Narrow built-in dishwasher

A typical dishwasher in size corresponds to the parameters: 85x60x60 cm. This is a massive technique, which is now rare. After all, more demand goes to narrow models. Full-size hulk is hard to squeeze through the door. But the benefits are not many. Dishwashers are produced higher as well, but the equipment is made to the height of the furniture, and the kitchen cabinets are just 85 cm vertically and reach. Narrow built-in dishwasher has a slightly smaller width( 45 - 50 cm).This is in contrast to the washing, with changing, in this case, the depth.

Built-in dishwashers

The difference in technology in the decorative panel. The component is mounted on the door, masking the product inside the cabinet section. The set complements the protective partition that protects the chipboard from the action of hot steam during operation. Not all embedded models are suitable for a headset in the kitchen. Focus on the instruction manual, where dimensions and other mounting dimensions are shown. Including remote sewers( left and right).


It is clear that the capacity of a narrow dishwasher is smaller. If the full-size model takes in up to 16 sets, for the trimmed model the limit number is 9( maximum 10).According to European standards is included in one set:

  1. Plates - deep soup, flat for roast, dessert.
  2. Spoons - soup, dessert, tea.
  3. Fork.
  4. Knife.
  5. Saucer.
  6. Glass.
  7. Cup.

It turns out 11 items. Under any of them inside a special slot. Do not think that the number 9 is too small for the Russian soul. Just multiply by 11, and it turns out 99 items. An ordinary family of two people will be enough for a week. So in practice, and do: dirty dishes piling up in the compartment, until there is a mood to start the process. Soak up soiled products before starting.

The height of the

More surprised one thing - why the built-in washing machines are sometimes 67 centimeters high, and dishwashers - 81.5 - 82 centimeters, or 45. Is the furniture alone? This means that the equipment is produced according to the same standards. In vain do you think that dishwashers are completely unknown in the Soviet Union before coming from the west. GOST 27454 mentions that the built-in appliances should be 81.5 cm high. This is the envelope of today's modern dishwashers. In the USSR, there was no value of 67 centimeters.

In order for the device to go under the table top, the height will be less than 84 centimeters. And these 81.5 - 82-x enough for embedding the product in the furniture. The kitchen furniture is present basement. This is a flat vertical board under the doors, at its level emptiness. The 67 cm high washing machine comes into the compartment and stands on the base. A device with a height of 82 cm stands on the floor, but the base part will have to be removed.

Dishwashers 67 centimeters high no. Probably, it seemed to be an excess of any bureau of standards, and the models did not go to the conveyor. Pay attention to this if you want to buy a built-in dishwasher. But we see compact models: they are more likely to fit under the sink when installed on the base. Height is 44.5 centimeters. Although compact dishwashers are placed on the table, not under it.

Both washing and dishwashers:

  • have front loading( built-in models);
  • equipped with a hose for filling water;
  • have a corrugation to drain drains;
  • powder compartment dispenser;
  • work on the program;
  • are described by three class parameters.

Dishwashers and washing machines are similar. A model with a height of 67 cm in the first not, as the compartment will have to be redone. The conditions for splashing water through the sprinklers of the rotating rocker are highly dependent on the height of the working chamber. In a low washing machine, the scale and layout of the parts are simply changing, in the dishwasher - you have to think about things more complicated. Probably decided that this is irrational and not worth the attention of designers.


The narrowest dishwasher built-in is not already 44.5 cm. We assume that far from the whole range of products gets into Russia, but we strongly doubt that the width released in nature is below the specified value. Recall that the standard models reach 60 cm in diameter.

Please note that with its narrowness the dishwasher has a full height of 85 and 87 cm. These models are designed for installation between the sections. On the other hand, it is allowed to call the model built-in, if there is an own hinged door hiding the device and masking among the surrounding furniture.

Control for embedded models are often not on the front panel. Located on the door that comes in the kit. How this clever technical solution is provided. Apparently, there is something here that resembles the hinges of a laptop. Electrical signals pass through mobile connections. If the monitor could be powered, the control panel of the dishwasher - all the more.


Buy a narrow built-in dishwasher today is not difficult at a price of 10,000 rubles. Please note that the standard models - without the possibility of embedding under the tabletop - cost 8500 rubles. This, of course, is about narrow dishwashers.


Bosch Dishwasher built-in narrow model SPV 43M10 is designed to be embedded under the countertop. In style, as usual washing. It is installed on the floor, and the front panel is covered with a door. The control panel is located on the upper end. Condensation drying is economical, but takes a long time. It is ideal to run the dishwasher in the evening to dry out in the morning and arrange the dishes on the shelves. Inside there are 9 sets, one less than the maximum possible load.

Complete leak protection. This means that:

  1. There are water sensors in the pan that will stop the fence from the pipe, and everything inside the car will be drained into the drains.
  2. Present protection against leakage of the hose: a special valve on the hose, a special hose.

Present function Beam on the floor. The noise level during operation is 48 dB.In the complete silence of the apartment, this sound is audible, but with the window open it is already difficult to say whether the cycle has ended. At the end of the process, the dishwasher will highlight the dot with a red beam under the door. This means that the process is complete, and you can remove the dishes. Note that there are no sounds during condensation, and it seems that the dishwasher is not working. The moisture is collected by the evaporator( it will seem too loud for the cold wall to the master) and is drained. Therefore, the Beam on the floor has a useful function.

Drying class A means that on the plates inside a maximum of a pair of light streaks. More information about the grading system has already been told! What is useful in a built-in narrow washing machine is the soak mode. Strong contamination without it is problematic to wash. We have to do some of the work manually. The manufacturer does not write, the duration of the full cycle, and it remains to assume that there are sensors for foaming and the presence of water vapor inside. The dishwasher decides how long it will work to achieve a delicious result. This is not directly written in the prospectus, so trust the words, but with caution. And just take note of the features of dishwashers found in nature.

Of the useful options, we note the mode Accelerated and Bio. Built-in indicators of the presence of salt and rinse. Summing up, narrow Bosch built-in dishwashers for 16,000 rubles focus on the useful options available for the type of equipment in question.


What distinguishes the budget model Ariston LST 11477. There are no options described above. There is no indication of the presence of salt and rinse, the end of work( available diode indicator phase of the cycle).There is complete leakage protection and half load mode. It turns out the dishwasher that performs the assigned functions. Bosch is a little worse, but with an excellent level of security. The classiness of the machine is similar.

For the Ariston LST 11477 budget model, the type of air flow drying is indicated. This is not a common name, it is difficult to understand what is at stake. For example, drying can be carried out with hot air flows, it turns out, not conditioned, available in the model. To exclude such nuances, before buying read reviews about narrow embedded dishwashers, and check information from various sites. If you manage to buy the device for the stock, you can save.

We hope that now it will be easy and simple for the reader to build a dishwasher into the kitchen set for the reader.

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