g of wax;
  • 2 tablespoons celandine in powder form;
  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin.
Tile of natural beeswax ready for use

For pregnant and lactating

With a lack of milk and, accordingly, to increase its lactationbreastfeeding mothers are recommended to put on the chest wax, pre-warmed in a water bath, with the addition of pharmacy juice plantain. In this case, the ratio of these ingredients should be five to one.

The number is taken, based on individual characteristics. Keep this mixture can be up to 20 minutes just before the beginning of feeding. This will warm the body and provide a rush of milk.

If there are problems with inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes, thenIt is worth trying to apply on the bottom of the stomach a mixture of wax, tinctures of calendula and margarine.

With the help of wax, hair removal is performed for pregnant women.

For losing weight

For slimming, it is better to use honey. This is because the latter does not dissolve in water. It can not be used as a solution in a mixture with other components. For this purposeit is recommended to chew the wax at night for 20 minutes.

In addition to removing inflammation in the oral cavity, extra gastric juice is produced, which facilitates rapid digestion of the dinner, especially if it is abundant. The beekeeping product is also used to lose weight in folk magic rituals, which is due to its physical properties.

For the intestine

Because wax is rich in sorbents, it is useful to eat it in limited quantities. It stimulates the glands and shrinks the walls of the intestine for food movement (peristalsis). Its use has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the intestines, which helps protect against gastric diseases. Due to its unique composition it has antibacterial properties.

When a rectum is cracked, the following composition is introduced into the rectum: beeswax (three parts), finely chopped calendula flowers (two parts), honey (one part).This is done after emptying the intestine. Enough of the mixture in the amount of a teaspoon. After the introduction, lie down to half an hour with the raised lower part of the body (legs, pelvis).

Varied products from beeswax

Application in cosmetology

Beeswax is a constituent of a significant number of all kinds of cosmetic products, thanks to its chemical composition. In addition, it is an excellent preservative.

If desired, you can prepare a lot of useful cosmetic masks.

So, to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, it is mixed with honey and onions. Used in the following proportion: wax - 30 grams, honey - 40 grams, juice of half a lemon. Apply at bedtime for 20 minutes.

To remove black dots on his face, use it in a pure form, applying a thin layer after heating in a water bath.

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For aging skin use a mixture of:

  • Wax, lanolin, sour cream, olive oil, juice of carrots and potatoes - all on a teaspoonful;
  • lemon juice.

This mixture perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Creams are also used in folk cosmetology:

  • Mixed wax with lemon juice is applied to the skin for its additional nutrition;
  • You can bleach the skin by applying wax with lemon juice and blue clay.
Before applying any cream, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned with a decoction of chamomile. After application on the skin, it is desirable to apply the cream.

Benefit and harm

A lot has been said about the benefits above. You can add that it also includes useful minerals and vitamins, a hydrocarbon. Its composition is not permanent. It depends on the honey plants, from which the bees take the pollen. It softens the skin, anesthetizes and heals wounds.

There are practically no contraindications, except for rare cases of allergy. This is due to the presence of honey in its composition. Before applying the mask or cream on the skin, you can make sure that the body tolerates the product normally. For this, the melted wax on the water bath is applied to the back side of the palm.

In fact, harm can only come from consuming wax in large quantities inside and a counterfeit product.
Application of beeswax in cosmetology

Selection of beeswax and determination of quality

Always use a fresh, fresh wax. When choosing a buyer, we recommend paying attention to the smell. Natural wax has a taste and smell of honey.

Fresh has a pink or white color.If it is brown, then surely this wax a few years. If the wax cut has a glossy, rather than a matte surface, then paraffin is mixed in its composition.


How to melt at home

To use wax for its intended purpose, it is cleaned of coarse impurities, and in necessary cases (if it is used for chewing or ingestion), it is cleaned two or three times.There are specially made at the factory voskotopki.

But they are not always on sale. And the cost of the voskotopki not cheap, because when they are used, either aluminum or stainless steel.

To heat on a water bath

Our ancestors had never heard of specially made in the factory plants on the furnace of wax. They successfully used the water bath method. To sink on it wax is not difficult. By the way, it is still very popular because of its availability and cheapness.To do this, take two containers of the same capacity for 20-30 liters. It can be enamelled or aluminum pans, basins, troughs.

In one container we collect the crushed wax, before washing it and having cleared from a large fraction of garbage. Then we tie the capacity on top with gauze. Another container with water is filled with 40% water and put on fire. After the water boils, turn the container with wax to a boiling pot (tank) with water.

Handles of two containers are tied to each other, the water continues to boil on a slow low flame for two to three hours. The upper tank can be something to warm. In this state, the wax is left until the next day. After all the contents cool, take out a yellow piece of wax from the container. It takes the form of the capacity in which it was.

Melting of beeswax

Inundate in solar wax-ups

Solar unit do it yourself. It is installed in the apiary or at home. Such a wax is valued higher, because in the process it gets exposed to direct sunlight.

It is expedient to re-heat light raw materials in them. FROMThe sunflower wax is a box (wooden or steel), covered with a frame with double glass.Inside such a structure, a pan of stainless steel is installed at an angle of 40 degrees and a trough of tin.

In this trough pour a little water, so that in the future it was easy to remove from the container. Finely chopped product is pre-cleaned. Then put on a baking sheet under the glass. The sun heats the glass, the space inside the structure, under the influence of the rays, the wax begins to melt. To do this, he is 70 degrees. Through a grate on a baking sheet, it flows into a trough. As you can see, wax is not difficult to melt with this method.

Useful properties and application of bee products - zabrusa

Now we will consider what a zabrus is in beekeeping, how it is useful and how to heal it.Zabrz is another useful and equally unique product of beekeeping. It is a mixture of wax, salivary glands of bees, pollen, propolis. By this substance, the bees seal the filled honeycomb.

In its composition, it differs from wax, since the components in its composition are larger. In this sense, he is richer. Thus, the effect of its application is higher. But if you use wax and zabrus in the mixture - the therapeutic effect will be even stronger. Also zabrus is very effective for bacterial and viral diseases. This substance can be simply chewed.

As a result, there is intense salivation, the secretory function of the stomach increases. Food is digested faster. Unconventional and traditional medicine recommends chewing it 3-4 times a day for 10 minutes. And with a strong rhinitis or sinusitis, it is chewed even more often.

In addition, sabrasus is not discarded after this procedure. Small pieces of swallow. Nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, inside the stomach, he stimulates his work.

Zabrz excellent also helps against sore throats, periodontitis, stomatitis.

There are no contraindications to its use.It is natural to use it in reasonable limits, especially people suffering from diabetes. When applying masks or cream on the face and other parts of the body zabrus along with other components nourishes the skin and has a beneficial effect on the body. External application of its harm will not bring.

In the beneficial effects of wax, there is no doubt neither in folk medicine nor in official medicine. By the way, the latter did not deny this fact. The dynamics of the development of the cosmetology industry shows that the use of the product as a component of cream, mask and other means is only increasing.

The fact that even today it is not possible to reproduce it in scientific research institutes using modern technology suggests that natural sources of longevity are superior to advanced technologies. They need only to be protected and used rationally.

And in conclusion a small video on the topic of how to re-mix beeswax.

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