How to properly care for the dishwasher

The constant care of the dishwasher can prolong the life of the dishwasher. If you want to. so that the dishes are cleaned qualitatively, and the technique is less often broken, then follow our recommendations. We will tell you how to clean the dishwasher at home.

Content of the material:

  • 1Daily care of the PMM
  • 2Cleaning of PMM chemically
  • 3Manual care of the dishwasher
  • 4How to extend the life of the dishwasher

Daily care of the PMM

If you constantly use the equipment without proper care, sooner or later it will fail. Filters, hoses and nipples may leak, leakage may occur, as sealants become sealed.

What measures include daily prevention:

  1. After finishing the washing, leave the hopper door open. This will help the moisture evaporate faster and prevent the formation of mold.
  2. Wipe the door sealing rubber with a dry sponge.
  3. Clean the outside of the dishwasher with a damp cloth.

Also, once or twice a week, do the following:

  • cleaning of the drain and input filters;
  • cleaning of the upper and lower sprinkler;
  • cleaning of the inside of the hopper;
  • inspection and cleaning of hoses;
  • wash the compartment for detergent.

Use only special detergents for dishwashers. These can be tablets, powder or gel capsules. Also use a rinse aid for dishes.

Be sure to fall asleep in the PMM special salt. On the shelves of shops you can find many varieties of salt. It allows you to soften the water, cleaning it from harmful impurities and reducing the likelihood of the appearance of scale.

Cleaning of PMM chemically

Chemicals allow you to rid the inside of the dishwasher from limescale (scum), rust, mold and fungus. For these purposes, you can use home remedies that are made by yourself:

  • take 400 g of soda;
  • 3 tbsp. l. peroxides;
  • 20 drops of essential oil.

Their this composition blinded the balls and put on the lower shelf. Mix 400 g of vinegar with a spoon of cleansing gel and put on the top shelf. Start the washing program. We recommend that you do not use this remedy often, as the vinegar smell is difficult to remove.

Important! Care is carried out equally for dishwashers of any brand: Bosch (Bosch), Siemens, Ariston, Indesit and others.

But it is best to use specialized tools. For example Calgonit Fusion Power, Finish Rinse and others. Simply pour the required amount of equipment (as indicated in the instructions) into the compartment, select the program at least, an hour and a temperature of up to 60 degrees.

Interesting! It is proved that the service life of the equipment is doubled if chemical and manual cleaning is performed once every six months.

Manual care of the dishwasher

It is essential to clean the elements and parts yourself. How to care for the inside of the machine:

  1. Open the hopper door and pull out the drain filter. A net can be placed behind it, you can also get it. Rinse the parts under pressure from the tap, use a brush for persistent dirt.
  2. Behind the filter is the impeller of the pump.
  3. Pump the water out of the hole with a sponge, unscrew the screws and remove the pump cover. Inspect and clean the impeller from debris.
  4. Remove the sprinklers from the seats.
  5. Floss the nozzles with a toothpick and rinse with water.
  6. Wet sponge with detergent wash all the baskets, shelves, holders, as well as the walls of the dishwasher. Do not forget about the door and the powder tray.
  7. Disconnect the drain hose and filler hose, rinse. Clean the inlet filter and the flow filter, which is located near the tee.
  8. The outer panel of the PMM can be treated with a liquid for glasses.

How to extend the life of the dishwasher

Proper care and use of the PMM affects the period of its operation. Stick to simple rules:

  1. Thoroughly clean the appliances of food debris.
  2. Load the dishes correctly. The lower section is intensively treated with water, so place pans and plates there. On the top shelf put glasses and cups.
  3. Do not overload. Instruments must not touch, otherwise they may break. Both rocker arms (top and bottom) should rotate freely.
  4. Study in the instructions,what kind of dishes can be washed in the car, awhich is not. On the plates there are also special designations. For example, products made of tin, plastic, wood are recommended to be washed by hand.
  5. Correctly install the program. Mode "Intensive" is better to choose for heavily soiled dishes. For everyday cleaning, you can set the "Economy" mode.
  6. At the end of work, check the powder compartment. There should not be pieces left, otherwise the separation may become over time.

Important is not only proper care and operation, but also installation. It is known that the more a technique is subjected to vibration, the faster its parts wear out. Therefore, place the machine on a flat surface, firmly fix the housing in the furniture.

Following the recommendations, your dishwasher will not only fulfill the deadline claimed by the manufacturer, but will exceed it twice. Watch the video on the topic:

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